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Price list from Kitchenwaremarket.com:

8458 products

Glassware -

Model Product Price
key-p0103012-inch glass tray Elizabeth Quay Weymouth.350.-
key-j100316 inch glass tray MCF1003-15 key Wayne(no shipping PO)110.-
key-j100628-inch glass tray MCF1006-20 key way (no shipping PO)150.-
key-p010229-inch glass tray Elisabeth Quay Weymouth.250.-
key-ch01071Glass MPF-1071-15 green145.-
key-ch01071pGlass MPF-1071-15 purple145.-
key-p02025Set of 2 Glass Desert Key West Jersey.280.-

Plastic - Storage, box - 3-tier shelf.

Model Product Price
key-ch002733 Tier Shelf AE-273 Key West Bay.335.-
rw06403-tier shelves with wheels, pink Reangwa330.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - A bottle of fruit juice

Model Product Price
jc-5261bottle green fruit juice 600ml. JCP220.-
jc-5262fruit juice bottles, 520 ml., J. CP179.-

Food equipment - A warm soup

Model Product Price
nt-901-25681010SP stainless steel soup cooker with 10 liters of nano tech3,650.-
nt-901-257Black 83010SP 1030N Black Tea Electric Hot Pot2,100.-
ws-d8001Soup Kitte 600 w Wise Promotion7,685.-

Gas stove - Accessories

Model Product Price
ha-f-23way brass to add more gas line55.-
tp-vc-7Canned gas for picnic TP (** not delivery)48.-
kp-9chain 56 cm.35.-
kp-90chain 90 cm.39.-
ha-ring1Clamp for gas hose Pack of 2 clamps24.-
ha-f-4Four way brass Hanaya59.-
ha-LR-2012-rGas hose 1.8m clear with orange stripe Hanaya125.-
ha-LR-2012-rGas hose 1.8m Hanaya120.-
ha-a21Gas splitter for Hi-Low pressure449.-
kc205Gas stove cover Aluminium foil75.-
mc-05-03Square micro helmet.900.-
mc-05-02Square micro helmet.772.-
ha-ws-1706Stove Wind Guard for KB7, KB8 Hanaya.165.-
ha-tt-3001T-shape stick for attaching KB stove with stand20.-
ha-f-1Two ways to connect gas.39.-
ha-ws-1702Wind guard 3" Hanaya150.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Acrylic crystal vase.

Model Product Price
twf-av-3Acrylic clear concave vase waist Twin Fish200.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Acrylic seasoning set

Model Product Price
pt701Acrylic clear round bottle sauce M-Well130.-
pt703Acrylic clear round bottle sauce Twin Fish180.-
pt702Acrylic clear round bottle sauce Twin Fish150.-
pt708Acrylic square jars put pepper powder M-well.100.-
TWF-ABBottle Group, the Kim-sided crystal diamond insert chilli pepper135.-
twf-ABD-MBottle Group, the Kim-sided diamond crystal. Add flavoring Twin199.-
TWF-APBBottle of acrylic clear round put ground pepper Twin fish145.-
pf-fsb102Bottle of Fish Sauce Perfect32.-
twf-AOBC Enter the pitcher Kim Willis Twin Fish235.-
pf-cmb103Condiment bottle Perfect35.-
twf-AOB-SKim Group, round the bottle insert. Add condiments Twin Fish.187.-
pn9011/1-p4Pepper and Salt Bottle Pioneer Industrial325.-
twf-AJ-8013Pitcher Kim Group, the purpose clear. Open the top lid bill Twin410.-
pf-ppb101Salt bottle/pepper Perfect33.-
pg-yd1Seasoning sauce bottle Silicon lid controlling outlet Penguin95.-
pn90114-5Set of pepper and salt acrylic bottle Pioneer425.-
pt706The ingredients YDL 12-4 M-well.260.-
pt907The Pepper Mill Acrylic 7-inch M Vail.190.-
pt704The Sugar Bowl Acrylic M-well.160.-

Others - Acrylic Shock Glass Holder

Model Product Price
pt901Acrylic Shockwave 6 Channel M-well406.-

Others - Activated carbon

Model Product Price
tp-mamei1Vacuum high-quality charcoal flavor packs available Others.60.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - Add the garnish

Model Product Price
mp1166-channel storage box 30x34x6.5 cm. M-well1,500.-
cp-170524Condiment tray 1 slot CPK49.-
cp-170531Condiment tray 2 slot CPK60.-
cp-170555Condiment tray 2 slots CPK60.-
cp-170548Condiment tray 3 slots CPK80.-
mp118Seasoning slots stand Straw box Flatware box1,950.-
mp108Spice box 16x34x7.2 cm 3 cell M-well980.-

Cutlery - Advanced series from Anolon

Model Product Price
an-52619-c6-pc [Advanced] 6-pcs Forged Steak knife set Anolon3,510.-
an-52612-c[Advanced] 10" 2-stage diamond sharpener Anolon1,224.-
an-52600-c[Advanced] 10" Hollow Cround Slicer990.-
an-52610-C[Advanced] 3.5" Parer Anolon540.-
an-52604-C[Advanced] 4" Chef's knife Anolon660.-
an-52608-c[Advanced] 5" Santoku knife Anolon765.-
an-52611-C[Advanced] 5" Serrated Utility knife Anolon568.-
an-52609-c[Advanced] 5" Steak knife Anolon640.-
an-52606-c[Advanced] 6" Boning knife Anolon850.-
an-52615-c[Advanced] 6" Fork Anolon799.-
an-52607-c[Advanced] 7" Santoku knife Anolon945.-
an-52573-c[Advanced] 8" Chef's knife Anolon1,175.-
an-52601-c[Advanced] 8"Slicer Anolon advance810.-
an-52605-c[Advanced] 9" Bread Knife Anolon820.-
an-52613-c[Advanced] Forged kitchen shears Anolon1,215.-

Melamineware - Agers stripes - brown

Model Product Price
spw-mu-p6075Brown MU 9.5 inch deep dish Superware73.-
spw-mu-m590Brown spoon bent end superware30.-
spw-mu-sp171China spoon Sugar mu11.-
spw-mu-b6074MU Brown Bowl 8.5 " Superware60.-
spw-mu-P6076MU Brown Bowl 8.5 " Superware61.-
spw-b6077-8.mu brown bowl 8.5" Super85.-
spw-mu-b6079MU brown dish 3 "Super.16.-
spw-MU-C6080MU Glass 3.5 Superware45.-
spw-MU-B6078MU Sugar Bowl 6 Super.43.-
spw-p6073-10Shallow dish 9.5 "New Age Village -brown Superware.93.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Tools - Air Cleaner Dud.

Model Product Price
im-vc-815A 1600-watt vacuum Imarflex.2,410.-
im-VC-825Vacuum cleaner bag less Imarflex2,550.-
ot-hv-194Vacuum cleaner (1400 W) Otto.1,250.-
im-vc-910Vacuum Cleaner 1800 w model VC-9101,990.-

Others - Alcohol fuel

Model Product Price
pg5-06-01-00Alocohol fuel "Lava" 14kgs1,780.-
pg-lava2Alocohol fuel "Lava" 3 kgs Superware440.-
tp-alhAlocohol fuel cup (pack of 50) Others144.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - alms bowl

Model Product Price
jg-bp1Stainless steel alms bowl set Jaguar1,100.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Packaging - Aluminium food contrainer

Model Product Price
star-3202-pFoil contrainer+cover 3202P (Pack) Star Foil52.-
star-3214-pFoil contrainer+cover 3214P (Pack) Star Foil57.-
star-3403-pFoil contrainer+cover 3403P (Pack) Star Foil37.-
star-3404-pFoil contrainer+cover 3404P (Pack) Star Foil61.-
star-3415-p/Foil contrainer+cover 3415P (Pack) Star Foil68.-
star-3417-pFoil contrainer+cover 3417P (Pack) Star Foil68.-
star-4330-pFoil contrainer+cover 4330P (Pack) Star Foil42.-
star-4369-pFoil contrainer+cover 4369P (Pack) Star Foil51.-
star-4432-pFoil contrainer+cover 4432P (Pack) Star Foil67.-
star-4436-pFoil contrainer+cover 4436P (Pack) Star Foil37.-
star-4571-pFoil contrainer+cover 4571P (Pack) Star Foil45.-
star-4572-pFoil contrainer+cover 4572P (Pack) Star Foil67.-
star-4573-pFoil contrainer+cover 4573P (Pack) Star Foil57.-
star-4618-pFoil contrainer+cover 4618P (Pack) Star Foil48.-
star-6301-pFoil contrainer+cover 6301P (Pack) Star Foil61.-
star-3219-pFoil Tray + Lid 3219P (sold for a pack of 20 pieces), Star Foil.44.-
mm-4519-pkFoil tray lid pack 10 pcs pink MM.35.-
mm-4519-gdTray lid foil packs 10 gold pcs MM.35.-
mm-4519-fTray lid foil packs 10 pcs of silver MM.35.-
mm-4214Tray lid foil packs of 10 pieces of silver heart MM35.-
mm-14071Tray lid foil packs of 10 pieces of silver round high MM.35.-
mm-350Tray lid foil packs of 10 pieces of silver squares MM35.-
mm-14081Tray lid foil packs of 10 pieces of silver, rounded shrub MM35.-
star-3206-pҴ+ 3206P (¡ 20 ) ʵ66.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - ALuminium handle seive

Model Product Price
tw-m12Alumimium handle seive 12 cm. Twinray115.-
tw-m10Alumimium handle seive 12 cm. Twinray95.-
tw-m14Alumimium handle seive 14 cm. Twinray355.-
tw-m18Alumimium handle seive 18 cm. Twinray430.-
tw-m26Alumimium handle seive 26 cm. Twinray785.-
f4-sv16Brown bolt handle 16 cm s Four80.-
f4-sv19Brown bolt handle 19 cm s Four105.-
F4-sv22Brown bolt handle 22 cm s Four120.-
F4-sv25Brown bolt handle 25 cm s Four140.-

Plastic - Storage, box - are cleared

Model Product Price
uc-rtb1Deep Eugene Zuniga is clear - plastic.2,250.-
uc-rtb2While the clear shallow Monica - plastic.1,220.-

Glassware - Ash tray

Model Product Price
ug330Ash tray4.25" (per dozen) Unionglass241.-
LG-MAT-143UAshtray Lucky Nail of 3.5 inches (per dozen) Off mailed.205.-
ug-us508Square Ash tray (per dozen) 3.75" () Union260.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Bail bail water

Model Product Price
sn-pct4.5GL4.5 gallon pail bail without lid SN dragonware.120.-
sn-pct5.5GL5.5 gallon pail bail lid SN dragonware.130.-
pn669Bail bail a modern, stylish Pioneer Industrial124.-
pn663/1Bail bail Pioneer Industrial109.-
jc-3.5 gl-NoBail hearing 3.5gl Standard Micronware.75.-
jc-4.5 gl-clBail hearing 4.5gl Standard Micronware.84.-
pn663/2bucket handle yellow squares. Pioneer120.-
ns-01-18-2Cement tank no. 16 color Numsin.58.-
ns-01-18-1Cement tank no. 18 color Numsin.47.-
ns-01-16-2rNO.16 cement tank red Seng60.-
ns-01-18-2rNO.18 cement tank red Seng70.-
ns-01-20-2rNO.20 cement tank red Seng80.-
sa-bk4.5Water tank lid colors mixed 4.5 gallons Sahachai89.-
sa-bk5.5Water tank lid colors mixed 5.5 gallons Sahachai100.-
sa-bk6.5Water tank lid colors mixed 6.5 gallons Sahachai105.-
jc-6.5 gl-clWater tank with 6.5 liters JC.110.-
sa-bk3.5without lid color mixed Sahachai74.-
sa-bk2.5without lid color mixed Sahachai68.-
sa-bk1.5without lid color mixed Sahachai36.-
sa-bk1.0without lid color mixed Sahachai27.-
sa-bk0.5without lid color mixed Sahachai21.-

Others - Others - Books - Bakery recipe

Model Product Price
ma-e-012Bakery Delicious and simple recipes225.-
ma-e-011Basic of Bagery225.-
ma-e-007Bekery doesn't use oven Maeban190.-
ma-s006BREAD & SWEET BUN225.-
ma-s006Bread & Sweet Bun Maeban Publishing225.-
ma-e-015Cake Couture Maeban315.-
ma-a-032Cakes and Cake Decoration Maeban72.-
MA-303057Cheese cakes Maeban198.-
ma-e-009Cheesecake& cheese dessert225.-
ma-e-008Chef's Favorite Cakes225.-
ma-a-016Chiffon Cake27.-
ma-e-010Chocolate desserts225.-
ma-a-017Coffee Bun27.-
ma-s001Colourful Cupcake Maeban Publishing180.-
ma-s003Cookies Maeban Publishing126.-
MA-S-001Cupcake Workshop Maeban400.-
ma-e-002Cupcakes 2 Maeban225.-
ma-s012Donut 77 Maeban198.-
ma-e-014Jam Rolls - Cake Rolls Maeban180.-
ma-e014Japanese-style bakery 2. Maeban108.-
ma-e013Japanese-style bakery. Maeban198.-
MA-302678Japanese-style cheesecake. Maeban198.-
ma-s011Macarons Maeban198.-
mb-3101Makeup ideas EPPO cookies. Maeban198.-
ma-s005Muffins Maeban Publishing225.-
ma-s009Snacks for professionals Maeban Publishing153.-
ma-s004Spong Cake54.-
ma-s007Yam Roll Mae Ban Publishing126.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Breakfast - bakery - Bakery small appliance

Model Product Price
ck5001Cone Crisping Machine665.-
nt901-031-6.Five-piece pancake processing machine FR-C7 Nanotech865.-
ck5002I love making candy eggs Casiko580.-
nt-901-031-6Making crepes Japanese version FR-C3 FRY KING599.-
ck-5009The candy maker taiyaki Zico.700.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Tong - Bakery tong

Model Product Price
CP-590077" Mini Tong SmartCook60.-
CP-592099"Nilon Tongs SmartCook89.-
cv-sn4017Dessert Clip110.-
cv-sn4018Dessert Clip (White)115.-
cp-58906Salad tongs 6 inches SmartCook39.-
ep-110The clamp 9inches cake bigger Price per dozen Elephant.141.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Baking Mold - Baking mold-Taplon

Model Product Price
cp-3s102119x4.5 cm round cake pan with sticks. SmartCook265.-
CP-3103722 cm round cake type teflon SmartCook.300.-
cp-3s102222x4 cm round cake pan with sticks SmartCook305.-
cp-4s2015Baking pan roaster pan SmartCook580.-
cp-31080Nonstick 12 slot mold Smartcook380.-
cp-6028Print baguette bread SmartCook85.-
cp-6046Print baguette bread SmartCook55.-
cp-6043Print removable bottom Heart SmartCook130.-
cp-6042Print removable bottom round SmartCook120.-
cp-4001Remove the bottom 18 cm cake tin. # 4001 SmartCook225.-
vd55233Remove the bottom of the pie pan coated with Teflon has a 20-cm249.-
bk204Remove the bottom tray Teflon 6-channel angular size 7x7 cm M. V180.-
bk203Remove the bottom tray Teflon sixth round hole size 7x7 cm M. Va180.-
bk202Remove the bottom tray Teflon-sided channel 12 has a 7x7 cm M. V299.-
pst-53286-cSet the oven bakery, 5 pieces per package Mini 5 Pcs Prestige950.-
cp-31088Small tray 12 holes Smartcook300.-
cp-3s1023Stick with 24x4.5 cm round cake pan. SmartCook.330.-
CP-31040Teflon funnel cake trays 25.5 cm SmartCook.330.-
bk201Teflon tray opening round, remove the bottom 12 has a 7x7 cm M.299.-
cp-1082Trang bedtime snack trays stick 25.5x8.5 cm SmartCook335.-
cp-4s2013Tray bake a big roaster pan SmartCook.495.-
CP-31052Tray round cakes - shallow teflon 24.5 c.m. SmartCook.180.-
an-52368-c[SureGrip] 10" Loose Base Tart pan Anolon705.-
an-52311-c[SureGrip] 11"x13" Crisper Anolon500.-
an-52307-c[SureGrip] 12cup Mini muffin pan Anolon615.-
an-52306-C[SureGrip] 12cup Muffin Pan Anolon970.-
an-52312-c[SureGrip] 13" Pizza crisper Anolon540.-
an-52349-c[SureGrip] 6 Mini Loaf Pan Anolon810.-
an-52308-c[SureGrip] 9"Inch Spring Form Pan Anolon570.-
an-52301-C[SureGrip] Cookie sheet with rack 11"x17" Anolon800.-
an-52302-C[SureGrip] Loaf pan 9"x13" Anolon695.-
an-52305-c[SureGrip] Loaf pan 9"x5" Anolon562.-

Nonstick cookware - Nonstick pan - Ballarini-basic

Model Product Price
bl-225130-18Firenze-thermo shallow pan 18 cm Ballarini.775.-
bl-225130-24Firenze-thermo shallow pan 24 cm Ballarini.1,080.-
bl-225130-26Firenze-thermo shallow pan 26 cm Ballarini.1,150.-

Wooden product - Bamboo brush

Model Product Price
cp-170456Bamboo Green Tea Brush390.-

Wooden product - Bamboo chopstick

Model Product Price
tp-iiChopstick Chinesestyle13.-
kc776Chopstick for fried food 36cm.26.-
kct404Chopstick for fried food 45cm.35.-
tp-iisSanitary chopstick Denchai45.-

Wooden product - Bamboo streamer bucket

Model Product Price
tp-ca4003A small bamboo steamer Boxing Tp75.-
tp-ca4004Bamboo steamer nailed Boxing Others125.-
tp-ca4002Sticky rice basket "strong" TP45.-
tp-ca4031swish Big sew the edges TP45.-
tp-ca4030swish small sew the edges TP35.-
tp-ca4001Bamboo streamer bucket no.1 Tp25.-

Wooden product - Bamboo utensil

Model Product Price
kc775Bamboo ladle35.-

Melamineware - Banana leaf plate

Model Product Price
fl-T3710Banana leaf plate 10" Flowerware175.-
fl-T3712Banana leaf plate 12" Flowerware220.-
fl-T3714Banana leaf plate 14" Flowerware290.-
fl-T3706Banana leaf plate 6" Flowerware80.-
fl-T3708Banana leaf plate 8" Flowerware115.-

Ceramic - Banana leaf plate designs

Model Product Price
chw-j-114banana bowl 14 "tiered (no shipping PO)250.-
chw-j-033banana bowl 8 "tiered (no shipping PO)109.-
chw-j-036plate nine bananas a "tiered (no shipping PO)95.-
chw-j-037The smooth banana leaf plate 11 "tiered (no shipping PO)160.-
chw-j-038The smooth banana leaf plate 13 "tiered (no shipping PO)220.-

Furniture in HORECA - Banquet Chair

Model Product Price
Ti-110A chair leg he polished chrome TI499.-

Glassware - Basic baking tray

Model Product Price
py-1105397Basic baking tray Oblong Pry-O-rey (no postage).820.-
py-1105396Basic baking tray Oblong Pyrex640.-
py-1105394Basic baking tray Pyrex (no postage).478.-
py-1105395Basic dessert tray Pyrex (no postage).626.-

Melamineware - Basic color-supersave

Model Product Price
MH-BL-304045[Blue] bowl 4.5" MH Dozen price138.-
mh-BL-601[Blue] Bowl 6" dozen price159.-
MH-wh-880[Blue] Bowl 8" dozen price295.-
MH-BL-909[Blue] Plate 9" dozen price295.-
MH-bl-70110[Blue] Regtangular plate 10" dozen price [MH-wh-70110]295.-
MH-pk-304045[Pink] bowl 4.5" MH Dozen price138.-
mh-pk-601[Pink] Bowl 6" dozen price159.-
MH-pk-880[Pink] Bowl 8" dozen price295.-
MH-pk-44710[Pink] Oval plate 10" dozen price275.-
MH-pk-447120[Pink] Oval plate 12" dozen price320.-
MH-pk-909[Pink] Plate 9" dozen price295.-
MH-pk-70110[Pink] Regtangular plate 10" dozen price295.-
MH-wh-304045[White] bowl 4.5" MH Dozen price138.-
mh-wh-601[White] Bowl 6" dozen price159.-
MH-wh-880[White] Bowl 8" dozen price295.-
MH-wh-44710[White] Oval plate 10" dozen price275.-
MH-wh-909[White] Plate 9" dozen price295.-
MH-wh-70110[White] Regtangular plate 10" dozen price295.-
MH-pk-d001[White] seasoning dish 3" dozen price65.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Basin

Model Product Price
bg-01-208-k65 cm oval basin Big Plast.99.-
jc-35cm-hBasin 35 cm "Close to nature"pattern color Micronware52.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - basin

Model Product Price
gg-TL-38basin 38CM thick GOGO260.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Basin

Model Product Price
jc-40cm-hBasin 40 cm "Close to nature" Micronware63.-
jc-45cm-hBasin 45 cm "Close to nature" Micronware79.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - basin

Model Product Price
hw-SB-45Basin 45 cm Happyware Stainless189.-
hw-SB-50Basin 50 cm Happyware Stainless220.-
hw-SB-55Basin 55 cm Happyware Stainless280.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Basin

Model Product Price
jc-55cmBasin 55 cm no regular pattern color Micronware126.-
jc-55cmBasin 55 cm no regular pattern color Micronware100.-
jc-58CM-hBasin 58 cm no regular pattern color Micronware147.-
ns-04-10-2Basin color 61 cm led no.10 Numsin189.-
ns-34135cKalamag 35 cm numsin.10.-
sa238Kalamag 54 cm high Sahachai250.-
ns-04-4-2Kalamag color 42 cm led no.4 Numsin63.-
ns-04-8-2Kalamag color 54 cm led no.10 Numsin147.-
sa234Kalamag depth 31 cm Sahachai57.-
sa236Kalamag depth 34 cm Sahachai95.-
sa235Kalamag depth 38 cm Sahachai70.-
sa-55cmKalamag depth 55 cm Sahachai130.-
sa-65cmKalamag depth 65 cm Sahachai255.-
ns-05-2k-72-Kalamag Laiamg no.3k-72 Black Numsin163.-
ns-05-3k-76-Kalamag Laiamg no.3k-76 Black Numsin173.-
ns-05-55-1Kalamag Laiamg no.55 black Numsin.74.-
ns-05-55-2Kalamag Laiamg no.55 black Numsin.84.-
ns-05-66-1Kalamag Laiamg no.66 black Numsin.94.-
ns-05-66-2Kalamag Laiamg no.66 Color Numsin105.-
jc-5302Offers a large basin was 24.5 cm Micronware30.-
ng328Plastic basin round 35 cm white lead easy.56.-
ng851Plastic basin round 40 cm white lead easy.71.-
ng852Plastic basin round 45 cm white lead easy.99.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - basin

Model Product Price
136036Wash basin 36cm. zebra600.-
136040Wash basin 40 cm. zebra800.-
136050Wash basin 50 cm. zebra1,265.-
136055Wash basin 55 cm. zebra1,520.-
136060Wash basin 60 cm. zebra2,120.-
136070Wash basin 70 cm. zebra2,820.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Basin

Model Product Price
sa236Wash basin depth 48 cm Sahachai95.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - Basin bowl with holes

Model Product Price
gg-y-24basin Punch 24cm GOGO142.-
gg-y-38Basin: 38 cm.215.-
ff-sc843Mixing bowl 43cm with draining FF180.-
ff-sc836plastic basins to wash vegetables drill hole 36 cm FOFO140.-
ff-sc728plastic basins to wash vegetables, drill a small hole 28 cm FOFO80.-
ff-sc734plastic basins to wash vegetables, drill a small hole 34 cm FOFO99.-
ff-sc736plastic basins to wash vegetables, drill a small hole 36 cm FOFO115.-
ff-sc832Stainless steel 32cm with holes 32cm FF108.-
eq110051Stainless Wash basin in a hole 28 cm EQ chef85.-
eq110052Stainless Wash basin in a hole 34 cm EQ chef.150.-
eq110053Stainless Wash basin in a hole 40 cm EQ chef200.-
mp826Strong Stainless steel bowls in a hole 24 cm M-well250.-
mp830Strong Stainless steel bowls in a hole 28 cm M-well299.-
f4-3slot341Wash basin set a versatile 3-F-Four.190.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Basket

Model Product Price
key-p2-0072A fine sieve at the same time. 12x30x5.5 . Keyway.29.-
KEY-T00021WHChancellor Basket DT-21 Keyway85.-
KEY-T00031WHChancellor Basket DT-31 Keyway111.-
KEY-T00038WHChancellor Basket DT-38 Keyway175.-
KEY-T00041WHChancellor Basket DT-41 Keyway235.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Basket handle.

Model Product Price
sn-p9803Basket big blue sky SN - United Savant.220.-
sn-p9803bBasket big blue sky SN - United Savant.220.-
sn-p9803pBasket big pink sky SN - United Savant.220.-
jc-5921Basket handle Micronware.150.-
jj-2118Mini basket 17x25x14 cm J CJ60.-
jj-4118Mini basket 21.5x27x15 cm J CJ60.-
sa2547-blueo handle market basket (blue)60.-
jj-2201Shopping Basket Mixed Color Oval JCJ130.-
jj-2201-1Shopping Basket Mixed Color Oval JCJ130.-
jj-2201-2Shopping Basket Mixed Color Oval JCJ130.-
rw8148Shopping Basket Mixed Color Oval Reangwa70.-
rw8077Shopping Cart Assorted color square shape Reangwa195.-
sa2547To handle market basket (blue)60.-
sa2547-greenTo handle market basket (blue)60.-

Plastic - Plastic - Laundy tools - Basket with hanger

Model Product Price
jj-1130Basket with hanger JCJ43.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Cooking - BBQ hot plate with hot pot

Model Product Price
im-If-856Drug electric frying pan, divide 1800 w Imarflex1,190.-
im-ep-743ء դ ๡ʧ 1600 ѵ1,450.-
ot-pg-155Electric hot plate with sukiyaki pot 1400 w otto1,230.-
ot-pg-159Electric hot plate with sukiyaki pot 1400w Otto1,269.-
kn-au-507-tlKorea Electric front Teflon pan oven Kiren1,800.-
kn-au-507-slKorea Electric oven pan, stainless front and Kiren.1,710.-
ck6688Korean BBQ Electric Pan stick Casiko930.-
ot-gr-175Korean grill pan 37 cm otto.1,333.-
im-IF-857Mini Grill 1000 w "Mini grill" Imarflex1,390.-
hw-ep201Multi-purpose mini oven grill pan + 1.9 liter HouseWorth965.-
im-If-855Pot pan with barbecue bow Power 1800 w Imarflex.1,980.-
nt-901-247(sPot Suki BBQ lid Nano.2,923.-
ot-pg-165Suki-yaki & BBQ 1500w Otto1,890.- 1,400.-

Melamineware - BBQ plaza set

Model Product Price
fg-d882-wh3 cups bbq sauce, creamy white with long, 4.75 inch figure melam20.-
fg-d882-bk3 cups of sauce with long black figure 4.75 inch melamine.20.-
fg-p197-8.75bbg dish snack and a creamy white sauce Figure melamine.80.-
fg-p197-8.75bbq dish snack black slots Figures melamine.80.-
fg-d880-3.5bBlack Oval Dish 3.5 "Figures - Melamine.22.-
fg-p188-13.5Black Oval Plate 13.5 " Figure205.-
fg-p188-8bkBlack Oval Plate 8 "figure.75.-
fg-b886-8Creamy white oval bowl is 8 "figure melamine.90.-
fg-b886-6-bkOval Black 6 "Figures - Melamine.60.-
fg-b881-4.5bOval bowl is 4.5 "Figures - Melamine.45.-
fg-p188-13.5Oval Plate 13.5 "creamy white melamine figure.205.-
fg-b188-6.5bOval plate black 6.5 "figure.50.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - BBQ skewer

Model Product Price
nl-b8BBQ dual skewer Newline56.-
nl-b9BBQ skewer Newline86.-
twf-BBQ-FStainless BBQ fork a wooden handle 13.5 "Twin Fish.175.-
ac501-58-19Steel tray 45 cm anchor.50.-
tc-76563The 12-piece BBQ skewer DC50.-
QL-st-942/1The plug barbecue Q line770.-
QL-ST-942/2The plug-in beef Q line1,150.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Beer tower

Model Product Price
cq-btBeer tower 3L Compact1,380.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Bell

Model Product Price
twf-BELL-SPressing Bell at counter Twinfish145.-

Melamineware - Melamineware - Classic model - Bento box

Model Product Price
sb-n099-9Bento box 5 partitions 9x9"260.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Bento box.

Model Product Price
twf-bt-1Box with lid Japanese "Bento" size 21x27 cm Twin Fish500.-
twf-bt-3Box with lid Japanese "Bento" size 21x27 cm. Twin Fish.510.-
twf-bt-4Box with lid Japanese "Bento" size 24x30 cm Twin Fish609.-

Thai design Alum - Betal set

Model Product Price
sl-c426Betal tray set 26 cm. seal570.-

Furniture in HORECA - Beverage cart

Model Product Price
QL-MS-4013-storey rack with QLine wheels.1,690.-
ms-10-04Beverage cart, put a second layer Masterware.2,000.-
spk-822rBeverage rolling cart520.-
spk-822RbPlace the iron bars, drinks, two small blue tray SP K. Warren520.-
spk-822RrPlace the iron bars, drinks, two small red tray SP K. Warren520.-
QL-st-404/1sus304 Beverage cart Basic JK1,680.-
QL-st-404-2sus304 Beverage cart with handle+bottle stand Qline2,250.-
jk-606sus304 Beverage stand bottle shape JK1,580.-

Others - Others - Books - Beverage recipe

Model Product Price
ma-d003Pearls mixed drinks sold well176.-
ma-d002Smoothies Professionals Mae Ban Publishing108.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Beverage equipment - Beverage service equipment

Model Product Price
twf-bm-3Bar mat 58x9cm Twinfish330.-
twf-bm-2Bar mat large 30x45cm Twinfish590.-
twf-ptmsRimmer for beverage counter820.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Bin saliva wood color

Model Product Price
ns-02-14-2ood bucket drivel no. 14 color Numsin249.-
ns-02-21-2Wood bucket drivel no. 21 color Numsin350.-
ns-02-31-2Wood bucket drivel no. 31 color Numsin456.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Black wooden bucket

Model Product Price
ns-02-21-1Wood bucket drivel no.21 diving Numsin260.-
ns-02-31-1Wood bucket drivel no. 31 diving Numsin456.-
ns-02-14-1Wood bucket drivel no.14 diving Numsin199.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Water container - Blender

Model Product Price
kd-5KSB555-rArtisan Series Blender 550w KitchenAid8,900.-
im-IF-315Blender 1.5 L. Imarflex740.-
im-if302Blender "Greeny" Imarflex1,180.-
im-if303Blender "Yelly" Imarflex1,180.-
mnx-Y4671Blender 1.5 liter Moulinex2,299.-
mnx-Y46Blender 1.5L Moulinex1,869.-
mnx-LM600Blender 1.8 L Moulinex3,390.-
mnx-DAB2Blender 2 L Moulinex3,024.-
ot-be-126Blender 4 in 1 Otto1,985.-
ot-be-125Blender 500 watts of juice Otto1,175.-
TFL-BL233Blender glass lid 2L 600w Tefal2,890.- 2,745.-
ot-be122gBlender mashed mixed 300w Otto660.-
ot-be-120Blender mashed mixed 350 w Otto610.-
nt-013-227.5Blender mobile version FR-202 Nano.1,200.-
hw-bds01pBlender smoothie drink Calvert House.920.-
TFL-BL307Blender with mill juice that's 400 watts, Tennessee.1,250.-
tfl-bl312Blender, juice and 1.75 liter mill fouls - electricity.1,990.- 1,790.-
WS-EJ747CBlenders high professional commercial Wise Promotion12,900.-
hw-BDC2PCCommercial blender 2 bowls (Wet&Dry) Houseworth7,850.-
186010Electric functional blender stainless steel 500 Zebra1,835.-
186020Electric functional blender stainless steel 500w Zebra1,650.-
186021Electric functional blender stainless steel 600 w Zebra1,940.-
mnx-A327R1Grinder, food chopper. The blender 700 w. Moulinex2,380.-
mnx-LM520Juice blender glass jar 1.2 L Moody List Next LM520 Moulinex2,550.-
nt901-008-2NT-188 digital mixer Nano.3,999.-
HW-3526WProfessional 800-watt blender "HiSonic" HouseWorth6,850.-
hw-BDC15LProfessional blender 1200w 1500-28000rpm7,590.-
hw-BDC2LProfessional blender 1200w 2L Houseworth4,790.-
ot-be-127Professional blender 1200w Otto2,400.-
mnx-AW9Shaker juice 1 liter Moulinex1,239.-
mnx-DAE1Shaker juice version DAE 1 Moulinex2,289.-
tfl-bl107Shaker juice version DAE 1 Moulinex1,120.-
TFL-BL800Smoothy blender 850w Tefal5,590.- 4,750.-

Glassware - Bottle

Model Product Price
us-sj-750/w0.75-liter jars rectangular wooden USC -SL (no PO sent.)95.-
us-sj-950/w0.95-liter jars rectangular wooden USC -SL (no PO sent.)105.-
us-mb-500500 ml jars with food scale Usa.120.-
key-k6048LBig Roud diamond 2 liters of whey key.95.-
key-k6047mBottle 1 liter medium diamond key way.72.-
key-k6047LBottle of 2 liters diamond key way.99.-
key-k6047sBottle Small 800cc diamond key way.57.-
tp-gw2006Bottle with lid 6 lbs TP200.-
tp-gw2008Bottle with lid 8 lbs TP220.-
tp-gw-cl40Cylinder bottle 4" TP44.-
tp-cl45Cylinder bottle 4.5" TP95.-
GW895/1Dozen glass door glass of fruit a 7.5 pound Usa.320.-
key-k6142dozen round 600cc. Cover the lid golden key F6142 Wayne (no PO d35.-
us-aru-1200dozen rugby cap spring 1200 ml USS -SL (no PO sent.)85.-
us-aru-800dozen rugby cap spring 800 ml USS -SL (no PO sent.)75.-
us-sru-1200dozen rugby screw stainless steel 1200 ml USS -SL (no PO sent.)75.-
us-sm-750dozen square stainless steel lid with a clear 750 ml USS -SL (no75.-
GW895/1Glass jar - apple style 2.6L250.-
key-k013079glass jar with handle 200cc. F3079 key way (no PO delivery.)35.-
key-k06080glass jars 250cc. F6080 key way (no PO delivery.)35.-
us-rc-3500Glass lid glass dozen streaks straight 3500 ml Usa.285.-
us-rc-4500Glass lid glass dozen streaks straight 4500 ml Usa.350.-
us-j8-450He Khydohe keyboard cover glass 900 ml Usa.80.-
us-j8-500His key Khydohe glass lid 1350 ml Usa250.-
us-rc-2750Khydohe cup match streak. KIG275.-
key-k6048mRoud 1100 cc with diamond center key way.80.-
key-k6048sRoud 850 cc small diamond key way.65.-
us-sru-800Rugby dozen stainless steel screw cap 800 ml USS -SL (no PO sent65.-
us-rs-1000Screw the glass molding AL 1000 cc USA (no PO delivery.).89.-
us-rs-700Screw the glass molding AL 700 cc USS (no PO delivery.).79.-
GW903/1Stainless Steel SQR-2LSL 2L Stainless Steel Bottle Opener (No PO120.-
key-k11253The thick glass jar lid, stainless 3 blade key.399.-
tp-gw462Tilt bottle with plastic lid no.462 TP103.-
tp-gw0612Tilt bottle with stainless steel lid no. 12 TP528.-
gw902Tilt bottle with stainless steel lid no.462105.-
key-k26210tilted Jar F26210 190c Keyway30.-
tp-gw0610Tip bottle with stainless steel lid n0 10 TP523.-
tp-gw2004Bottle with lid 4 lbs TP140.-

Glassware - Bottle of jigger

Model Product Price
us-jj-1500Bottle of 1500cc Jigsaw Drink (no delivery)79.-
us-jj-300Bottle of 300cc Jigsaw Drink (no delivery)45.-
us-jj-500Bottle of 500cc Jigsaw Drink (no delivery)50.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Bottle opener

Model Product Price
jg742/1An open bottle of finger Jaguar.15.-
bek-kc2-n840Bottle opener "Round" Bekco18.-
bek-kc2-n810Bottle opener "square" Bekco18.-
tw-TR58Bottle opener / can opener stripes Published Milton Twinray50.-
bek-kc2-d82Bottle opener round head Bekco40.-
bek-kc2-d80Bottle opener sharp head Bekco40.-
CP-53256Bottle Opener SmartCook99.-
bek-kc2-64Bottle-wine bottle opener Bekco37.-
tw-tr77Can an open square pan head color Twinray25.-
tw-tr87Open bottle / can opener as a head Stainless Square Twinray35.-
tw-TR58/1Open bottle / can opener pattern Memphis Milton. Twin Ray - Stin45.-
jg-k742-8Open bottle Teddy Jaguar60.-
jg742Open bottles Lai Thai Jaguar25.-
pg4-06-41-00Total can and bottle opener Penguin stainless85.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - bottle shots

Model Product Price
bg-09-171/1Bottle of sauce 1 hole color Big Plas12.-
rw9092Color Ketchup bottle 150 ml Reangwa12.-
rw9062Multi purpose bottle Reangwa19.-
rw9040orOrange color Ketchup bottle 250 ml Reangwa18.-
rw9040rdOrange color ketchup bottle 250 ml Reangwa18.-
rw9094orOrange Color Ketchup bottle 350 ml Reangwa22.-
rw9095orOrange color Ketchup bottle 400 ml Reangwa32.-
rw9091orOrange color Ketchup bottle 500ml Reangwa28.-
rw9503orOrange color Ketchup bottle 700ml Reangwa35.-
rw9096orOrange color squeeze bottle 940 ml Reangwa38.-
rw9094rdRed Color Ketchup bottle 350 ml Reangwa22.-
rw9095rdRed color Ketchup bottle 400 ml Reangwa32.-
rw9091rdRed color Ketchup bottle 500ml Reangwa28.-
rw9503rdRed color Ketchup bottle 700ml Reangwa35.-
rw9096rdRed color squeeze bottle 940 ml Reangwa38.-
rw9510rdRed Sauce bottle 300ml Reangwa18.-
rw9510orSauce bottle 300ml Reangwa18.-
rw9094+2Sauce bottle 3outlets 350cc (dozen price) RW23.-
pnb568/1Sauce Bottle 900cc three holes into the lid White Pioneer.35.-
pnb556The apple sauce jars clear. Pioneer25.-
rw9040White Ketchup bottle 250 ml Reangwa18.-
pnb556x4White Ketchup bottle 300 ml Pioneer75.-
rw9094trWhite Ketchup bottle 350 ml Reangwa22.-
rw9095trWhite Ketchup bottle 400 ml Reangwa32.-
rw9091trWhite Ketchup bottle 470 ml Reangwa28.-
rw9503trWhite Ketchup bottle 700 ml Reangwa35.-
rw9339trWhite kitchup bottle 260 ml Reangwa19.-
rw9096trWhite Squeeze bottle 940 ml Reangwa38.-
rw9349TRWhite Squeeze bottle 940 ml Reangwa35.-
pnb564tr[Clear] 250 ml bottle of sauce waist twist Pioneer.20.-
pnb565tr[Clear] 350 ml bottle of sauce cylindrical lid stopper Pioneer.25.-
pnb566tr[Clear] 500 ml bottle of the sauce bottle Flats Pioneer.26.-
pnb567tr[Clear] 700 ml bottle of the sauce bottle height Pioneer.35.-
pnb568tr[Clear] 900 ml bottle of the sauce bottle height Pioneer.40.-
pnb562tr[Clear] Sauce Bottle 280 ml cylinder Pioneer.20.-
pnb564[Orange] 250 ml bottle of sauce waist twist Pioneer.20.-
pnb565[Orange] 350 ml bottle of sauce cylindrical lid stopper Pioneer.25.-
pnb566[Orange] 500 ml bottle of the sauce bottle Flats Pioneer.26.-
pnb567[Orange] 700 ml bottle of the sauce bottle height Pioneer.35.-
pnb568[Orange] 900 ml bottle of the sauce bottle height Pioneer.40.-
pnb562[Orange] Sauce Bottle 280 ml cylinder Pioneer.20.-
pnb564-r[Red] 250 ml bottle of sauce waist twist Pioneer.20.-
pnb565-r[Red] 350 ml bottle of sauce cylindrical lid stopper Pioneer.25.-
pnb566-r[Red] 500 ml bottle of the sauce bottle Flats Pioneer.26.-
pnb567-r[Red] 700 ml bottle of the sauce bottle height Pioneer.35.-
pnb568-r[Red] 900 ml bottle of the sauce bottle height Pioneer.40.-
pnb562-r[Red] Sauce Bottle 280 ml cylinder Pioneer.20.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Bottle Stoppers

Model Product Price
CP-90006Bottle Stoppers SmartCook89.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Bottled water, tea

Model Product Price
jc-5280bottle cap stainless steel tea filter brown. 520ml. JCP220.-
jc-5265bottles of water, tea color 330ml. JCP220.-
jc-5266tea bottles with handles 700 ml. JCP370.-
jc-5281tea bottles, heat-resistant BPA FREE 650 ml. JCP279.-

Melamineware - Melamineware - Classic model - Bowl

Model Product Price
hw-b-200c-8(White)Melamine bowl 8"26.-
fl-b827-1010-inch soup bowl Flowerware90.-
uc-B924-66 soup bowls, "Eugene Zuniga.26.-
fl-36b6.5-inch bowl porridge Flowerware40.-
spw-p6078-6Bowl 6 "New Age Superware.41.-
me-b824-6Bowl 6 inches Melamineware30.-
tp-207Bowl 7 inches (per doz.) TP213.-
me-b1046-7Bowl 7 inches Melamineware40.-
spw-b6095-7.BOWL 7.5 "New Age Superware.66.-
me-b1047-7.5Bowl 7.5 inches lotus leaves style Melamineware45.-
me-b1052-7.5Bowl 7.5 inches Melamineware45.-
me-b1051-7.5Bowl 7.5 inches smooth edge Melamineware40.-
SB-b026-7Bowl 7.inches SB41.-
tp-218Bowl 8 inches (per doz.) TP246.-
tp-208Bowl 8 inches Lotus leaf (per doz.) TP246.-
me-b1048-8Bowl 8 inches Melamineware55.-
SB-b026-8Bowl 8.inches SB45.-
me-b1049-9Bowl 9 inches Melamineware65.-
fl-b261060Bowl high shape 6" Flowerware45.-
fl-b261070Bowl high shape 7" Flowerware70.-
fl-b261080Bowl high shape 8" Flowerware70.-
fl-b26167-7.Bowl sharp shape 7" Flowerware85.-
fl-M56Bowl sharp shape 8.5" Flowerware90.-
fl-b2624-6Bowl sunflower 6" Flowerware50.-
fl-b2625-7Bowl sunflower 7" Flowerware60.-
fl-b2626-8Bowl sunflower 8" Flowerware85.-
sb-b025-7.5Markham 7.5 inch circular mouth SB65.-
F4-mn-b7-dMelamine Bowl 7 inches Lotus leaf TM (per dozen) F4140.-
F4-mn-b8-dMelamine Bowl 8 inches Lotus leaf TM (per dozen) F4150.-
F4-mn-b7-dMelamine Bowl 7 inches Lotus leaf TM (per dozen) F4140.-
F4-mn-b8Melamine Bowl 8 inches Lotus leaf TM (per dozen) F4150.-
unc-b813-8Melamine bowl 8"43.-
sb-b025-8.5Mouth of the bowl 8.5 "color SB90.-
fg-b886-8bkOval 8 "black figure melamine.88.-
spw-b6077-8.Soup bowl 8.5 "New Age Superware.89.-
me-b361060[Jade-Line] 6-inch soup bowl melamine ware45.-
me-b361070[Jade-Line] 7-inch soup bowl melamine ware55.-
me-b361080[Jade-Line] 8-inch soup bowl melamine ware75.-
me-b3042-4[Jade-Line] Bowl Subdivision 4-inch melamine ware20.-
me-b3043-4.5[Jade-Line] Bowl Subdivision 4.5 inch melamine ware25.-
me-b3047-7.5[Jade-Line] lotus leaf soup bowl 7.5 inches melamine ware45.-
fg-b809-5w[White] 5-inch Korean bowls round figure - Melamine50.-
fg-b809-6.5w[White] 6.5-inch Korean bowls round figure - Melamine70.-
fg-b809-7.5w[white] bowl Korea has 7.5 inch figurine - Melamine89.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Bowl colors

Model Product Price
fr-6793.75 inch bowl flat (Price per dozen) Fresh ware.49.-
fr-6936 inch round dish (Per dozen) Fresh ware90.-
fr-6857-inch noodle bowl (Per dozen) Fresh ware135.-
fr8047.5 inch square dish (dozen) Fresno Software195.-
fr8069-inch plate (dozen) Fresno Software195.-
fr-684A bowl of noodles 8-inch plastic (per dozen) Fresh ware.180.-
fr-694Bowl 4 inch (Price per dozen) Fresh ware.75.-
fr-690Bowl Spot 6 inch (Price per dozen) Fresh ware.180.-
fr-686bowl with 4.5-inch (Price per dozen) Fresh Ware79.-
fr-688Deep-dish 9-inch (per dozen) Fresh ware.189.-
fr-666Fresh Ware bowl (Price per dozen)55.-
fr-695lamp bowl 8 inches (dozen) Fresno Software330.-
fr-691Table 7 inch plastic bowl (Price per dozen) Fresh ware220.-

Ceramic - Bowl with chicken

Model Product Price
tp-34405Bowl with chicken paint 5" TP25.-
tp-34406Bowl with chicken paint 6" TP25.-
tp-34407Bowl with chicken paint 7" TP35.-

Melamineware - Melamineware - Classic model - Bowl with handles

Model Product Price
fl-bk-b26364[Black] bowl with handle 6.5 inches Mayflower Flowerware79.-
fl-bk-b26365[Black] bowl with handle 7 inches Mayflower Flowerware90.-
fl-bk-b26366[Black] bowl with handles 8 " Flowerware.119.-
fl-b26364-6.[White] bowl with handle 6.5 "Flowerware.79.-
fl-b26365-7[White] bowl with handles 7 "Flowerware.90.-
fl-b26366-8[White] bowl with handles 8 "Flowerware.119.-

Ceramic - Bowl with lid

Model Product Price
key-t000616 inch ceramic jar with handle and cover with keyWay189.-
chw-g-045-707-inch bowl lid "green light" Chat.150.-
chw-b-341-7Bowl with lid 7 inches Chat150.-
chw-b-342-5Thai bowl with lid 5 "" Brown "Chat.95.-
chw-b-342-6Thai bowl with lid 6 "" Brown "Chat.135.-
chw-b-342-7Thai bowl with lid 7 "" Brown "Chat.185.-

Thai design Alum - Bowl with supporting stand

Model Product Price
sl-k121Bowls with supporting stand 21cm seal470.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - Bowl, Soup bowl

Model Product Price
136016Basin 16 cm. zebra120.-
136020Basin 20 cm. zebra175.-
sg323012Soup bowl 12 cm seagull158.-
123012Soup bowl 12 cm zebra212.-
123014Soup bowl 14 cm zebra275.-
123016Soup bowl 16 cm zebra326.-
123302Soup bowl 16cm "Smart"329.-
123018Soup bowl 18 cm zebra383.-
123020Soup bowl 20 cm zebra452.-
123022Soup bowl 22 cm zebra549.-
187003Soup bowl set 12-20 cm. zebra1,625.-

Plastic - Storage, box - box lift

Model Product Price
jj-1614Box has small British JCJ35.-
jj-1613British standard square box JCJ42.-
jc-1618Ha ha striped box Micronware25.-
fg-TB05Plastic popup box, white figure, figure - plastic62.-
jc-1615striped fruit box Micro Solutions20.-
rw1231Tissue Box pop-up twotone and Toothpick Reangwa45.-
ka001Tissue box tissue Kar001 + popup Karmarts.32.-
ka005Tissue box tissue Kar001 + popup Karmarts.25.-
da-hh-3016Tissue Box Weave Small Size103.-
hw-hp-824RTissue Box with Red Toothpick Happy-plastic69.-
hw-hp-824WTissue Box with White Toothpick Happy-plastic69.-
ng841cl-blTissue round container blue numngai25.-
ng841cl-gnTissue round container green numngai25.-
ng841cl-pkTissue round container pink numngai25.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - box microwarer

Model Product Price
jc-50910.8 liter bowl, microwave Micronware45.-
pn3151Air tight Micronwave box 0.5 L Pioneer30.-
pn3171lAir tight Micronwave box 0.6 L Pioneer30.-
pn3172Air tight Micronwave box 0.7 L Pioneer40.-
pn3151lAir tight Micronwave box 0.9 L Pioneer40.-
jc-6012Air tight Micronwave box 1. L Micronware40.-
pn3151mAir tight Micronwave box 1.2 L Pioneer45.-
jc-6014Air tight Micronwave box 1.3 L Micronware48.-
jc-6013Air tight Micronwave box 1.7 L Micronware47.-
jc-6015Air tight Micronwave box 2.4 L Micronware65.-
jc-6016Air tight Micronwave box 5 L Micronware75.-
jc-5098Box Reheatable foods Microware65.-
jc-5087Egg steamer soup bowl Micronware80.-
tc-61387egg tray microwave Yellow Sea79.-
jc-6010Food Box Micronwave 1.2 liters Micronware45.-
jc-5094Hot dog & Sausage Cooker58.-
jc-6011Micronwave 2-liter box, food Micronware50.-
jc-5095-clmicrowave (1x3) jcp105.-
jj-1639Microwave box leaf-shape 2.5L JCJ115.-
jc-5089Noodle cermic bowl for micronwave cooking Micronware140.-
jc-5099Soft boiled egg Micronware60.-
jc-5088Steamew &Cooking Micronware250.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Box shoes

Model Product Price
ng887Glassy shoe box 19x28x10cm Ng165.-
ng885Glassy shoe box 21x30x11cm Ng255.-
ng8844Glassy shoe box 26x37x14.5cm Ng370.-
jc-5654Shoe Box Micronware70.-

Plastic - Boxes POPLOCK

Model Product Price
sa9136HPOPLOCK big box with handle 8.3 Sahachai promotions205.-
sa9171Poplock box 14X7 cm.20.-
sa9172Poplock box 18X8 cm. sahachai.25.-
sa9173Poplock box 19X9.5 cm. sahachai.35.-
sa9154Poplock Box 3 piece 14X24X5.5 cm Sahachai Promotion35.-
sa9154-wPoplock Box 3 piece 14X24X5.5 cm Sahachai Promotion35.-
sa9153dPOPLOCK Food box 2 box 1050cc. Sahachai promotions89.-
sa9121mPOPLOCK high octagonal 550ml. Sahachai promotions40.-
sa9101MPOPLOCK high round 600cc. Sahachai promotions55.-
sa9147MPOPLOCK rice box 17L. Sahachai promotions235.-
sa9145MHPOPLOCK rice box 7.2. Sahachai promotions205.-
sa9103bPOPLOCK ROUND 1 L Sahachai promotions79.-
sa9104bPOPLOCK round 1.75 L Sahachai promotions95.-
sa9100bPOPLOCK round 130cc. Sahachai promotions35.-
sa9101bPOPLOCK round 280cc. Sahachai promotions49.-
sa9102bPOPLOCK round 600cc. Sahachai promotions65.-
sa9102MPOPLOCK round high 1.2L. Sahachai promotions70.-
sa9101XLPOPLOCK round high 1.8L. Sahachai promotions89.-
sa9101LPOPLOCK round high 1L. Sahachai promotions70.-
sa9102LPOPLOCK round high 2L. Sahachai promotions85.-
sa9105bPOPLOCK round Sahachai 2.8 L Promotions109.-
sa9106bPOPLOCK round Sahachai 4.6 L Promotions159.-

Cutlery - Bread cutting knife

Model Product Price
kc717"Premium" Bread knife 11 inches179.-
kc718"Premium" knife knife 8 inches165.-
cp-10062010-inch serrated bread knife Smartcook.175.-
cp-100606Bread knife 10 inches flat teeth Smartcook.175.-
kct200Bread knife 10 inches wooden handle190.-
CP-BREAP1Bread knife 11.50 SmartCook.235.-
kct201Bread knife 12 inches wooden handle220.-
jg-B13Bread knife 13 inches white handle Jaguar130.-
kct202Bread knife 14 inches wooden handle290.-
jg-B08Bread knife 8 inches white handle Jaguar99.-
kct199Bread knife 9" Slim160.-
kc792Bread knife Flat 8 m-well130.-
kc793Bread knife Flat 9.5 m-well220.-
cp-113064SmartCook 8-inch bread cutter89.-
cp-113071SmartCook 9-inch bread cutter99.-

Aluminum cookware - Bucket

Model Product Price
cr33928Bucket 28 cm. crocodile475.-
sh043-18Bucket no. 18 (25 L) Seahorse850.-
f4-g201-11Portable water tank number 11 (7 L) F4245.-
ap04320Stainless steel bucket970.-
ap04309Stainless steel bucket no. 09 (4 L) Apple289.-
ap04310Stainless steel bucket no. 10 (5.5 L) Apple305.-
ap04311Stainless steel bucket no. 11 (6.5 L) Apple345.-
ap04312Stainless steel bucket no. 12 (7.5 L) Apple455.-
ap04313Stainless steel bucket no. 13 (9 L) Apple505.-
ap04314Stainless steel bucket no. 14 (11 L) Apple540.-
ap04315Stainless steel bucket no. 15 (14 L) Apple640.-
ap04316Stainless steel bucket no. 16 (16 L) Apple690.-
ap04317Stainless steel bucket no. 17 (19 L) Apple775.-
ap04318Stainless steel bucket no. 18 (25 L) Apple810.-
Tp-004595Tanks, handle 34 cm SL tp265.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - bucket

Model Product Price
rt-100-b[Blue] 100 liter tank 46x72x58 cm Roto.2,520.-
rt-150-b[Blue] 150 liter tank 51x81x70 cm Rotorua.3,235.-
rt-200-b[Blue] 200 L. tank 60x97x62 cm Roto.3,649.-
rt-40-b[Blue] 40 liter tank 43x54x41 cm Roto.1,510.-
rt-60-b[Blue] 60 liter tank 46x63x42 cm Roto.1,925.-
rt-80-b[Blue] 80 liter tank 44x68x55 cm Roto.2,105.-
rt-100-r[Red] 100 L. tank 46x72x58 cm Roto.2,520.-
rt-150-r[Red] 150 L. tank 51x81x70 cm Roto.3,235.-
rt-200-r[Red] 200 liter tank 60x97x62 cm Rotorua.3,649.-
rt-40-r[Red] 40 L. tank 43x54x41 cm Roto.1,510.-
rt-60-r[Red] 60 L. tank 46x63x42 cm Roto.1,925.-
rt-80-r[Red] 80 L. tank 44x68x55 cm Roto.2,105.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Tools - Butter brush

Model Product Price
CP-60352Brush butter SmartCook68.-
cp151462Butter Butter Brush 5 cm CPK90.-
cp151479Butter Butter Brush 7.5 cm CPK105.-
th-b10Butter/sauce brush 1" MS45.-
th-b15Butter/sauce brush 1.5" MS55.-
th-b20Butter/sauce brush 2" MS70.-
th-b30Butter/sauce brush 3" MS85.-
th-bh20Butter/sauce brush curve 2" MS70.-
th-bc10Butter/sauce brush Round 1" MS85.-
pt612silicone brush versatile M Vail50.-
cp-61151silicone brush versatile. SmartCook40.-
cv-sn4120Super wool pastry brush Sanneng115.-
cv-sn4121Super wool pastry brush(Big) Sanneng130.-
cv-sn41194Wool Pastry Brush-Plastic Handle (2 Pcs/set)150.-

Cutlery - Butter knife

Model Product Price
jg-k7089-4Butter knife 1.5mm basic style (pack of 2) Jaguar35.-
jg-k7089/2BUTTER w15002 Aim at Merrill Valley West Jaguars.15.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Baking Mold - Butter mold

Model Product Price
VD0059Butter Mold # 1 (6.5x8.5x4 cm) Masterware29.-
VD0058Butter Mold # 1 (6x8x3 cm) Masterware26.-
VD0060Butter Mold # 1 (6x9.50x5 cm) Masterware35.-
VD0061Butter Mold # 1 (7.50x12x5 cm) Masterware38.-
VD0062Butter Mold # 5 (8x13x5.25 cm) Masterware40.-
VD0063Butter Mold # 6 (9.25x16.50x5.50 cm) Masterware42.-
VD0064Butter Mold # 7 (10.50x19.75x7.50 cm) Masterware45.-
VD0065Butter Mold # 8 (10.50x22.50x7.50 cm) Masterware50.-
VD0066Butter Mold # 9 (10.50x26.50x7.50 cm) Masterware55.-

Plastic - Accessary - Cake cutter

Model Product Price
rw0055Cake cutter (Pack in dozen) Reangwa80.-
cv-sn4237Cake Slicer(Anodized) Sanneng1,975.-
bk504Cover the cake ring Second cake layer, cut into 15-20 cm.325.-
bk574Wire break 30 cm piece of cake M. Vail.295.-

Wooden product - Cake display

Model Product Price
brm-ck-10Cake display - wooden base585.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Display tools - Cake display-round

Model Product Price
da-wp-913Acrylic cake cover with wooden board Billi490.-
jc-5501Cake pan insert Micron ware280.-
ng423c-blCake tray 1 pound "Serve&Save" blue Nam ngai80.-
ng423c-gnCake tray 1 pound "Serve&Save" green Nam ngai80.-
ng423c-orCake tray 1 pound "Serve&Save" Orange Nam ngai80.-
ng423c-rdCake tray 1 pound "Serve&Save" Red Nam ngai80.-
ng421c-blCake tray 2 pounds "Serve&Save" Blue Nam ngai [ng421w]190.-
ng421c-gnCake tray 2 pounds "Serve&Save" Green Nam ngai190.-
ng421c-orCake tray 2 pounds "Serve&Save" Orange Nam ngai190.-
ng421c-rdCake tray 2 pounds "Serve&Save" Red Nam ngai160.-
ng421wCake tray 2 pounds "Serve&Save" White Nam ngai190.-
ng420c-blCake tray 3 pounds "Serve&Save" Blue Nam ngai270.-
ng420c-gnCake tray 3 pounds "Serve&Save" Green Nam ngai270.-
ng420c-wCake tray 3 pounds "Serve&Save" Nam ngai270.-
ng420c-orCake tray 3 pounds "Serve&Save" Orange Nam ngai270.-
ng420c-rdCake tray 3 pounds "Serve&Save" red Nam ngai270.-
key-t20124Tray with Baking Lid KS-2012-4 Keyway509.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Cake decoration - Cake partition

Model Product Price
cv-sn4751Cake Divider (10/12 Slices)180.-
cv-sn4181Lattice Mark Sanneng82.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Display tools - Cake rack

Model Product Price
cv-sn4462Cake rack 3 layers Sanneng320.-
cv-sn4463Cake rack 4 layers Sanneng473.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Cake server / pizza server

Model Product Price
102022Cake / pizza server "Image" Zebra73.-
bk522CAKE black handle M-Vail.115.-
CP-53252Cake Server SmartCook80.-
tw-317Cake server Twinray65.-
cp-7614CAKE SL 7614 Smartcook80.-
kc744Stainless steel Cake/Pizza server - wooden handle M-well100.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Tools - Calculator

Model Product Price
pr-cl-1200v12-digit calculator, perfect for.135.-
pf-CL-822a8-digit calculator, perfect for Innovative Fashion85.-
pf-CL-512CL-512 12-digit calculator, perfect for95.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Can Openner

Model Product Price
pst-55318-c"Progrip2" Stainless steel can opener Prestige710.-
kc715An open bottle of wine with an open bottle TK2002 Prochef.120.-
cp582044Bottle Opener116.-
cp129171Bottle opener - green big head65.-
kc2013Can opener "basic" M-Well195.-
kp-gw88-201Can opener 17 cm. KP25.-
ac-501-con-2Can opener black handle Anchore100.-
KC738can opener M-Well171.-
pst-56079-cCan opener Prestige370.-
ac-501-con-1Can opener white handle100.-
key-t09068Open a bottle of white handle 5 functions Keyway88.-
cp-17980Open the can opener white # 51230 SmartCook200.-
key-k03607opener Taiwan white handle K-3607 Key Way239.-
kct101Openner Basic China44.-
t7-o904Openner Basic Threeseven88.-
kc738Openner Prochef190.-
kc888Openner US800390.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Tools - Candy Drops Series

Model Product Price
bk509Candy Drops Series SL Stand M-Vail.900.-
twf-str-51S/S FUNNEL WITH STAND Twin Fish4,325.-

Brass - Candy mold

Model Product Price
sm-503Brass mold for 12 small styles1,150.-
sm-250-02Hexagonal Hexagonal Hexagonal Sheets1,670.-
sm-502Large brass mold for 19 styles3,900.-
sm-500pattern small candy Smith1,800.-
sm-250-01Print Knmcrk 28 holes Smith3,340.-
sm-501Type gooseberry dessert bundle Smith.1,150.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Baking Mold - Candy mold Canali Forme

Model Product Price
cp-101030Candy mold Canali Forma 3 # 17 SmartCook.59.-
cp-101047Candy mold Canali Forma 3 # 18 SmartCook.59.-
cp-100996Candy mold Canali Forma 4 # 13 SmartCook.75.-
cp-101054Candy mold Canali Forma 4 # 19 SmartCook.65.-
cp-101009Candy mold Canali Forma 5 # 14 SmartCook.85.-
cp-101061Candy mold Canali Forme 6 # 20 SmartCook.109.-

Wooden product - Canister

Model Product Price
Brm-cs-1Transmission 4-inch wood with cap154.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Cart in bakery shop

Model Product Price
ms-10-07Stacking bakery tray 10 layers sus 300414,375.-

Cutlery - Carving knife

Model Product Price
pg3-01-05-11"Bird" black 3 inch black penguin knife40.-
kc742Fruit cube marker and core remover Prochef59.-
kc743Peeler and core remover Prochef40.-
pg3-01-05-00Pop Art Carving Aet Penguin stainless173.-
pg3-01-05-00Pop Art Carving Aet Penguin stainless445.-

Melamineware - Melamineware - Classic model - Casserole

Model Product Price
fl-49dCasserole 4" Flowerware40.-
fl-49cCasserole 5" Flowerware50.-
fl-49bCasserole 6" Flowerware70.-
fl-49aCasserole 6.5" Flowerware85.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - casual barbecue

Model Product Price
mt-stv-1-16Stove with 6 inch wide metal leg 16.288.-
mt-stv-1-20Stove with 6 inch wide metal leg 20.327.-
mt-stv-1-24Stove with 6 inch wide metal leg 24.365.-

Plastic - Storage, box - CD, DVD box

Model Product Price
jj-2516CD box JCJ140.-
jj-2517trClear - DVD box JCJ175.-
jj-2516trClear CD box Jcj138.-
jj-2517DVD box JCJ175.-
jc-2504Striped box CD Ha Na micronware58.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Tools - Cell phone

Model Product Price
ck5499Ѿ 2.4 Ghz+speaker+call Casiko1,485.-
ck7568Caller phone calls + out + Speaker Car Mexico.350.-
ck2859Coin-operated phones. For food, Mexico1,590.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Cendolmolding

Model Product Price
kc9174.5 inches burger press M-well250.-
mt-pk004Cendol pressing mold MT315.-
mt-pk002Salim mold pushing315.-

Ceramic - Ceramic kettle

Model Product Price
sp-1-5-40Kettle small SP ceramics70.-
sp-1-5-60Kettle-large SP ceramics91.-

Plastic - Storage, box - chair Tools

Model Product Price
ww-626Chair Model 626 Web Tools Malware799.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Change tray

Model Product Price
ng481Change tray red 11x16cm Numngai15.-
pn241Serving tray 6x8 inches plasticPS Pioneer50.-
pn2006Small square tray, tray edge wave pattern 12 x 12 cm, Pioneer In30.-
pn2007Small square tray, tray edge wave pattern 13 x 23 cm, Pioneer In50.-
ng481Tray square with drawers 11x16.5 cm.14.-

Aluminum cookware - Chef class

Model Product Price
my-12129-t[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 1.4L 16cm Saucepan Meyer585.-
my-12130-t[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 2.6L 20cm AL tapered Saucepan Mey720.-
my-12131-t[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 3.5L 22cm AL tapered Saucepan Mey850.-
my-12399-T[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 4-pcs set Meyer2,890.-

Frabric - Chef hat

Model Product Price
bs-105A 6-inch chef hat Others.280.-
bs-106CAP Health KitchenwareM.90.-
bs-106bkJapanese Chef Cap169.-

Aluminum cookware - Chef pan

Model Product Price
my-12240-T[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 10.5"/26cm Open Frypan Meyer990.-
my-12241-T[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 12"/30cm Open Saute Meyer1,035.-
my-12242-T[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 14"/36cm Open Frypan Meyer1,260.-
my-12151-T[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 3QT/2.8L/24cm Open Saute Meyer990.-
my-12238-T[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 7"/18cm Open Frypan Meyer510.-

Cutlery - Chef Pro II from Zebra

Model Product Price
100269Chopper 7 "Pro ll Zebra369.-
100235Kitchen knife 7.5 "Pro ll Zebra279.-
100270Meat knife 7.5" Pro ll Zebra245.-
100304Multi-purpose knife 4.5 "Pro ll Zebra190.-
100249Sushi Chef 7 "Pro ll Zebra279.-

Frabric - Chef uniform

Model Product Price
bs-103mChef coat short sleeve size M BS-cloth550.-
bs-104LLong sleeve shirt, Cook B, size L BS-cloth605.-
bs-103LShort sleeve chef coat size L BS-Cloth550.-
bs-103sShort sleeve chef coat size S BS-Cloth550.-

Cutlery - Chef zebra

Model Product Price
100275"Chef" Bread knife 8" Zebra186.-
100258"Chef" Carving knife 3" Zebra85.-
100260"Chef" Chopper knife 6.5" Zebra235.-
100261"Chef" Chopper knife 7.5" Zebra250.-
100222"Chef" kitchen knife 6- inches zebra head110.-
100224"Chef" kitchen knife 8 -inches zebra135.-
100291"Chef" Peeling fruit knife 5-inch version of "Chef" zebra head88.-
100240"Chef" Sushi knife 6-inch version of zebra head110.-
100250"Chef" Vegetable knife 6.5 inches zebra head142.-

Gas stove - High power stove

Model Product Price
ha-ST-1021-1Gas stove KB4 Hanaya750.-
ha-ST-1028Head up the stove KB10 Hanaya3,690.-
ha-ST-1001High power gas stove KB5 Hanaya800.-
ha-ST-1005High power gas stove KB8 Hanaya1,440.-
ha-ST-1021-2Set of KB4 gas stove (stand, hose, stove, regulator) Hanaya1,350.-
ha-st1004/5Stove KB7 Hanaya1,500.-
bgm-s1SUS304, single head, KB59,870.-
ha-ws-1702Wind guard 3" Hanaya150.-

Melamineware - China plate designs

Model Product Price
px-02-b237A[Chinese roses] Lamp Bowl 7 inches (dozen) Phoenix265.-
px-02-p108a[Chinese Rose] 8-inch deep-dish (dozen) Phoenix255.-
px-02-b2175a[Chinese Rose] Bowl 7.5 inches lotus leaves (dozen) Phoenix265.-
px-02-p109a[Chinese Rose] deep dish 9-inch (dozen) Phoenix265.-
px-02-b2075a[Chinese Rose] Noodle Bowl 7.5 inches (dozen) Phoenix265.-
px-01-p108a[Chinese] 8-inch deep-dish (dozen) Phoenix260.-
px-01-p109a[Chinese] deep dish 9-inch (dozen) Phoenix269.-
px-01-b2275a[Chinese] Japanese bowl 7.5 inches (dozen) Phoenix269.-
px-01-b208a[Chinese] Noodle Bowl 8 inches (dozen) Phoenix269.-

Low price kitchenware - Chinese ladle

Model Product Price
fs10505Bakelite handle Chinese ladle 5" FS120.-
fl-sp2698Dessert ladle Flowerware15.-
fl-sp257Soup ladle Flowerware25.-
mn100-051Wooden handler - chinese ladle 5" Moonlight115.-

Ceramic - Chinese Noodle Soup bowl

Model Product Price
gg-glw-6Brown Chinese soup bowl 6" Ceramic (** not delivery)55.-
gg-glw-7Brown Chinese soup bowl 7" Ceramic (** not delivery)72.-
gg-glw-8Brown Chinese soup bowl 8" Ceramic (** not delivery)108.-

Ceramic - Chinese soup bowl

Model Product Price
sp-1-10-20Chinese soup bowl no.20 (4") Sp50.-
sp-1-10-30Chinese soup bowl no.30 (4.5") Sp55.-
sp-1-10-40Chinese soup bowl no.40 (5") Sp65.-
sp-1-10-50Chinese soup bowl no.50 (5.5") Sp80.-
sp-1-10-60Chinese soup bowl no.60 (6") Sp.105.-
sp-1-10-70Chinese soup bowl no.70 (6.5") Sp125.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Flateware - Chinese spoon

Model Product Price
300702Chinese spoon (12 pcs) eagle head20.-
300800Chinese spoon (12pcs) sun25.-
100000Chinese spoon (12pcs) zebra40.-
jg703Chinese spoon - small Dozen price Jaguar29.-
100001Chinese spoon Jumbo (12pcs) zebra40.-
100002JUMBO zebra head (6 pcs) Zebra40.-
100091Ramen spoon (pack of 2pcs) Zebra40.-
3s-102Stainless steel spoon 2"35.-
3s-103Stainless steel spoon, stainless steel1.5 "35.-

Cutlery - Cutlery - Chopping board - Chopping board

Model Product Price
pn611/p315.5x25.5x1 cm square small butcher Pioneer.110.-
da-hh-1927-bChopping board "fancy Duo" 19x27x0.9cm Blue DKY188.-
da-hh-2338-bChopping board "fancy Duo" 23x38x0.9cm Blue DKY269.-
da-hh-2338-gChopping board "fancy Duo" 23x38x0.9cm Green DKY269.-
da-hh-1927-gChopping board "fancy Duo" Green 19x27x0.9cm DKY188.-
pn654G/P3Chopping board-large 30.5x40.5x1 cm. Pioneer315.-
pn655g/p3Chopping board-large 35.5x50.5x1 cm. Pioneer395.-
pn653G/P3Chopping board-medium 25.5x35.7x1 cm. Pioneer200.-
pn651G/P3Chopping board-small 20x25.5x1 cm. Pioneer115.-
pn652G/P3Chopping board-small 22.7x30x1 cm. Pioneer165.-
pn659GChopping board-very large 33x76x1 cm. Pioneer545.-
da-2744cColorful chopping baord 27x44x1cm. "White" Dai kyowa230.-
da-2541cColorful chopping baord 27x44x1cm. "White" Dai kyowa210.-
jc-5118Cutting board -large 23x37.5x1 cm. Micronware152.-
jc-5117Cutting board -small 17.3x27.5x1 cm. Micronware95.-
KC3001Health plastic cutting board 30x20 M. Vail.200.-
KC3002Health plastic cutting board 35x25 M. Vail.360.-
KC3003Health plastic cutting board 40x30 M. Vail.520.-
pn601-p3Round chopping board 30cm. Pioneer150.-
kc346Small chopping board Yamato102.-
fg-b217Small plastic cutting boards 20 x30 x 1 cm. Figures125.-
pn613Square butcher 29.5x44.5x1 cm Pioneer.307.-
kc340White fresh chopping board "Large" 23x41x1.5 cm. Yamato310.-
kc342White fresh chopping board "Medium" 21x37x1.5cm. Yamato270.-
kc344White fresh chopping board "Small" 17x30x1.2 cm. Yamato195.-

Wooden product - Chopping board with handle

Model Product Price
Brm-cb-2Chopping baord with handle - small270.-
Brm-cb-3Chopping board with handle - dark brown255.-
brm-cb-1Chopping board with handle - Large290.-

Cutlery - Chopping knife

Model Product Price
tp-yh-90-c77-inch long-handled knife, chop the bones, the two Others620.-
tp-yh-90-c88-inch long-handled knife, chop the bones, the two Others720.-
jg-c3-5.5-8C3 knife handle stainless Jaguars.130.-
ff-fo-033Cable cutter handles, stainless FOFO.160.-
kw-830Chopper knife 6" Kiwi120.-
kw840Chopper knife 7" Kiwi155.-
pf-L2216Chopping heavy knife 7"197.-
191256Chopping knife 7 inches zebra149.-
ff-sm1155Chopping knife 7" brass handle200.-
ff-sm1133Chopping knife 7" Chinese style bakelite handle165.-
191257Chopping knife 8 inches zebra166.-
jg-c7Chopping knife 8x3 inches Jaguar170.-
jg-c8Chopping knife 8x3.5 inches Jaguar190.-
jg-c9Chopping knife 8x4 inches Jaguar210.-
pf-hg-1439Chopping knife extra large (8.5 "x4.5") Perfect c.328.-
pf-hg-1532Chopping knife no.1 (8.5"x4")294.-
tp-kj-1Chopping knife no.1 (8x4") GuangZhou China270.-
pf-hg-1533Chopping knife no.2 (8"x3.75")297.-
tp-kj-3Chopping knife no.2 (8x3.25") Guangzhou China230.-
tp-kj-2Chopping knife no.2 (8x3.5") Guangzhou China250.-
jgc406Cleaver 6.5" Yellow handle Jaguar88.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Tong - Chopstick

Model Product Price
tp-lucky13 pairs of chopsticks stainless budget set a short-term 1. with45.-
uc-mn-ii9.5 chopsticks orange pack of 10 pairs of Unica.110.-
cy-ii3ABS Blue Chopsticks 6 pairs per pack Cycle.45.-
cy-ii1ABS Chopsticks 6 pairs per pack white Cycle45.-
cy-ii2ABS Chopsticks 6 pairs per pack Pink Cycle45.-
uc-bk-iiBlack chopsticks 9.5 Ch pack's 10 double Unica.110.-
uc-mu-iiBrown chopsticks 9.5 Ch Pack's 10 double Unica.110.-
kc189Chopstick basic ivory pack of 10pairs50.-
me-ii9.5Chopstick 9.5" (per 10 pairs) Malemineware110.-
KC196Chopstick basic ivory 10.5" pack of 10pairs65.-
kc191Chopstick in ivory color Chinese lucky sworn&dragon60.-
tp-jung-iiChopstick MP35.-
uc-ii9.5-bchopsticks blue 9.5 inch (10 per pair) Unica.110.-
uc-ii9.5-pchopsticks pink 9.5 inch (10 per pair) Unica.110.-
me-ii-9.5-rMelamine chopsticks red 9.5 inch (10 per pair) Malemineware.110.-
me-ii-9.5-bMelamine chopsticks red 9.5 inch (10 per pair) Malemineware.110.-
uc-rd-iiPack 10 pairs of red chopsticks Ch Unica.110.-
kc331Stainless steel chopstick handy M-well99.-
kc330Stainless steel chopstick handy M-well99.-
twf-ii4Stainless steel chopstick handy set Twinfish73.-
KEY-T02476Stainless steel chopsticks fork Keyway80.-

Brass - Hot plate

Model Product Price
sm-110-1010 inch pan hot Smith1,260.-
sm-110-09wBrass pan hot plate 9 inch Smith825.-
sm-110-09Hotplate Indian pan Korea hot pan brass835.-

Aluminum cookware - Hot pot set

Model Product Price
su-113Chock stab dip Superaluminum50.-
su-111Cooking Soups super aluminum.135.-
su-111&112Supermarket stab pot dip Superaluminum.350.-

Furniture in HORECA - Hot stand

Model Product Price
nl-k003Hot stand 3 legs 7x3" Newline95.-
nl-c3Deputy Head of Pan Newline120.-
nl-c1Hot stand - M 7"x1" Newline120.-
nl-c2Hot stand - ss 5.25"x1" Newline35.-
eq1520Location austenitic stainless pot 20 cm EQ chef.60.-

Nonstick cookware - Nonstick cookware - Induction Heating pan - Circulon-Infinite IH (1,230++)

Model Product Price
cir-80580-t"Infinite" 10pc set Circulon13,900.- 9,250.-
cir-80675-T"Infinite" 20cm Open French Skillet1,230.-
cir-80673-T"Infinite" 24cm Covered saute Pan2,620.-
cir-80818-T"Infinite" 26cm Open French Skillet1,620.-
cir-80905-T"Infinite" 26cm Open stirfy1,690.-
cir-80819-T"Infinite" 28cm Open French Skillet1,890.-
cir-80579-T"Infinite" 30cm Covered Buffet Casserole Circulon2,750.-
cir-80677-T"Infinite" 30cm Open French Skillet2,190.-
cir-80678-t"Infinite" 5pc set Circulon10,900.- 7,500.-

Plastic - Plastic - Tools, Misc. - Citrus juicer

Model Product Price
rw9063Citrus juicer with long handle Reangwa160.-
pn101/p12Citrus juicer-handly and tiny Pioneer55.-
sa962The orange juice Sahachai18.-
tc003The orange juice, wine TC.120.-

Plastic - Plastic - Laundy tools - Clamp the fabric folding.

Model Product Price
pf-ch001Clamp the fabric folding120.-

Wooden product - Cleaning brush

Model Product Price
key-p01775Brush coconut jumbo Taiwan Way Key.120.-
kc886Cleaning bamboo brush150.-

Plastic - Cleaning - Cleaning Equipment - Other.

Model Product Price
KEY-P00110-RBrush Microwave Gas Red Color Keyway.140.-
KEY-P00110-WBrush Microwave Gas White Color Keyway.140.-
key-p09939Brush Pen tea C-9939 Key West Bay.88.-
key-p09937Brush Pot C-9937 Key West Bay.100.-
key-p09940Wayne Flask Brush Set key.88.-

Furniture in HORECA - Cloth hanger

Model Product Price
jk-3055rolls clothes hanger JK1,690.-
ac001-02-42Cloth hanger with side clips (pack of 6pcs)120.-
jj-1172Clothes hanger curvy pack of 6pcs JCJ59.-
jc-5738Bhanger 19x42 cm (6 pieces per pack), J CP85.-
bg-15-218-2Hanger adult pack 5 piece Big Plast.25.-
jc-5712Hanger size 16x 32 cm Micronware50.-
jc-5735Hanger size 19 x 42 cm Micronware60.-
jc-5738Hanger size 19 x 42 cm Micronware85.-
kwh-hg004hangers tapered pack 4 piece SL 304 cattle that grade159.-
kwh-h006HOOK-purpose cattle that the four triangles.135.-
ac001-02-40Stainless steel cloth hanger No444 Anchore130.-
kwh-hg007Stainless steel hanger160.-
kwh-hg008Stainless steel hanger160.-
kwh-hg005The HANGER fat pack 4 piece SL 304 cattle that grade159.-
tc-95281The Hanging Garden creamy white C50.-
kc778Wooden cloth hanger with clips pack of 3180.-
kc774Wooden hanger packof3 no clip (packof 3 price)130.-

Wooden product - Cloth washing

Model Product Price
ar-wd-clothWooden washing padel 8*24 inches155.-

Wooden product - Coaster

Model Product Price
da-wa-686CTCoaster set (set of 5pcs) Billi280.-
120226Coaster zebra62.-
tw-401Glass coaster (Sell in dozen)Twinray155.-
bp17Glass coaster Square (Dozen price) BP240.-
bp16Glass coaster zigzag (Sell in dozen) BP180.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Beverage equipment - Cocktail shaker

Model Product Price
cp151424Clear Shaker Liquor 1000cc CPK200.-
cp151394Clear Shaker Liquor 350cc CPK130.-
cp151400Clear Shaker Liquor 530cc CPK150.-
cp151417Clear Shaker Liquor 700cc CPK170.-
191900Cocktail shaker 0.3L Zebra499.-
191901Cocktail shaker 0.5L Zebra599.-
191902Cocktail shaker 0.7L Zebra624.-
twf-SK-250Shaker "simple" 250cc175.-
twf-SK-350Shaker "simple" 350cc260.-
twf-SK-750Shaker "simple" 750cc520.-
TWF-PMSK-1Shaker 0.7L with scale recipe Twinfish640.-
TWF-ASSK-300Shaker clear body, stainless steel base 300cc Twinfish290.-
nt-905-003Shakers outside the golden generation 202G Nanotech.320.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Cake decoration - Coco dressing

Model Product Price
cp-15165SmartCook Cocoa Powder130.-
cp-151158SmartCook Coconut Milk Powder85.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Thai bakery tool - Coconut slicer

Model Product Price
jg-k741-5Coconut slicer Jaguar11.-
tp-coco1Coconut slicer wooden-large handle TP15.-
tp-coco2Coconut slicer wooden-small handle TP10.-

Melamineware - Melamineware - Classic model - Coffee break set

Model Product Price
fl-tc2199-9Cocktail fancy set Flowerware85.-
fl-ct7001-10Cocktail set 10" Flowerware95.-
spw-ct6043-9Coffee break set - egg shape 9.25" Superware128.-
uc-ct991-10Coffee break set 10" Unica80.-
SB-ct40Coffee break set 9.5" SB80.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Coffee Break Set Memory want.

Model Product Price
rw1450-2212-Banqueting suite with ear cups capture bright red 9.5-inch stic65.-
rw1450-2212Banqueting suite with ear cups capture bright 9.5-inch stick65.-
ng2561bBreakfast set "Blue" NG59.-
ng2561cBreakfast set "creamy" NG59.-
ng2561pBreakfast set "pink" NG59.-

Melamineware - Melamineware - Classic model - Coffee cup

Model Product Price
spw-NW-cp-76"New wave" Coffee cup 150cc with saucer 6 "" NewWave "Superware.75.-
spw-cp6043-5Coffee cup set 5.5" Superware70.-
fl-cp892-5.7Coffee cup set with saucer 5.75" Flowerware65.-
fl-cp73-13Coffee cup set-high shape Flowerware55.-
fl-cp7001-6Coffee cup set-stackable Flowerware65.-

Ceramic - Coffee cup ceramic

Model Product Price
rp-b0213Coffe cup saucer "Plattinum" Royal Bone China0.-
rp-p0231Coffe cup saucer Royal Porcelain45.-
rp-b0212Coffe cup set "Plattinum" Royal Bone China495.-
rp-b2918Coffe cup set "Soft sense" Royal Bone China480.-
rp-a0201+020Coffe cup set saucer "Gentle Flora" Royal Fine China335.-
rp-b3414Coffee cup saucer "Bewitch" Royal Bone China0.-
rp-a0204Coffee cup saucer "Gentle Flora" Royal Fine China0.-
rp-0231-glCoffee cup saucer "Grey Lining" Royal Porcelain0.-
rp-p0213-kanCoffee cup saucer "Kanok" Royal Porcelain50.-
rp-1010-pbCoffee cup saucer "Precious Blue" Royal Porcelain0.-
rp-b2918Coffee cup saucer "Soft sense" Royal Bone China189.-
rp-1010-tgCoffee cup saucer "Trinity gold" Royal Porcelain54.-
rp-b3413+341Coffee cup set "Bewitch" Royal Bone China388.-
rp-p0213glCoffee cup set 0.2L "Grey Lining" Royal Porcelain85.-
rp-kn-p0213&Coffee cup set 0.2L "Kanok" Royal Porcelain180.-
rp-p2701pbCoffee cup set 0.2L "Precious Blue" Royal Porcelain290.-
rp-p2701tgCoffee cup set 0.2L "Trinity gold" Royal Porcelain290.-
rp-2701/1010Coffee cup set 0.2L Royal Porcelain120.-
rp-0231+0213Coffee cup set 7 oz. stackable Royal Porcelain (Ѵɳ160.-
sp-03-101Coffee cup set white 7 oz. (per doz.) SP540.-
rp-8004Stacking Mug Royal Porcelain.137.-

Frabric - Coffee filter bag

Model Product Price
nl-c13Coffee filter bag large Newline42.-
nl-c17Coffee filter bag small Newline36.-

Glassware - Coffee glass cup

Model Product Price
oc-p01641&16Cappuccino Coffee Set Model "Kenya" 8.5 oz. (Price per dozen) Oc745.-
oc-ip01641Coffee capucino cup 8 oz. "Kenya" (Price per dozen) Oceanglass425.-
oc-ip00340Coffee cup 7 oz. (Price per dozen) Oceanglass380.-
oc-ip00640Coffee cup 8 oz. "Cosmo" (Price per dozen) Oceanglass380.-
lg118&lg755Coffee cup set 7 oz (Price per dozen) Lucky Glass365.-
oc-ip00640&6Coffee set Model "Cosmo" 8 oz. (Price per dozen) Oceanglass660.-
key-CS-755Square Coffee Set Set of 4 key way.240.-
lg118Stackable coffee cup (Price per dozen) Lucky Glass200.-

Glassware - Coffee jug

Model Product Price
key-k6256L930 cc round jar lid gold key way (no mail delivery).33.-
mcp-3033mColorful Mug with lid 450cc "Mason logo"Keyway40.-
us-owl-015Glass cover with 425cc hole62.-
key-mc3037Jug Handle 550 cc cap gold key way (no mail delivery).40.-
key-mc3051Jug with handle 650 cc silver gold key way (no mail delivery).45.-
key-mc3035Jug with handle small cylinder 450 cc, round, silver, gold key w35.-
key-mc3025Mug with lid 450cc "Ice cold drink"Keyway35.-
key-mc3033Mug with lid 450cc "Mason logo"Keyway35.-
mc3033JRMug with lid 450cc "Mason logo"Keyway35.-
key-mc3015Mug with lid 450cc Keyway35.-
key-mc3015scPitchers have ears, chicken stripes, plaid cap hole 450 cc Keyw37.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee maker

Model Product Price
us-me-0066 glasses of fresh coffee brewing machines and espresso (300 ml)300.-
ot-cm-065Cable 1000 w Otto2,725.-
ot-cm-055Coffee Maker 900 w. Otto715.-
186060Coffee Maker 1.25 L. Zebra1,015.-
ot-cm-075Coffee. And grinding coffee beans 1100w Otto.5,490.-
ot-cm-085Coffee. And grinding coffee beans 1100w Otto.5,490.-
kps-XP5620Espresso Machine Krups.10,900.-
sz-07Filter paper size 1-2 cups80.- 76.-
sz-08Filter paper suzuki size 1-4 cups105.- 100.-
sz-09Suzuki coffee dripper90.- 76.-
us-cp-350The coffee French coffee 350 cc USC.320.-
us-cp-600The coffee French coffee 600cc USC.370.-
us-cp-850The coffee French coffee 850cc USC.420.-
key-k03599The series of coffee. Drifting with the filtered DC-3599 Key Way865.-
us-me-003three glasses of fresh coffee brewing machines and espresso (200250.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - Coffee Pot

Model Product Price
272638Coffee Pot Mega save 36 cm 3partitions Zebra2,150.-
272636Coffee Pot Mega save 36 cm Zebra1,950.-
272636Sauce pot 36 cm. Micronware Megasave Zebra - Private1,520.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee shop tools

Model Product Price
nt-901-034-3Beat the eggs, milk, mobile electric Nanotech.235.-
kps-GVX242Coffee bean grinder "Gvx242 " Krups3,400.-
cq300691Coffee cup, stainless 10 cm.270.-
cq300707Coffee cup, stainless 15 cm.310.-
nt-509-013Coffee grinder 150g. NT-600N2,110.-
nt-509-010-3Coffee grinder 90 g NT-CF90627.-
nt-509-010-4Coffee grinder 90 g. NT-CF91627.-
nt-509-010Coffee Grinder Model MD-400 Nano.1,020.-
nt-509-010-1Coffee Grinder Model SM-3001 Nanotech.1,020.-
twf-PSD-1Dispenser Tube Twin Fish470.-
ws-D8-01Filled tube Straw box Wise Promotion2,150.-
nt-905-001Of Cooper stainless steel Nanotech.825.-
nt-905-001-1Of Cooper stainless steel. The handle shaft Nanotech.490.-
nt-905-001-3Silicone Rubber Sheet, NanoTech-nanotech355.-
nt-901-001-2Silicone Rubber Sheets225.-
nt-905-002Stainless Castile milk jug 400 ml Nanotech version 202s.269.-
cq-tp58Tampers 58 mm. Compact460.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Flateware - Coffee spoon

Model Product Price
jg708/14-SCoffe spoon 1 mm (12pcs) Jaguar48.-
100110Coffe spoon 1 mm (12pcs) Zebra85.-
ar-013-1Coffe spoon magnolia260.-
twf-58-08Coffee spoon "Chimera" 2 mm Twin Fish20.-
191006Coffee spoon 2.0mm Image Zebra55.-
jg708/88Coffee spoon 2mm (Dozen price) Jaguar160.-
us-ss-130Spoon the SWAN US25.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Beverage equipment - Coffee warming jug

Model Product Price
twf-CP-64Check hot coffee 64 oz. Kinox Twinfish1,055.-
nt-509-025-1Coffee Warmer 1.8L588.-
nt-509-025-2Coffee warmer, stainless steel bowl.260.-
twf-CP-50Hot Coffee 50 oz. Curta Twinfish650.-
twf-cp-64The hot coffee 64 oz clear plastic Twin Fish.1,105.-

Wooden product - Coffee, Tea tong/spoon

Model Product Price
key-ccc8Coffee Scoop Keyway162.-
key-t03173Salad tongs key way.182.-
key-ccc3Tea spoon a long handle Key Way.122.-
key-ccc2Tong remnants of tea leaves Or teacup keyway.108.-

Cutlery - Cutlery - Chopping board - Colorful chopping board

Model Product Price
pn646-p3Chopping block edge 2 edge on the ground, green curve Pioneer In155.-
da-2030c-bluColorful chopping baord 20x30x0.7cm. "blue" Dai kyowa110.-
da-2030c-greColorful chopping baord 20x30x0.7cm. "green1" Dai kyowa120.-
da-2030c-graColorful chopping baord 20x30x0.7cm. "grey" Dai kyowa110.-
da-2030c-darColorful chopping baord 20x30x0.7cm. "navy blue" Dai kyowa110.-
da-2030c-redColorful chopping baord 20x30x0.7cm. "red" Dai kyowa110.-
da-2030c-yelColorful chopping baord 20x30x0.7cm. "yellow" Dai kyowa110.-
fg-b217-RColorful chopping baord 20x30x1 cm. "Red" Dai kyowa120.-
fg-b217Colorful chopping baord 20x30x1cm. "Beige" Dai kyowa120.-
da-2541c-4Colorful chopping baord 25x41x0.7cm. "blue" Dai kyowa199.-
da-2541c-2Colorful chopping baord 25x41x0.7cm. "green1" Dai kyowa199.-
da-2541c-3Colorful chopping baord 25x41x0.7cm. "green2" Dai kyowa199.-
da-2541c-5Colorful chopping baord 25x41x0.7cm. "Navy blue" Dai kyowa199.-
da-2541c-6Colorful chopping baord 25x41x0.7cm. "Orange light" Dai kyowa199.-
da-2541c-8Colorful chopping baord 25x41x0.7cm. "Orange" Dai kyowa199.-
da-2541c-1Colorful chopping baord 25x41x0.7cm. "red" Dai kyowa199.-
da-2744c-4Colorful chopping baord 27x44x0.7cm. "blue" Dai kyowa215.-
da-2744c-2Colorful chopping baord 27x44x0.7cm. "green1" Dai kyowa220.-
da-2744c-3Colorful chopping baord 27x44x0.7cm. "green2" Dai kyowa215.-
da-2744c-1Colorful chopping baord 27x44x0.7cm. "red" Dai kyowa215.-
fg-b217-GColorful chopping board 20x30x1 cm. "Beige" Dai kyowa120.-
fg-b219Large plastic cutting boards 24.5x40.5x1.5 cm. Figures.299.-
fg-b219Large plastic cutting boards 24.5x40.5x1.5 cm. Figures.299.-
fg-b219Large plastic cutting boards 24.5x40.5x1.5 cm. Figures.299.-

Glassware - Colorful glass

Model Product Price
pg-gl-2233Arus coral colored glass set of 6 Capacity 305 cc stainless stee462.-
pg-gl-2265Color Tumbler Kit 360 cc assorted colors, 6 piece stainless stee579.-

Melamineware - Melamineware - Classic model - Compartment plate

Model Product Price
fl-42aCompartment tray 10" Flowerware95.-
fl-42bCompartment tray 8.5" Flowerware85.-
me-p1081-11.Divided tray 11.5 inches Melamineware125.-
spw-P160-13.The dish on creamy white 13.5-inch super de software.280.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container-buffet - Compartment tray

Model Product Price
13203935 cm round tray. Wisdom thickness of 0.5 mm. Zebra299.-
1321406-compartment tray cover379.-
1320406-compartment tray SUS304 zebra550.-
hw23440A square hole trays Stephanie Wireless 30x40 cm Happyware.210.-
hw23440v2A square hole trays Stephanie Wireless 30x40 cm Happyware.210.-
bk23126Compartment tray 26cm Basket95.-
bk23128Compartment tray 28 cm. basket115.-
bk23130Compartment tray 30 cm. basket130.-
cr23130Compartment tray 30 cm. crocodile150.-
bk23132Compartment tray 32 cm. basket135.-
bk23135Compartment tray 35 cm. basket190.-
cr23135Compartment tray 35 cm. crocodile195.-
jg32125cFancy compartment tray 25cm SUS304 Jaguar492.-
3s-23250Large 5-compartment tray with plastic cover 3S180.-
ac07-hss-026Octagonal tray 27 x 36 cm 6 channels.121.-
hw-sq-dt36Regtangular compartment tray 26x35cm. Happyware120.-
jg23125Round compartment tray 25 cm.SUS304 Jaguar255.-
hw23129Round compartment tray 29cm. Happyware125.-
f4-34130Round compartment tray 30cm. FF130.-
132030Round compartment tray 30cm.SUS304 zebra355.-
jg23132Round compartment tray 32 cm.SUS304 Jaguar410.-
hw23132Round compartment tray 32cm. Happyware185.-
132034Round compartment tray 34cm. SUS304 zebra470.-
132035Round compartment tray 35 cm. Zebra499.-
hw23135Round compartment tray 35cm. Happyware210.-
3s-23230Small 3-compartment tray with plastic cover 3S130.-
3s-23135Stainless steel pan with a rack 35cm. 3S125.-
3s-23130Stainless Steel Tray 30cm. 3S102.-
3s-23132Stainless steel tray 32 cm. 3S115.-
ff-sb526Tray (26 cm). Fofo-Tray.110.-
ff-sb532Tray (32.) Fofo-Tray135.-
ff-sb535Tray (35cm.) Fofo-Tray147.-
sg100-332-0-Tray holes 35 cm SUS304 seagull468.-
eq110072tray round 35 cm 4 channels (blocks Jaguar) Aix queue150.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Condo food tray

Model Product Price
ng11-9100-8Condo food tray -blue 20.5x29.6x4cm60.-
ng11-9100-7Condo food tray -green 20.5x29.6x4cm60.-
ng11-9100-3Condo food tray -red 20.5x29.6x4cm60.-
ng11-9100-6Condo food tray -yellow 20.5x29.6x4cm60.-
ng11-8100-0Condo slot food tray -blue 20.5x29.6x4cm54.-
ng11-7100-0Condo slot food tray -green 20.5x29.6x4cm54.-
ng11-3100-0Condo slot food tray -red 20.5x29.6x4cm54.-
ng11-6100-0Condo slot food tray -yellow 20.5x29.6x4cm54.-

Home appliance - Convection oven

Model Product Price
ot-co-7091300w electric casserole bowl in stainless steel and Otto1,315.-
ot-co-708Convection oven 1100w Glass bowl Otto1,460.-
ot-co-707HConvection oven 1200 w Glass bowl otto1,550.-
im-IB-706Convection oven 1300w Glass bowl Imarflex1,550.-
im-IB-702Convection oven 1300w Glass bowl Imarflex1,490.-
ot-co-705Convection oven 1300w Glass bowl Otto1,390.-
ot-co-719Convection oven 1300w stainless steel bowl Otto1,480.-
im-IF-707convection oven italy design steel 1300 w Imarflex2,900.-
hw-co08sHot tureen bowl stainless steel lid Glass Houseworth.1,669.-

Cutlery - Cook serires from Prestige

Model Product Price
pst-56108-C"Cook's" 8" SHARPENING STEELPrestige280.-
pst-56100-C"Cook's" 9 CM./ 3.5" PARING Prestige215.-
pst-56102-C"Cook's" 11 CM./ 4.5" GENERAL PURPOSE / STEAK225.-
pst-56101-C"Cook's" 11 CM./ 4.5" UTILITYPrestige225.-
pst-56106-C"Cook's" 20 CM./ 8" CARVER/ SLICER324.-
pst-56107-C"Cook's" Bread knife 8" Prestige360.-
pst-56105-C"Cook's" Chef knife 8" Prestige430.-
pst-56103-C"Cook's" Cooking knife 6" Prestige350.-
pst-56111-C"Cook's" SLICER/ SPREADER Prestige240.-

Aluminum cookware - Cook set

Model Product Price
cr-sos01Life saving kitchenware set Crocodile660.-

Food equipment - Cooker hood

Model Product Price
nt-509-002-1Food hood stainless nanotech7,823.-
nt-509-005Kitchen Hoods nanotech6,655.-

Gas stove - Cooker vermicelli

Model Product Price
ha-st-1021/6Cooker vermicelli KB4-2 hanaya4,536.-
ha-st-1021/3Vermicelli oven KB4-3 Hanaya (hanaya)6,804.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Cutter, cookie press - Cookie mold

Model Product Price
CP-5152123 Cookie Prss&Icing Set Smart Cook390.-
bk317p6 pink cookie press M. Vail.65.-
bk3176 purple striped cookie press M. Vail.65.-
bk317w6 white stripes on the cookie M. Vail.65.-
cp-100583A cookie is a low-rise 4 Smartcook.45.-
bk314rA cookie press a square notched three red pieces M. Vail.49.-
bk314wA cookie press a square notched three white pieces M. Vail.49.-
cp-210590A cookie press with four tall Smartcook.45.-
bk312A cookie press, stainless steel 12-piece big 4. small form M. Va139.-
CP-51613Cookie Cutter Set SmartCook120.-
CP-55111Cookie Cutter Tree SmartCook70.-
ac501-11-25Cookie mold (1x12 models-small) Anchore38.-
nl-v214Cookie mold (4 models-large) Newline178.-
nl-v213Cookie mold (4 models-small) 5 sides Newline147.-
nl-v208Cookie mold (heart) 5 sides Newline188.-
nl-v207Cookie mold (round) 5 sides Newline155.-
nl-v209Cookie mold (zigzag) 5 sides Newline199.-
cp-100576Cookie press a series of three large SmartCook.42.-
bk314pCookie press a square notched a three-piece pink lobe M. Vail.49.-
bk314Cookie press a square notched a three-piece purple M Vail.49.-
cp-100552Cookie press round 1x5SmartCook40.-
bk313pCookie press round, notched three pieces of pink M Vail.49.-
bk313rCookie press round, notched three red pieces M. Vail.49.-
bk313wCookie press round, notched three white pieces M. Vail.49.-
bk313Cookie press round, notched three-piece purple M Vail.49.-
cp-100569Cookie press triangle 1x5 SmartCook42.-
kc103Cookies cilindro de la prensa establece 17016-4 Estados Mana - G300.-
CP-55111Cookies Cutter Chistmas SmartCook58.-
CP-55121Cookies Cutter Rabbit SmartCook58.-
ac-501-ckc-sCookies mold "Animal set" Anchores38.-
ac-501-ckc-sCookies mold "Christmas set" Anchores38.-
ac-501-ckc-sCookies mold "Heart set" Anchores38.-
cp-al7562-4Press cookie cylinder cp-al7562-4 Smartcook.300.-
cp-55094Press the four small cookies SmartCook.69.-
CP-51513Print Cookies 3 SmartCook.49.-
kc103Set a cookie press cylinder 17016-4 Others.300.-
tc-95072Set a cookie press mold 6 Yellow Sea70.-
bk317rSix red stripes on the cookie M. Vail.65.-
bk301The 4.piece baking biscuits shaped foliage M-Vail.75.-
cp-100521The flower-shaped cookie press 1x5 SmartCook42.-
cp-55098The press cake 4 CP applications SmartCook76.-
cp-55101The press Candy Heart CPR application SmartCook.76.-
cp-55100The press Puffs CP application SmartCook.76.-
cp-795109The series spawned a cookie press PT 975-10 Smartcook.250.-
cp-100538The star-shaped cookie press 1x5 SmartCook.42.-
cp-100545The star-shaped cookie press 1x5 Smartcook.42.-
cp51523The third big hit cookies SmartCook.80.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - Cooking pot

Model Product Price
my-73287-T"Bella Classico" Covered saucepot with pasta insert 24cm Meyer1,685.-
TFL-a7314414"Everlast" Stewpot with lid 20cm Tefal790.-
TFL-a7314514"Everlast" Stewpot with lid 22cm Tefal890.-
TFL-a7314614"Everlast" Stewpot with lid 24cm Tefal990.-
TFL-a7315214"Everlast" Stewpot with lid 26cm Tefal1,090.-
TFL-c2104682"Revelation" Cooking pot 24cm Glass lid Tefal2,990.- 2,721.-
161101Canon stick pot 18 cm glass lid Platinum IH955.-
161102Canon stick pot 20 cm glass lid Platinum IH1,010.-
161104Canon stick pot 24 cm glass lid Platinum IH1,290.-
sg360421Carribbean sauce pot 21 cm seagull664.-
cw01515Cook pot set 14/22 cm Set Crown735.-
cw01116Cooking pot 16cm Crown119.-
169621Cooking pot 18cm "Cesar" High body Zebra660.-
169611Cooking pot 18cm "Cesar" Zebra615.-
cw01118Cooking pot 18cm Crown135.-
pf-bp304Cooking pot 20 - 28 cm Perfect899.-
cr01120Cooking pot 20cm Crown144.-
sg361420Cooking pot 20cm. Andaman Seagull578.-
cw01122Cooking pot 22cm Crown164.-
cw01124Cooking pot 24cm Crown185.-
cl01418-812Cooking pot set 18-24 cm. "Fruit basket" Classicware1,120.-
cl01418-831Cooking pot set 18-24 cm. "Sworn" Classicware1,120.-
pf-bp301Cooking pot, glass lid 20 cm Perfect smoke275.-
cm-761Cookware Set Enamel coating Stone 16.24 cm Camel390.-
mn2-2Cookware Set Silver moon915.-
sph-k114Deluxe pot 18cm. Sphinx459.-
sph-k115Deluxe pot 20cm. Sphinx499.-
sph-k116Deluxe pot 22cm. Sphinx560.-
cw01420/103Enamel Cookware Set the third set 20-24 cm glass lid stripes 103740.-
cw01420/911Enamel Cookware Set the third set 20-24 cm glass lid stripes 911740.-
cw01420/917Enamel Cookware Set the third set 20-24 cm glass lid stripes 917740.-
cw01420/919Enamel Cookware Set the third set 20-24 cm glass lid stripes 919740.-
cw01420/922Enamel Cookware Set the third set 20-24 cm glass lid stripes 922740.-
cw01420/927Enamel Cookware Set the third set 20-24 cm glass lid stripes 927740.-
cw01320/929Enamel Cookware Set the third set 20-24 cm glass lid stripes 929740.-
cw01320/933Enamel Cookware Set the third set 20-24 cm glass lid stripes 933740.-
cw01320Enamel Cookware Set the third set 20-24 cm glass lid stripes Pet740.-
cl01314Enamel minipot with lid 14 - 18 cm. classicware505.-
cw01420/928Enamel pot three sets of leaves 20-24 cm glass lid stripes 928 c740.-
cl03120-3High shape pot 20cm Fresh vegetable Classicware225.-
cl03120High shape pot 20cm Wild flowers Classicware250.-
eq610002It enamel pot (3 cards / set) 16/18/20 cm Aix queue.290.-
mn2-1Pot set Noppakao moon915.-
160379Sauce pan 30 cm fish head Zebra1,130.-
cl01118Sauce pot 18 cm. classicware250.-
160018Sauce pot 18 cm. Zebra510.-
cl01120-3Sauce pot 20 cm. fresh vegetable classicware250.-
cl01120-2Sauce pot 20 cm. Fruit fancy classicware250.-
160020Sauce pot 20 cm. Zebra600.-
160022Sauce pot 22 cm. Zebra690.-
160022-3Sauce pot 22cm glass lid Zebra635.-
160024Sauce pot 24 cm. Zebra789.-
160026Sauce pot 26 cm. Zebra920.-
160028Sauce pot 28 cm. Zebra1,025.-
160506Sauce pot 28cm. "Master" Zebra1,030.-
160507Sauce pot 30cm. "Master" Zebra1,125.-
cr09132Sauce pot 32 cm. crocodile1,390.-
sg360132Sauce pot 32 cm. Seagull1,200.-
160032Sauce pot 32 cm. Zebra1,315.-
160508Sauce pot 32cm. "Master" Zebra1,275.-
cr09136Sauce pot 36 cm. crocodile1,690.-
un01418-958Sauce pot set 18-24 cm. Uniware643.-
un01418-925Sauce pot set 18-24 cm. Uniware643.-
un01418-967Sauce pot set 18-24 cm. Uniware648.-
cl01124Sauce pot with streaming plate 24 cm. Classicware420.-
163764Sauce Pot&Spaghetti Pot 22 cm1,450.-
TFL-b9054414stewpot with lio 20cm. tefal.948.-
260136Stock pot 30 cm. Zebra1,855.-
260140Stock pot 40 cm. zebra2,370.-
260145Stock pot 45 cm. zebra2,985.-
260150Stock pot 50 cm. zebra3,950.-
my-18887-c[Cook-n-look] Stock pot 24cm IH Meyer1,610.-
TFL-c6204672[Expertise] 2 ear lid pot 24 cm Tefal3,160.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - Cooking set

Model Product Price
my-75396-T"Bella Classica" Cookware set of 3 Meyer1,250.-
my-75397-T"Bella Classica" Cookware set of 5 Meyer2,150.-
my-73291-T"Bella Classico" Kitchenware set 10pcs Meyer3,750.-
TFL-everSet"Everlast" Cooking pot set of 4 sizes 20-26cm Tefal3,570.- 3,035.-
3800026 pcs pot set dolphins755.-
3800037 pcs cook set dolphins837.-
rk2850077 pcs cook set rocket1,575.-
3800018 pcs cook set dolphins999.-
181004Cooking pot set 4 pcs "Extra" Zebra1,163.-
180017Cooking pot set 4 pcs glass lid "Rindy" Zebra795.-
sg380002Sauce pot set 17-27 cm. seagull3,550.-
180001Sauce pot set 18-28 cm. zebra3,849.-
a7314414setSet Everlast 20cm+Speical 26cm pan Tefal1,390.-
181021Vitalux Flora 6 pcs set Zebra2,409.-
my-12399-T[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 4-pcs set Meyer2,890.-

Nonstick cookware - Cookware set

Model Product Price
cir-80580-t"Infinite" 10pc set Circulon13,900.- 9,250.-
cir-80678-t"Infinite" 5pc set Circulon10,900.- 7,500.-
my-20290-T"Millennium" cookware set of 2 Meyer1,070.-
my-14011-T"New Excellence" 8 piece nonstick Set Meyer2,700.-
my-19507-T"Platinum Choice" 3-pc set Professional Choice3,900.- 1,990.-
my-02402-T"Purpose" kitchenware set of 6 Meyer799.-
my-02401-T"Wish" 3-pcs Cookware set Meyer790.-
L01990Good choice Tefal pan set.2,900.- 2,080.-
my-12399-T[Commercialware Hard Anodized] 4-pcs set Meyer2,890.-
my-10180-c[Cook-n-look] Cookware set 6 pcs IH Meyer3,180.-
my-20973-c[SavePack] MEYER TWINS PACK1,250.- 675.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Beverage equipment - Cooler

Model Product Price
DI29038Cooler 1-tap 22 cm. diamond2,565.-
DI29026Cooler 1-tap 26 cm. diamond1,700.-
DI29032Cooler 1-tap 32 cm. diamond2,350.-
DI29038Cooler 1-tap 38 cm. diamond2,700.-
DI29042Cooler 1-tap 42 cm. diamond3,400.-
di-ssl50aCooler 1-tap 50 cm. diamond4,100.-
px-sl-s-210Cooler 10 liters of cold milk Phoenix -SL955.-
DI29132Cooler 2-tap 32 cm. diamond2,700.-
di-ssl38bCooler 2-tap 38 cm. diamond2,910.-
di-ssl42bCooler 2-tap 42 cm. diamond3,750.-
di-ssl50bCooler 2-tap 50 cm. diamond4,430.-
114081Cooler 20 cm Prima II Zebra - Private1,840.-
sg314022Cooler 22 cm. Seagull1,611.-
114022Cooler 22 cm. zebra2,128.-
114024Cooler 24 cm. zebra2,292.-
cr29026Cooler 26 cm. crocodile985.-
114026Cooler 26 cm. zebra2,509.-
cr29028Cooler 28 cm. crocodile1,115.-
114028Cooler 28 cm. zebra2,865.-
sg314030Cooler 30 cm Seagull3,221.-
114030Cooler 30 cm. zebra3,420.-
cr29032Cooler 32 cm. crocodile1,465.-
cr29036Cooler 36 cm. crocodile1,930.-
pn535-pCooler 3L "Pink Pooh keep warm"370.-
pn535-bCooler 3L "Pooh keep warm"370.-
114040Cooler 40 cm. zebra5,860.-
px-sl-s-208Cooler 8 liters of cold milk Phoenix -SL880.-
214036Cooler dual-tap 36cm "Chef" Zebra2,800.-
214040Cooler dual-tap 40cm "Chef" Zebra3,400.-
214045Cooler dual-tap 45cm "Chef" Zebra3,900.-
214050Cooler dual-tap 50 cm "Chef" Zebra4,705.-
114084Cooler Kettle Khan sakorn bowls Tea caddies Tea tray Water bowl0.-
cr29000Cooler tap Crocodile450.-
eq510006Cooler water can hold 7.7 liters of hot and cold Aix queue.670.-
hw-hp1600Cooler water can hold 7.7 liters of hot and cold Aix queue.1,905.-
hw-hp1300Cooler water can hold 7.7 liters of hot and cold Aix queue.1,570.-
hw-hp1500Cooler water can hold 7.7 liters of hot and cold Aix queue.1,750.-
di-19020Cooler-Thai design 20cm Diamond690.-
908142Faucet series, Goku small dealer. For No. 22-28 Cm older rounded865.-
rw0333Picnic cooler 12 L. Reangwa700.-
rw0334Picnic cooler 16 L. Reangwa950.-
rw0313Picnic cooler ball 8 L. Reangwa410.-
key-g00434Smart Bottle Cooler 8 liters NO: 434 Keyway295.-
rw0352Sport Cooler Jug ice 5 L. Reangwa245.-
rw0332Square coolers 8 L. Reangwa565.-
pn539/10Tall bottle of water with 10 liters of tap Pioneer Industrial.570.-
pn538/10Tall bottle of water with 10 liters of tap Pioneer Industrial.505.-
pn536aTall bottle of water with 10 liters of tap Pioneer Industrial.300.-
pn541eTall bottle of water with 10 liters of tap Pioneer Industrial.605.-
di-ssl-partTap coolers diamond450.-
nt016-014-1gTea Tank 10L stainless steel green Nanotech.1,475.-
nt016-014-1pTea Tank 10L stainless steel pink Nanotech.1,475.-
908149The series taps familiar Dealer In Numbers 22-28 cm Zebra.610.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Counter

Model Product Price
tp-counterHand tally counter120.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Crab Tong

Model Product Price
KCT726Clamp plinth 16 cm.250.-
KCT727Clamp plinth 19 cm.390.-
kc741Crab tong120.-
192302Crab Tong Image series Zebra220.-
kc201Crab tong Prochef175.-
KEY-K001323Nippers Scissors Keyway.250.-
cp-51178Squeeze the clutch K CP69.-
kai-DH2254The clamping claw shaped claw chi270.-

Food equipment - Crape stove

Model Product Price
nt-cp24Crape stove 14" FRY KING3,700.-
mc-02-142Crepe maker 14 inch twin head5,240.-
mc-02-141Kitchen Kettle 14 inch single head2,880.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Cup

Model Product Price
fr-514tA cup of water save Price (Selling a dozen)129.-
sa122Clear glass pattern 8 cm (per pack) Sahachai80.-
jc-5201Cup 10 oz. "orchid" (pack of 4) Micronware165.-
jc-5205Cup pinto set of 4 Micronware61.-
hh-582/4-blCup with diag handle set of4 Dkw89.-
hh-582/4pkCup with diag handle set of4 Dkw89.-
hh-582/4gnCup with diag handle set of4 Dkw89.-
key-t01470Glass Base out Stackable Keyway172.-
key-t01480Glass C-148 Lotus Keyway172.-
key-t01490Glass C-149 Straight Keywa172.-
key-t01460Glass Ear canal Keyway172.-
hh-219-6blKid cup 7oz "blue" set of 6pcs Dkw80.-
hh-219-6gnKid cup 7oz "green" set of 6pcs Dkw80.-
hh-219-6orKid cup 7oz "orange" set of 6pcs Dkw80.-
hh-219-6yKid cup 7oz "orange" set of 6pcs Dkw80.-
hh-219-6pkKid cup 7oz "pink" set of 6pcs Dkw80.-
da-hh-302Soup cup 19oz (550cc) Blue Dkw27.-
da-hh-302-gnSoup cup 19oz (550cc) Green Dkw27.-
da-hh-302-pkSoup cup 19oz (550cc) pink Dkw27.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Packaging - Cup cupcake

Model Product Price
rg-ck-350Cupcake 3.5 inches next great dish.38.-
rg-ck-275Cupcakes 2.75 inch plate, good morning.25.-
rg-ck-300Cupcakes 3 inches next great dish.33.-
rg-ck-400Cupcakes 4 inches next great dish.45.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container-buffet - Cup eggs.

Model Product Price
tw-730Egg cup twinray28.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Noodle shop equipment - Cup for plastic bag

Model Product Price
mt-gp004-2Cans, bags 3.5-inch MT95.-
ap112-1Small bags cans apples.95.-
mt-gp004Stainless steel container for To go MT105.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container-buffet - Cup ice cream, candy cups.

Model Product Price
tw-711Cup ice cream octagon (Pack 6 pieces) Twinray230.-
tw-710Cup ice cream roll round the edge 9 cm Twinray.270.-
224111Dessert bowl -large zebra95.-
124110Dessert bowl -mid size zebra70.-
224109Dessert bowl -small zebra55.-
124121Ice cream bowl 10cm. Zebra125.-
sph-m048Iodine cup 14 oz Sphinx95.-
sph-m022Iodine cup 2 oz Sphinx49.-
sph-m014Iodine cup 6 oz Sphinx65.-
124002Japanese color bowl 11 cm. zebra83.-
124002Japanese color bowl 11 cm. zebra83.-
124002Japanese color bowl 11 cm. zebra83.-
ff-sr501Japanese Rice Cup 2 floors Fofo55.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Cup Ice steam.

Model Product Price
pn286banana cup steam Pioneer55.-
bg-15-1089The ice cream 6 channels. ICE POP MARKER Big25.-

Melamineware - Melamineware - Classic model - Cup saucer

Model Product Price
fl-27BCup saucer 3" Flowerware15.-
fl-27cCup saucer 3.5" Flowerware15.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Packaging - Cupcake mold

Model Product Price
CV-38/30-1Cupcake paper cups 38/30 (For pack 100 pieces) Chak180.-
CV-38/30-2Cupcake paper cups 38/30 (For pack 100 pieces) Chak180.-
CV-38/30-4Cupcake paper cups 38/30 (For pack 100 pieces) Chak180.-
CV-38/30-5Cupcake paper cups 38/30 (For pack 100 pieces) Chak180.-
CV-38/30-6Cupcake paper cups 38/30 (For pack 100 pieces) Chak180.-
CV-38/30-8Cupcake paper cups 38/30 (For pack 100 pieces) Chak180.-
CV-38/30-10Cupcake paper cups 38/30 Purple polka dot(Pack 100 pieces) Chak180.-
CV-38/30-9Cupcake paper cups 38/30 Red polka dot(Pack 100 pieces) Chak180.-
CV-38/30-3Cupcake paper cups 38/30-3 (For pack 100 pieces) Chak180.-
CV-38/30-7Cupcake paper cups 38/30-7 (For pack 100 pieces) Chak180.-
CV-44/35-4Cupcake paper cups 44/35 Brown dot (Pack 100 pieces) Chak210.-
CV-44/35-7Cupcake paper cups 44/35 Brown polka dot(Pack 100 pieces) Chak210.-
CV-44/35-5Cupcake paper cups 44/35 Green Polka dot(Pack 100 pieces) Chak210.-
CV-44/35-1Cupcake paper cups 44/35 Number (Pack 100 pieces) Chak210.-
CV-44/35-8Cupcake paper cups 44/35 Orange polka dot (Pack 100 pieces) Chak210.-
CV-44/35-6Cupcake paper cups 44/35 Pink polka dot (Pack 100 pieces) Chak210.-
CV-44/35-10Cupcake paper cups 44/35 Purple polka (Pack 100 pieces) Chak210.-
CV-44/35-9Cupcake paper cups 44/35 Red polka dot (Pack 100 pieces) Chak210.-
CV-44/35-2Cupcake paper cups 44/35 Stawbery (Pack 100 pieces) Chak210.-
CV-44/35-3Cupcake paper cups 44/35Sky blue polka (Pack 100 pieces) Chak210.-
CV-50/39-4Cupcake paper cups 50/39 Brown polka dot (Pack 100 pieces) Ch255.-
CV-50/39-5Cupcake paper cups 50/39 Green polka dot (Pack 100 pieces) Ch255.-
CV-50/39-1Cupcake paper cups 50/39 Number (Pack 100 pieces) Chak255.-
CV-50/39-8Cupcake paper cups 50/39 orange polka dot (Pack 100 pieces) Chak255.-
CV-50/39-6Cupcake paper cups 50/39 Pink polka dot (Pack 100 pieces) Chak255.-
CV-50/39-10Cupcake paper cups 50/39 Purple polka dot (Pack 100 pieces) Chak255.-
CV-50/39-7Cupcake paper cups 50/39 red leaf(Pack 100 pieces) Chak255.-
CV-50/39-9Cupcake paper cups 50/39 Red polka dot (Pack 100 pieces) Chak255.-
CV-50/39-3Cupcake paper cups 50/39 Sky blue polka dot (Pack 100 pieces) Ch255.-
CV-50/39-2Cupcake paper cups 50/39 Stawberry (Pack 100 pieces) Chak255.-

Ceramic - Cups sauce.

Model Product Price
rp-0316Cup sauce "Nut Ramequin" Royal Porceleain56.-
rp-0234Cup sauce 8.5 cm Royal Porcelain56.-
rp-4007shallow cup sauce 10.0 cm Royal Porcelain.56.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Cutter, cookie press - Cut butter

Model Product Price
nl-butterCut butter Newline100.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Cooking - Deep fryer

Model Product Price
nt901-016-71.8 liter mini electric fryer FR-18 Nano1,300.-
im-IF-836Deep fryer 1200 w Otto1,150.-
ot-df-385Deep fryer 1700w Otto1,790.-
194731Deep fryer 1900w Zebra1,836.-
ot-df-375Deep fryer stainless steel case&pan 1700w Otto1,670.-
hw-AF01Fryers 37.4x29.3x39.3cm Houseworth3,108.-
nt-901-014-6Oven fries faucet head with a 102v version of the Nano.8,959.-
nt901-016-5Oven fries Mini 3.5 liter version FR-36 FRY KING1,660.-
nt901-016-4oven fries Mini 3.5-liter version of the FR-35 Fry King1,560.-
nt-901-013-3Oven fries with a single head 101v taps generation Nano.4,500.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Flateware - Desert fork&spoon

Model Product Price
us-cf-145Cake fork tip USS Swan25.-
jg-k705noCocktail fork (pack of 10) Jaguar16.-
eg156Dessert fork (12pcs) Egret90.-
twf-503-23Dessert fork 2 mm "Chorus" Twinfish150.-
tf-529-23Dessert fork 2 mm "Hammer" Twinfish175.-
twf-527-23Dessert fork 2 mm "The Grand" Twinfish130.-
195250Dessert fork 2 mm Image Zebra49.-
eg921-2Dessert fork classic style (12pcs) Egret130.-
eg155Dessert spoon (12pcs) Egret130.-
twf-503-22Dessert spoon 2 mm "Chorus" Twinfish149.-
twf-529-22Dessert spoon 2 mm "Hammer" Twinfish179.-
twf-527-22Dessert spoon 2 mm "The Grand" Twinfish130.-
eg921-1Dessert spoon classic style (12pcs) Egret130.-
twf-58-09Fork dip fruit 2.0 mm "Chimera" TwinFish20.-
eg157Spoon 1 mm thick, sweet edge set egret90.-
eg157-1Spoon 1 mm thick, sweet edge set egret90.-
f4-s08502Spoon sweet "Guanbao Blue Print" (per piece) F Four.20.-
f4-s08503Spoon sweet "Guanbao Blue Print" (per piece) F Four.20.-
us-LS-185Spoon the cocktail SWAN US25.-
jg708/14-FTea spoon 1.5 mm (Dos) Jaguar48.-
195200Tea spoon 2.0mm Image Zebra41.-

Iron - Dessert egg Mold

Model Product Price
ar-2-40028Dessert egg Mold, cast iron420.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Tools - Detector works.

Model Product Price
ck339Detector works.490.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Flateware - Diana-Helena

Model Product Price
jg-hel003(Helena) salad fork Jaguars (dozen price).368.-
jg-hel002(Helena) Spoon Jaguars (dozen price)322.-
jg-hel004(Helena) teaspoon Jaguars (dozen price).368.-
tf-82-08Coffee spoon 2 mm "Diana" Twinfish45.-
twf-82-23Dessert fork 2.5mm "Dianna" Twin Fish59.-
tf-82-22Dessert spoon "Diana" Twin Fish59.-
twf-82-05Dinner fork 2.5mm "Diana" Twinfish60.-
twf-82-06Dinner knife "Diana" Twinfish115.-
tf-82-04Dinner spoon 2.5mm "Diana" Twinfish50.-

Others - Digital scales.

Model Product Price
tp-guage-dg37kg digital scal420.- 250.-
tp-guage-dg3Digital scales 5Kg Imperial houseware Others.650.-
tp-guage-dg1Digital scales plastic bowl Others599.-
tp-guage-dg1Digital scales plastic bowl - Blue723.-
tp-guage-dg1Digital scales plastic bowl - White723.-
tp-guage-dg1Digital scales plastic bowl -Green723.-
ck3311Digital scales.460.-
tp-guage-dg2Electronic kitchen scale SF-400420.- 250.-
nt901-042-9.Food Scales 5KG version EK08B FRY KING.779.-
ck3311/1gglass scales Casiko495.-
ck3311/1rRed glass scales Casiko495.-
nt200-003Stainless steel digital guage 5kgs880.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container-buffet - Dim sum basket

Model Product Price
mt-d01-LD-5Dim sum lid 5"110.-
mt-d01-LD-8Dim sum stainless steel lid 8"220.-
mt-d01-5Stainless steel dimsum 5" MT110.-
mt-d01-8Stainless steel dimsum 8" MT220.-

Wooden product - Dimsum basket

Model Product Price
kc097Cover Tim Sum 10 inches thick.270.-
kc099Cover Tim Sum of 12 inches thick.357.-
KC055Dimsum basket 12"325.-
KC058Dimsum basket 14"490.-
kc040Dimsum basket 5"80.-
KC041Dimsum basket 5" Stainless99.-
KC045Dimsum basket 6" Stainless106.-
kc048Dimsum basket 8"150.-
KC057Lid for dimsum basket325.-
kc042Lid for dimsum basket 5"85.-
kc050Lid for dimsum basket 8"165.-
KC046Steamed dim sum basket size 6 inches stainless steel M-Vail.100.-
kc091Strong Cover Tim-sum 5 inches99.-
kc096Strong Tim Sum 10 inches295.-
kc092Strong Tim Sum 6 inches110.-
kc094Strong Tim-sum 8 inches180.-
kc093Strong Tim-sum lid 6 inches115.-
kc095Strong Tim-sum lid 8 inches195.-
kc090Tim-sum 5 inches90.-
kc098Tim-sum ground 12 inches.325.-

Plastic - Accessary - dipper

Model Product Price
pn9129Ladle Hook 11-inch Pioneer20.-
pn9128Ladle Hook 9-inch Pioneer15.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Dish drainer

Model Product Price
jc-5882 (A)2nd Floor Shelf Micronware.160.-
jc-5599Cover pan with dish upside Micronware.320.-
jc-5599BCover pan with dish upside Micronware.320.-
jc-5577Dish drainer -large Micronware350.-
jc-5507Dish drainer -medium Micronware310.-
sa264Dish with Cover tray Saha Chai promotions.324.-
jj-2400Dish, cover the pan upside down to 34x45x29cm JCJ.280.-
jj-2408Dish, cover the pan upside down to 42x45x28cm JCJ.300.-
us-d-2210Inverted aluminum double plate1,169.-
us-d-1211Inverted Aluminum Space Plate USS-SL867.-
sa262/2aShelf plate with the plate upside Sahachai.225.-
jc-5506Tray plate upside Micronware170.-
jc-5509Tray upside down 32x50x14.5 cm Micronware178.-

Ceramic - Dish lasagna

Model Product Price
rg-lz-1[Brown] dish lasagna dish with handles, good morning.65.-

Melamineware - Disney

Model Product Price
fl-tss-m02"T Zoom Zoom" 8 deep plate115.-
fl-tss-m01"T Zoom Zoom" 9 deep plate150.-
fl-tss-c2392"T Zoom Zoom" Cup with ear65.-
fl-tss-b2633"T Zoom Zoom" Curry Bowl 5.567.-
fl-tss-b2610"T Zoom Zoom" Curry bowl 6126.-
fl-tss-b429-"T Zoom Zoom" Curry bowl 7.5146.-
fl-tss-26369"T Zoom Zoom" Dome Oval 8.75185.-
fl-tss-sp/f2"T Zoom Zoom" for small fork.45.-
fl-tss-b823-"T Zoom Zoom" rice bowl 4.566.-
fl-tss-t2610"T Zoom Zoom" round tray 11225.-
fl-tss-cl210"TZ Zoom" cup with lid + ear cups200.-
fl-tss-c2352"Zoom Out Zoom In" ear cups and lids110.-
fl-tss-cl263"Zoom Out Zoom In" ear cups with lids + 4 inch lid.195.-
fl-tss1-sp23"Zoom Zoom" set for large fork.50.-
fl-tss-sp613"Zoom Zoom" spoon bent end30.-

Brass - Dod Jok maker

Model Product Price
sm-dj-1Dok jok maker no.1 ( 10cm)255.-
sm-dj-2Dok jok maker no.2 ( 9 cm)245.-
sm-dj-3Dok jok maker no.3 ( 8 cm)235.-
sm-dj-4Dok jok maker no.4 ( 7cm)185.-
sm-dj-5Dok jok maker no.5 ( 6cm)178.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Breakfast - bakery - Donut making

Model Product Price
HW-290Donut making HouseWorth585.-
ck-5003Donut marker525.-
nt-901-031-9Made mini donuts (cake pops) FR-C4 Nanotech.1,030.-

Melamineware - Doraemon

Model Product Price
spw-ds-sp/f3"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" Big Spoon Superware.60.-
spw-ds-b633-"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" bowl 5.5 inches super computer.68.-
spw-ds-p182-"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" deep dish 8 inch super computer.105.-
spw-ds-p304-"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" deep dish 9-inch super software.136.-
spw-ds-c635-"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" mug 3-inch super computer.45.-
spw-ds-c634-"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" mug with handle 3-inch super computer70.-
spw-ds-cl639"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" series of large ear cups lid 4 inch s160.-
spw-ds-sp613"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" spoon Superware China.30.-
spw-ds-p6227"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" square plate six inches Superware.85.-
spw-ds-bl609"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" super bowl ear lid software.140.-
spw-ds-sp/f3"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" Superware small utensils.50.-
spw-ds-t6044"Dor Eamon - Sweet Little" tray with three 10.5-inch super-compu169.-
spw-dm-p1438"Doraemon - Do It Yourself" Dish 8 "deep130.-
spw-d3-c-635"Doraemon - DoReMi" glass 2.5-inch super computer.45.-
spw-d3-c-634"Doraemon - DoReMi" pink60.-
spw-d3-sp-61"Doraemon - DoReMi" pink30.-
spw-d3-b-604"Doraemon - DoReMi" Pink Baby Bowl 3.5 inches.40.-
spw-cl-639-4"Doraemon - DoReMi" pink ear cups with lids set of 4 inch super165.-
spw-d3-bl-60"Doraemon - DoReMi" two ears pink bowl with lid 4.5 inch super c130.-
spw-ds-b6106"Doraemon - Sweet Little" soup bowl 6 inches Superware.105.-
spw-dm-c635-"Doraemon - Tech Brake" 2.5 liter glass.45.-
spw-dm-c6216"Doraemon - Tech Brake" 3 inches tall glass55.-
spw-dm-b6044"Doraemon - Tech Brake" 3.5 inch children bowl.40.-
spw-dm-b429-"Doraemon - Tech Brake" 7.5 inch bowl115.-
spw-dm-sp/f3"Doraemon - Tech Brake" big cutlery.60.-
spw-dm-b633-"Doraemon - Tech Brake" children bowl 5.5 "68.-
spw-dm-c634-"Doraemon - Tech Brake" Cup with 3 inches of ear70.-
spw-dm-p6181"Doraemon - Tech Brake" face plate 9165.-
spw-dm-b6256"Doraemon - Tech Brake" large bowl.125.-
spw-dm-cl639"Doraemon - Tech Brake" set of big ears + 4 inch170.-
spw-dm-cl352"Doraemon - Tech Brake" set of ear + lid 3 inch135.-
spw-dm-b6255"Doraemon - Tech Brake" small bowl.80.-
spw-dm-sp/f3"Doraemon - Tech Brake" small cutlery.50.-
spw-dm-b6287"Doraemon - Tech Brake" Square Bowl 4.590.-
spw-dm-b6106"Doraemon - Tech break" bowl 6120.-
spw-dm-b6107"Doraemon - Tech break" bowl 7135.-
spw-dm-p6227"Dorea-Tech Brake" 6-inch square plate.85.-
Spw-d5-b6256"Hello Doraemon" bowl in front of Doraemon.98.-
spw-d5-b6255"Hello Doraemon" little bowl Doraemon Superware71.-
spw-d5-t6258"Hello Doraemon" Tray 12 "Doraemon Super.204.-
spw-d3-t6044(Doraemon - DoReMi) 10.5 inch square pink tray140.-
spw-d3-b6106(Doraemon - DoReMi) pink bowl 6 inches tall110.-
spw-d3-sp/f3(Doraemon - DoReMi) pink cutlery set45.-
spw-d3-cl-10(Doraemon - DoReMi) pink dress and big ear cups cover Superware170.-
spw-d3-p182-(Doraemon - DoReMi) pink plates 8 inches deep100.-
spw-d3-t-383(Doraemon - DoReMi) pink tray 10.5 inches220.-
spw-d1-t383-10-inch pan hole "Hello Doraemon" Superware170.-
spw-d1-t604410.5-inch tray hole "Hello Doraemon" Superware.180.-
spw-d1-t384-12-inch pan hole "Hello Doraemon" Superware.255.-
spw-d1-b60443.5-inch bowl with "Hello Doraemon" Superware.40.-
spw-d1-b61066-inch soup bowl "Hello Doraemon" Superware105.-
spw-d1-b364-7-inch soup bowl, "Hello Doraemon" Superware109.-
spw-d1-sp459Baby Spoon "Hello Doraemon" Superware25.-
spw-d1-bl609Cover bowl and lid, two ears: "Hello Doraemon" Superware125.-
spw-d1-c634-Cup water, 3 "" Hello Doraemon "Superware.55.-
spw-d1-c352-Cups 3" Hello Doraemon "Superware90.-
spw-d3-b225-Dish 6 inch "pooh licious" Superware80.-
spw-ds-b429-Doraemon - Sweet Little soup bowl 7.5 inches super computer.105.-
spw-ds-c6216Doraemon - Sweet Little. A tall glass of water 3 inches Superwar55.-
spw-d1-c635-Glass 2.5 "" Hello Doraemon "Superware45.-
spw-dm-t6044Rice tray 10.5 n. spw.140.-
spw-dm-sp613Short spoon SPW30.-
spw-d3-sp/f3Spoon "Doraemon" Superware40.-
spw-d1-spf35Spoon "Hello Doraemon" Superware50.-
spw-d1-p304-The deep-dish 9-inch "Hello Doraemon" Superware125.-
spw-d1-cl639The ear cups with lids + 4 "Hello Doraemon" Superware160.-
spw-d1-cl108The ear cups, large + cap "Hello Doraemon" Superware170.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - Double boiler

Model Product Price
173220Double stremer pot 20cm. zebra1,500.-
173318Streaming pot 18 cm. zebra1,250.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Beverage equipment - Double wall vacuum mug

Model Product Price
nk-chx-050g(Blue)Double wall vacuum mug 0.5 liter capacity210.-
nk-chx-050nb(Blue)Double wall vacuum mug 0.5 liter capacity210.-
nk-chx-050gb(Brown gold)Double wall vacuum mug 0.5 liter capacity210.-
nk-chx-050p(Pink)Double wall vacuum mug 0.5 liter capacity210.-
1120272 cups water 450ml. Zelect Zebra235.-
112025B2 cups water layer lvy 0.4 liter Blue Zebra.245.-
112025G2 cups water layer lvy 0.4 liter Green Zebra.245.-
112025P2 cups water layer lvy 0.4 liter Pink Zebra.245.-
1122082-layer water glass ,Extra Zelect Model Zebra255.-
112007Double wall mug - smart190.-
112901Double wall mug 0.5L Zebra400.-
bf-ET091Double wall mug 350ml +filter+antislip base "Free" green Buffalo735.-
bf-ET092Double wall mug 350ml +filter+antislip base "Free" purple Buffal735.-
bf-EC067-ODouble wall mug 400ml with filter "Free" Buffalo755.-
bf-EC067-BDouble wall mug 400ml with filter "Free" Buffalo755.-
112016Double wall mug with stainless steel lid - Extra Zebra280.-
112015Double wall mug-Extra Zebra280.-
112005Double wall mug-Extra Zebra245.-
112008Double wall mug-Prima Zebra225.-
112925Double wall vaccuum mug "Save The Earth" Zebra365.-
nk-chx-050ssDouble wall vacuum cup 0.5L.210.-
sph-k127Insulated cup 16oz Sphinx460.-
key-g15014MUG Stainless Steel 14oz keyway.140.-
eq520001Mug two layers. Stainless floor in the green / red EQ chef95.-
eq520001-redMug two layers. Stainless floor in the red EQ chef95.-
jc-s112Stainless steel bottle S112 blue 500 ml.260.-
jc-5290Stainless steel coffee cup with handle 450ml. J. CP430.-
jc-s118Stainless steel mug 350 ml. JCP339.-
112972-bkVacuum cup 0.45L Curve - Black Zebra360.-
112972-pkVacuum cup 0.45L Curve - pink Zebra360.-
112972-bVacuum cup 0.45L Curve - Silver Zebra360.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Drawer.

Model Product Price
jc-5819 (A)4 drawer floor Micronware.625.-
jc-5808drawer cabinet 4 floor Micronware210.-

Gas stove - Dual head Glass top

Model Product Price
im-iG-426Glass front gas stove head Imarflex1,670.-
im-ig-427Glass front gas stove head Imarflex2,200.-
sh-gl357Glass top dual head gas stove - infrared Sunshine2,169.-
sh-gf1744Glass top dualhead - koi Sunshine2,230.-
im-ig-431Glass top gas stove Imarflex930.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Dumpling large pad

Model Product Price
tw-p1Dumpling Pad Large 4"Twinray25.-
tw-P2Dumpling Pad Large 4.5 "Twinray30.-

Ceramic - Earthenware pot

Model Product Price
chw-r-01-05"Earthware" pot 05" Chat60.-
chw-r-01-08"Earthware" pot 08" Chat148.-
chw-r-01-10"Earthware" pot 10" Chat190.-
chw-r-01-12"Earthware" pot 12" Chat260.-
chw-r-s1"Earthware" Set of pot 5" pot Chat155.-

Ceramic - Egg cup

Model Product Price
rp-p0228Egg cup Royal Porcelain65.-

Cutlery - Egg cutter

Model Product Price
ac270-07-30Egg Cutter Anchore57.-

Brass - Egg hot plate

Model Product Price
sm-110-75Brass egg hot plate 7.5"769.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - Egg ring

Model Product Price
nl-c24Egg ring "flower shape" Newline70.-
nl-c21Egg ring "round shape" Newline50.-
nl-v219Egg ring "round shape" Newline45.-
nl-c20Egg ring flower shape-pancake Newline65.-
nl-c22Egg ring heart shape Newline55.-
NL-v220Egg ring heart shape pancake Newline50.-
nl-c25Egg ring heart shape XL Newline60.-
mt-F11Egg ring in heart shape MT30.-
mt-F10Egg ring MT28.-
nl-c23Egg ring XL round shape" Newline55.-
cp-100651Fried egg ring circle SmartCook60.-
cp-100668Fried egg ring star SmartCook70.-
cp-100675Heart-shaped fried egg ring SmartCook60.-
cp-k-17205Print Egg Bear 4 inch black wooden handle CP application.58.-
cp-k-17201Print fried eggs rounded 4-inch black wooden handle CP applicati58.-
cp-k-17122Print fried eggs rounded stainless steel heavy CP application.135.-
cp-k-17121Small Frying Pan, Stainless Steel, CPK82.-
cp-100682The ring-shaped fried egg Mickey SmartCook.70.-
cp-k-17204Type 4-inch heart-shaped fried eggs, black wooden handle CP appl58.-

Nonstick cookware - Egg role pan

Model Product Price
174610"Gemini" Nonstick Pan 13X18 cm Zebra.345.-
174610"Gemini" stick pan with a square 13x18 Gemini Zebra.380.-
my-15009-cRectangular pan Meyer and Turner silicone780.-

Plastic - Accessary - Egg slicer

Model Product Price
pst-50709-CEgg slicer Prestige160.-
pn918/1-p3Pioneer oval plastic scoop.80.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Tools - Egg spinter wrist

Model Product Price
pst-55309-c"Progrip2" Whisk 16cm Prestige320.-
CP-5011230 C.m. Stanless steel Egg Whisk SmartCook150.-
eq160017bBeat the egg spinning a winch Aix queue.130.-
nl-b38Beaten egg 30 Cm. newline240.-
nl-b34Beaten egg 42 Cm. newline330.-
nl-st1Big egg whip New Line.210.-
nl-v63Egg spinter whist 15 cm. Newline110.-
nl-v64Egg spinter whist 17cm. Newline90.-
nl-b41-wEgg spinter whist 24 cm. Newline70.-
nl-b41Egg spinter wrist 24 cm Newline145.-
nl-b40Egg spinter wrist 27cm Newline180.-
nl-b37Egg spinter wrist 33cm Newline290.-
nl-b36Egg spinter wrist 39cm Newline310.-
nl-st2Small egg whip hit Newline155.-
ac501-02-07Spring whip egg. Anchor40.-
CP-50508Stainless Steel Whip egg 20cm SmartCook.85.-
pst-50686-CStainless Steel Whisk 18cm Prestige215.-
bek-kc1-a30Whip 2 eggs beaten egg, spring handle size 27 cm beko45.-
bek-kc1-a20Whip 2 eggs beaten egg, spring handle size 27 cm beko60.-
bek-kc1-a10Whip 2 eggs beaten egg, spring handle size 37 cm beko75.-
eq-b625Whip eggs, beaten 26 cm EQ chef.45.-
tw-032Whip lash 32 cm handle a wire State Wireless Twinray.255.-
tw-042Whip lash 42 cm handle a wire State Wireless Twinray.310.-
tw-048Whip lash 48 cm handle a wire State Wireless Twinray.355.-
cp-50110Whip the egg stainless steel 10 inch SmartCook.140.-
nl-k-025Whisk 14.5 cm New Line.99.-
nl-k-031Whisk 21.5 cm New Line.130.-
cp-51914Whisk stainless steel 14 inch SmartCook.199.-
cp-50522Whisk stainless steel with black handle SmartCook.110.-
ac501-02-05Whisp Sping Anchore175.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Cooking - Eggstick eggroll master

Model Product Price
ot-sw-015Egg stick maker (Egg master) Otto480.-

Melamineware - Ektra

Model Product Price
fl-ek-b2117Bowl 8" Ektra185.-
fl-ek-bl2150Bowl curve 6.75" with lid Ektra168.-
fl-ek-bl2151Bowl curve 7.5" with lid Ektra200.-
fl-EK-T2083Flower shape condiment -large Ektra635.-
fl-EK-T2082Flower shape condiment -medium Ektra240.-
fl-EK-P2052Flower Square Plate 10.5 Ektra software335.-
fl-EK-P2053Flower Square Plate 14.5 Ektra software495.-
fl-EK-B2120Flower Square Plate 6 Ektra software140.-
fl-EK-P2050Flower Square Plate 7 Ektra software180.-
fl-EK-P2051Flower Square Plate 8 Ektra software250.-
fl-EK-T2081Flower-shape condiment 3 slots Ektra100.-
fl-EK-P2060Food pan 13.75 "Ektra380.-
fl-EK-B2085Lego long tray 5.75" Ektra70.-
fl-EK-T2087Leigo 9-slots tray 10.5 Ektra209.-
fl-EK-B2084Leigo square tray 2.75" Ektra45.-
fl-EK-B2086Leigo square tray 5.75" Ektra99.-
Fl-ek-ec2088Multipurpose cup 5cm Ektra33.-
fl-ek-p2065Oval plate 10.5" Ektra239.-
fl-EK-P2066Oval plate 12.5" Ektra355.-
fl-ek-t2055Regtangular Plate 11.75" Ektra356.-
fl-ek-p2056Regtangular tray 13" Ektra326.-
fl-ek-p2057Regtangular tray 14.5" EktraR315.-
fl-ek-p2058Regtangular tray 17.25" Ektra420.-
fl-ek-p2068Round plate - deep 12" Ektra345.-
fl-ek-p2070Round plate - flat 12" Ektra335.-
p26188+d2146Round plate 08" with slots+ seasoning dish 2.5" Ektra140.-
p2144+d2147Round plate 10.5" with slots+ seasoning dish 3.5" Ektra200.-
p2145+d2147Round plate 12" with slots+ seasoning dish 3.5" Ektra329.-
fl-ek-b2110Special bowl 5.25" Ektra97.-
fl-ek-b2108Special bowl 8.75" Ektra77.-
fl-ek-p2106Special long oval bowl 12" Ektra128.-
fl-EK-P2063Square bowl 10 "Ektra325.-
fl-EK-B2064Square bowl 16 "Ektra720.-
fl-EK-B2061Square Bowl 5 "Ektra.150.-
fl-EK-P2062Square Bowl 7.5 "Ektra.225.-
fl-EK-P2059The square tray cloth 13.75 "Ektra Flower software837.-
fl-ek-p2136Wave deep plate 9" Ektra195.-
spw-rm-b6127Wave Ramen bowl 8" Superware108.-
fl-ek-p2137-[black] 9-inch square dish ektra160.-
fl-ek-p2130-[black] 6.75 inch shallow circular dish ektra89.-
fl-ek-p2138-[black] banana leaf plate 7 inches ektra110.-
fl-ek-p2141-[black] banana leaf plates 11.25 inches ektra280.-
fl-ek-p2140-[black] banana leaf plates 9.75 inches ektra200.-
fl-ek-p2139-[black] banana leaf platter 8.5-inch ektra145.-
fl-ek-p2136-[black] round deep dish 9-inch ektra195.-
fl-ek-p2129-[black] round shallow dish 9-inch ektra120.-
fl-ek-p2130[white] 6.75 inch shallow circular dish ektra89.-
fl-ek-p2137[white] 9-inch square dish ektra160.-
fl-ek-p2138[white] banana leaf plate 7 inches ektra110.-
fl-ek-p2141[white] banana leaf plates 11.25 inches ektra280.-
fl-ek-p2140[white] banana leaf plates 9.75 inches ektra200.-
fl-ek-p2139[white] banana leaf platter 8.5-inch ektra145.-
fl-ek-p2136[white] deep dish 9-inch round ektra195.-
fl-ek-p2129[white] round shallow dish 9-inch ektra120.-

Food equipment - Elec rice cooker

Model Product Price
ws-138195A rice cooker, stainless commercial 13 liter Wise Promotion9,050.-
im-LP-849Automatic rice cooker 5L Imarflex2,240.-
im-LP-858Automatic rice cooker 7L Imarflex2,750.-
hw-BRC1Automatic Rice Cooker with 13 liters of the House Worth.4,600.-
shp-KSH-1010Rice Cooker 10 Liter model Sumo Sharp4,764.-
shp-KSH-555Rice Cooker 5 Liter model Sumo Sharp2,640.-
shp-KSH-777Rice Cooker 7 Liter model Sumo Sharp3,340.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Water container - Electric Citrus Juicer

Model Product Price
186030Electric Citrus Juicer875.-
mnx-BKB2Juicer 0.6 L Moulinex1,449.-

Home appliance - Electric Fan

Model Product Price
Hw-efc56(White)Geiling fan 56"829.-
cm-sm-1208-gDura Table fan 12" Bright green Camel550.-
cm-sm-1208-pDura Table fan 12" pinky purple Camel550.-
cm-sm-1608-gDura Table fan 16" Bright green Camel660.-
cm-sm-1608-pDura Table fan 16" pinky purple Camel660.-
hw-716rElectric fan 6 "House worth315.-
im-ie-180Fan Wall 16 "I was Flex.930.-
TFL-vf3440Fan, 16-inch gray Tefal.1,799.-
TFL-vf3420Fan, 16-inch gray Tefal.1,040.-
TFL-vf3410Fan, 16-inch gray Tefal.830.-
TFL-vf3421Fan, 16-inch green Tefal.1,040.-
TFL-vf3411Fan, 16-inch green Tefal.870.-
TFL-vf3460Fan, 18-inch gray Tefal.1,500.-
TFL-vf3450Fan, 18-inch gray Tefal.1,269.-
TFL-vf3461Fan, 18-inch green Tefal.1,500.-
TFL-vf3451Fan, 18-inch green Tefal.1,269.-
TFL-VF2250Fans queue Heavy Duty Fast Five 20-inch TV.2,080.-
im-IF-580I have three 18-inch industrial fan blade Perfect Black.1,720.-
ot-fs-520Industiral fan 20" Otto2,150.-
ot-fs-524Industiral fan 24" Otto2,900.-
im-IF-445Industiral floor fan 18" Imarflex985.-
im-if-449Industiral floor fan 20" Imarflex1,285.-
LV-LS-602Multi-purpose Fan6" Lovestar295.-
im-IF-952Portable fan (16 ") Electric software interface flags Alliance700.-
IM-IF-777Sliding sport fan 16" Imarflex880.-
im-if-886Sliding sport fan 18" Imarflex1,195.-
im-IE-182Standing fan 16" model "Basic" Imarflex1,099.-
IM-IF-945Standing fan 16" model "Two tones" Imarflex1,390.-
im-if-967Table fan 12" Imarflex460.-
im-if-966Table fan 16" Imarflex630.-
IM-IF-558Tower fan Imarflex1,960.-
im-if-557Tower Fan Model 557 Imarflex1,420.-
im-if-990Ventilators 8 "Imarflex760.-

Food equipment - Electric Fondue

Model Product Price
nt-901-026-7Electric Fondue Q04-1 generation Nano.11,390.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Tools - Electric Iron

Model Product Price
LV-LSI-1000Electric irom - traditional basic350.-
ot-ei-609sElectric irons Otto365.-
TFL-FS1520Electric irons Tefal635.-
TFL-FV2115Stream iron 1700 w. "Prima 15" Tefal1,052.-
TFL-FV2215Stream iron 1700 w. "Primagliss 15" Tefal1,280.-
TFL-FV2530Stream iron 2000 w. "Primagliss 2530" Tefal1,380.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Water container - Electric kettle

Model Product Price
ot-tm-028sAutomatic coreless electric kettle 0.8L with warming kettle and995.-
186310Electric kettle 0.8 L. Zebra1,135.-
TFL-bi8125Electric kettle 0.8L Tefal1,550.-
TFL-bf8121Electric kettle 0.8L Tefal1,150.-
186302Electric kettle 0.8L Zebra1,080.-
TFL-BF512026Electric kettle 1.2 L Tefal1,480.-
186311Electric kettle 1.2 L. Zebra1,220.-
TFL-BF560140Electric kettle 1.7 L Tefal1,780.-
186307Electric kettle 1.7 L. Zebra1,319.-
186312Electric kettle 1.7 L. Zebra1,405.-
ot-pt-102Electric kettle 1.7L Otto355.-
TFL-ki140dElectric Kettle 1.7L Tefal1,890.-
ot-pt-104Electric kettle 1.8L Otto395.-
TFL-bi7125Electric Kettle 1L Tefal2,382.-
186306Electric kettle Ms.Belly 1.7L Zebra1,050.-
186305Electric kettle Ms.Speedy 1.7L Zebra1,138.-
186304Eletric kettle 1.2 L.Zebra1,145.-
hw-ek03pKettle 0.7 liter Purple House worth.799.-
hw-ek03mKettle 0.7 liter Yellow House, Tamworth.799.-
hw-EK05Kettle LED lights built glass house in Tamworth.1,040.-

Home appliance - Electric Oven

Model Product Price
TFL-TO1000Compact oven 8L Tefal1,480.-
TFL-T0102170Compact oven 8L Tefal1,480.-
hw-8089Electric oven 42 liters HouseWorth3,760.- 4,162.-
hw-eo03Electric oven 53 liter stainless HouseWorth4,400.- 4,162.-
OT-TO-772Electric oven 60L Stainless steel body Otto4,780.- 4,921.-
hw-eo02Electric oven 70 liters stainless HouseWorth5,990.- 4,890.-
hw-eo05Electric oven 90 liters stainless HouseWorth8,900.- 7,580.-
im-if-832Electric Oven rotisserie 19 liter Imarflex2,229.-
LF-07Food waste dehydrating disposer 5L Loofen12,600.-
hw-8085Hot air oven 28 liters HouseWorth2,270.- 1,980.-
hw-eo09Hot air oven 62 liter light on independent Lower Houseworth.5,580.-
co787+hm009Oven 18L+2.5L stand mixer3,540.-
hw-EO07Oven 60L door safty + dual temp control6,900.-
ot-co-752Oven hot air 18 Litre OTTO1,950.- 1,780.-
ot-to-755Oven hot air 18L Stainless housing Otto2,572.-
ot-to-765Oven hot air 23L Stainless housing Otto2,993.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Cooking - Electric pressure cooker

Model Product Price
186702Electric pressure cooker 1.5L Zebra2,200.-
186703Electric pressure cooker 1.8L Zebra2,310.-
ot-pc-225Pressure cooker PC-225 (OTTO)1,220.-
TFL-p2554031Tefal Secure Press 5 neo 3L2,632.-
TFL-p2530842Tefal Secure Press 5 neo 7 liters3,670.-

Home appliance - Electric stove

Model Product Price
nt-013-819-42 head electric stove 1500 + 1000w. NanoTech1,125.-
nt-013-819-2Ceramic hobs 1200 + 900w models NT-CP2 FRY KING.1,809.-
HW-226A2Double hot plate 2500 w HouseWorth1,140.-
HW-116A2Electric cooker single head houseworth800.-
ot-ge-810Electric heating stove 1500w Otto655.-
HW-HP01Electric power head has a single 1500-watt Square HouseWorth.870.-
hw-hp02His head, electric stove, double sided HouseWorth1,350.-
im-MO-140Microware Oven 18 L. Imarflex2,280.-
im-MO-150Microware Oven 23 L. Imarflex2,890.-
shp-R-219Microwave oven R-219 22L2,080.-
shp-R-250Microwave oven R-250 22L2,270.-

Food equipment - Electric Urn

Model Product Price
hw-808mCylinder 8.8-liter electric water boiler Remember Calvert House.2,099.-
HW-870Electric Urn 2.2cm. (8.8L) zebra2,180.-
HW-880Electric Urn 27 cm. (15 L) zebra2,450.-
ws-ksy20Electric Urn 30cm. (20L) zebra6,600.-
sg314336Electric urn 36cm Seagull14,255.-
hw-EU01Electricity, water tank, 26 cm (6.8 liters) HouseWorth3,150.-
hw-eu02Electricity, water tank, 30 cm (20 liters) HouseWorth3,500.-
195007Heat prevention clothes for electric urn 26cm. Zebra480.-
195008Heat prevention clothes for electric urn 28cm. Zebra516.-
195009Heat prevention clothes for electric urn 30cm. Zebra665.-
9081530Heater (EGO) Boil water tank electric Zebra.1,425.-
sh-bw15LSimple Electric Urn 15L Sunshine3,180.-
sh-BW20LSimple Electric Urn 20L Sunshine3,550.-
114414SUS304 Advance3 Electric Urn 26cm. Extra (14.3 L) Zebra8,895.- 7,850.-
114415SUS304 Advance3 Electric Urn 28cm. Extra (18L) Zebra11,400.- 9,699.-
114416SUS304 Advance3 Electric Urn 30cm. (22L) Zebra12,500.- 10,685.-
114412SUS304 AdvanceII Electric Urn 28cm (18Litres) Zebra10,150.- 8,120.-
114413SUS304 AdvanceII Electric Urn 30cm (22Litres) Zebra11,330.- 9,090.-
114426SUS304 Electric Urn 26 cm. zebra7,296.-
114407SUS304 Electric Urn 26cm. Extra (14.3 L) Zebra8,300.- 7,360.-
114428SUS304 Electric Urn 28 cm. zebra8,910.-
114408SUS304 Electric Urn 28cm. Extra (17.8 L) Zebra11,128.- 9,390.-
114430SUS304 Electric Urn 30 cm. zebra11,355.-
114406SUS304 Electric Urn 30cm. Advance (26 L) Zebra13,650.-
114409SUS304 Electric Urn 30cm. Extra (21.5 L) Zebra12,250.- 10,350.-
114526SUS304 Induction boiler Urn 26cm (14Litres) Zebra6,390.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Water container - Electrice pot

Model Product Price
hw-8333 liters of water, electric kitchen HouseWorth1,260.-
hw-8333 liters of water, electric kitchen HouseWorth1,230.-
hw-8555.5 liter water bottle electric touch House Worth1,355.-
ot-pt-388Electric air pot 3.8L - touch mode Otto1,045.-
shp-kp-a16sElectric pot 1.6 "Modernwave" Sharp750.-
im-BD 223Electric pot 2.2 Imarflex880.-
im-BD-223-GFElectric pot 2.2 Imarflex880.-
shp-kp-a28sElectric pot 2.8 "Modernwave" Sharp865.-
im-if-222Electric potg 3.2 L. Imarflex1,040.-
ot-pt-288flask touch 2.8 L Otto1,020.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Breakfast - bakery - Electronic Sandwich.

Model Product Price
hw-5in1GCombine baking 5in1 House Tamworth.1,269.-
im-BD-433Electronic Sandwich Imarflex495.-
mnx-sm1511Sandwich marker Moulinex980.-
nt-901-031-1Sandwich structures made of stainless steel version of the FR-21615.-
im-if-436Sangwich maker Imarflex450.-
ot-sw-012Sanwich maker Otto470.-
ot-sw-011Single sheet sanwich maker Otto410.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Tools - Emergency Light

Model Product Price
ck388Automatic emergency spotlight "mini"890.-
hw-FL036The multi-lamp LED 36 Houseworth.218.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Flateware - Enhancement set

Model Product Price
twf-92-08Coffee spoon "Enhancement" Twin Fish45.-
twf-92-23Dessert fork "Enhancement" Twin Fish69.-
twf-92-22Dessert spoon "Enhancement" Twin Fish69.-
twf-92-05Dinner fork 2.5mm "Enhancement" Twinfish69.-
twf-92-06Dinner knife 2.5mm "Enhancement" Twinfish210.-
tf-92-04Dinner spoon 2.5mm "Enhancement" Twinfish70.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container-buffet - Enter the dressing

Model Product Price
twf-SC-120Enter the dressing or sauce Twich Phil Beach.720.-
twf-SC-130Enter the dressing or sauce Twich Phil Beach.425.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Enter the Kitchen

Model Product Price
12forceps jar390.-
nl-nk03Plugged Spoon Coffee 3 Channel New Line.345.-
nl-nk05The plug of 2 channel New Line.345.-

Nonstick cookware - Nonstick pan - Eq-supersave

Model Product Price
eq170002Pan handle 24 cm EASY198.-
eq170003Pan handle 26 cm EASY226.-
eq170005Pan handle 28 cm EASY315.-
eq170004Pan handle 28 cm EASY255.-
eq170007Pan handle 28 cm EASY395.-
eq170006Pan handle 30 cm EASY355.-

Others - Enamel - Fancy tray

Model Product Price
cw27130Fancy tray 30 cm. Rabbit0.-
cw27135Fancy tray 35 cm. Crown86.-
cw27140Fancy tray 40 cm. Crown115.-
cw27145Fancy tray 45 cm. Crown160.-
cw27150Fancy tray 50 cm. Crown245.-
cw27160Fancy tray 60 cm. Crown373.-
mn27140Stainless steel tray with flower coating 40 cm.95.-

Melamineware - Fast two-color

Model Product Price
px-03-rb2075[bowl color] blue bowl 7.5 inches (sold dozen) Phoenix Color320.-
px-03-rb2075[mixing two colors] 7.5-inch bowl Pink (sold dozen) Phoenix Colo320.-
px-03-rb2075[mixing two colors] bowl 7.5 inches Green Phoenix320.-
px-03-rb208P[mixing two colors] bowl 8 inches Pink (sold dozen) Phoenix320.-
px-03-rb208G[mixing two colors] Green Bowl 8 inches (sold dozen) Phoenix320.-
px-03-rp108G[Plate Color] 8-inch plate Green Phoenix320.-
px-03-rp1895[Plate Color] 9.5-inch green plate (sold dozen) Phoenix320.-
px-03-rp1895[Plate Color] 9.5-inch pink plate (sold dozen) Phoenix320.-
px-03-rp109B[Plate Color] dish 9-inch blue (sold dozen) Phoenix320.-
px-03-rp1909[Plate Color] dish 9-inch blue rectangle with rounded corners (s320.-
px-03-rp109G[Plate Color] dish 9-inch green (sold dozen) Phoenix320.-
px-03-rp209G[Plate Color] dish 9-inch green leaves Phoenix320.-
px-03-rp209P[Plate Color] dish 9-inch pink lotus leaf (sold dozen) Phoenix320.-
px-03-rp1909[Plate Color] dish 9-inch rectangle with rounded corners Pink (s320.-
px-03-rp1895[Plate Color] orange plate 9.5 inches (sold dozen) Phoenix320.-
px-03-rp108P[Plate Color] pink plates 8 inches (sold dozen) Phoenix320.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - filter

Model Product Price
MP473Deep colander with handle 23 cm M. Vail299.-
MP474Deep colander with handle 26 cm M. Vail375.-
MP475Deep colander with handle 30 cm M. Vail440.-

Plastic - Plastic - Tools, Misc. - Filtering cone

Model Product Price
KEY-G9779LConical strainer with Big shaft Keyway.59.-
KEY-G9780MConical strainer with small shaft Keyway.52.-
tw-1014Filter cone 14 cm. Twinray30.-
tw-1020Filter cone 20 cm. Twinray60.-
tw-1026Filter cone 26 cm. Twinray84.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Fire this week.

Model Product Price
twf-torch-1Multipurpose torch Twinfish1,960.-
nt-507-001.5Thump 1.5 nano Tech975.-
nt-507-002Thump 2 nano Tech1,260.-

Glassware - Fish bowl

Model Product Price
hh-gf-12Fish bowl 12 inch Heng Heng (** not delivery)545.-
hh-gf-8Fish bowl 8 inch Heng Heng (** not delivery)275.-
hh-gf-9Fish bowl 9 inch Heng Heng (** not delivery)405.-

Brass - Fish hot pan

Model Product Price
sm-220-1Brass hot fish plate with stove2,510.-

Aluminum cookware - Fish hot plate

Model Product Price
su-205Dish Fish Big Superlauminum115.-
su-206Dish Fish small Superaluminum100.-
su-107Fish Hot plate stove legs superaluminum150.-
co-0101/0201Hot Fishpan with stand300.-
su-107+206Hot Fishpan with stand Superaluminum255.-
su-107+205Hot Fishpan with stand Superaluminum265.-
ar-pt7156pasa kit includes a set of barbecue with a fish arrow.250.-
su-301(1)Wood tao superaluminum.70.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Fish ladle

Model Product Price
nl-a10Frying seive 5 inches wooden handle Newline408.-
nl-a-10The fish fry scoop width 32 cm wooden handle Newline.278.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Flask bottle

Model Product Price
LL-hap7280.9 liter bottle of water, Lock & Lock.116.-
jc-52951 liter glass bottle with cap's BPA free J CP.140.-
LL-HAP730-pk1.2 liter bottle of water (4 pack) Lock & Lock.460.-
LL-HAP7301.2 liter bottle of water, Lock & Lock.138.-
pnp33191.2 liter water bottle BPA FREE pack of three cards (assorted co135.-
LL-HAP731-pk1.5 liter bottle of water (4 pack) Lock & Lock.500.-
LL-HAP7311.5 liter bottle of water, Lock & Lock.149.-
jc-5235550 ml bottle green head lock cover J CP.125.-
pnb546/2cBotter water 1.2 L pioneer45.-
jc-5294bottle 1250cc. BPA FREE J CP135.-
jc-5242-gbottle Superlook sport 1.2L150.-
jc-5242bottle Superlook sport 1.2L150.-
jc-2541bottle Superlook sport 650cc160.-
jc-2541-brbottle Superlook sport 650cc160.-
LL-hpl931Mixer bottle 470ml Lock&Lock102.-
pnp3309Pet 1.5 liter water jug Pioner Industrial55.-
pnp3310sPet 1.6 liter water jug Pioner Industrial60.-
pnp3311Pet 1.7 liter water jug Pioner Industrial70.-
sn-db-02PET water bottles 1 liter medium has wavy curve SN dragonware.45.-
sn-db-03PET water bottles 1 liter medium has wavy curve SN dragonware.45.-
LL-hpp721Sport water bottle 500 ml. Lock&Lock285.-
jj-8142Square bottle 1.25L JCJ57.-
jj-8143Square bottle 1.25L JCJ57.-
jj-8141Square bottle 1L JCJ57.-
jc-6128Tea filter bottle Superlock85.-
jc-5292gTritan 1.6 liter water bottles are BPA-FREE pour stopper (green)160.-
jc-5292bTritan 1.6 liter water bottles are BPA-FREE spigot water (blue),160.-
jc-5209water Ha ha Micronware32.-
jc-5225Water bottle 1.1L with cup Micronware34.-
jc-5236Water Bottle BPA free550 ml + Strap J CP.125.-
jj-8144Water bottle curve with cup69.-
jc-5224Water bottle with cup lid 1 L Micronware28.-
jc-5221Water bottle with cup lid 1L Micronware24.-
LL-hpp722Water sport bottle 700 ml.365.-

Wooden product - Flatware

Model Product Price
us-wu-s225/2David Cho spoon 22.5 cm. (1x6) USS -SL55.-
rp-4014Spoon 4.5x12.5 cm. Royal Porcelain50.-
rp-3820Spoon handle length 17 cm. Royal Porcelain68.-
rp-4021Stand chopsticks Royal Porcelain46.-
Brm-fs-1Wooden fork and spoon69.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Flatware box

Model Product Price
KEY-T102832 Layers Dinnerware Tray Keyway169.-
jw-8BH8 tablespoons washing basket box Jiwins525.-
us-wu-cb6Box Kitchen 10x10x16.5 cm USC -SL210.-
tp-yh-76-02Box with lid plastic chopsticks long pattern diamond Others27.-
ac-99-rcd-01Cutlery pattern drops 15 cm anchor.120.-
ac-99-rdc-17Cutlery pattern drops 17.5 cm anchor.125.-
KEY-T10282Cutlery tray Keyway.56.-
jc-5504Flatware box Micronware55.-
eq154efFlatware container45.-
jc-1197Flatware keeper Micronware50.-
sa881Flatware keeper Sahachai65.-
fg-tr-99Flatware keeping tray Figures250.-
fg-tr-99-1Flatware keeping tray Figures250.-
fl-TR01Flatware keeping tray Flowerware245.-
fl-TR01-grnFlatware keeping tray Flowerware245.-
ap100-1Flatware stainless steel box Apple95.-
fl-tr01-brwPut fork "brown" Flowerware245.-
jj-1194Silverware box containing three JCJ.49.-
cp-151028Small chopsticks SmartCook160.-
us-wu-cb12Spoon Chopstick Banana leaf plate 22 "Flowerware210.-
gg-dx-10Stainless Steel Chopsticks140.-
kp-p99-0140Stainless steel spoon basket65.-
spw-pl-M55rThe chopsticks, spoons red super Ware - Plastics240.-
spw-pl-M55bThe chopsticks, spoons, blue, super Ware - Plastics240.-
ms-12-01Thick chopsticks sus304760.-
PN831IcTray insert spoon Pioneer.75.-
da-wa-106Wooden box for flatware Billi315.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Cutter, cookie press - Flour cutter

Model Product Price
nl-c19Cut dough Newline130.-
twf-DS-1Cut dough with a wooden handle Twinfish99.-
cp-151233Cut Scaled SmartCook72.-
mt-E-08Dough cutter saving price45.-
twf-ds-3DOUGH CUTTER Twin Fish209.-
twf-DS-2Dough Cutting plastic handle Twinfish140.-
nl-c19Flour cutter Newline89.-
kct232Knife 26 cm parabolic mirror120.-
twf-ds-6S/S DOUGH CUTTER145.-
nl-nk-019The cut dough pieces round New Line165.-
ac501-34-01Wheat separator 9 cm has asquare stone brand20.-

Coffee-Bakery shop - Coffee-Bakery shop - Tools - Flour roler

Model Product Price
kc764Flour roler25.-
KC766Flour roler 10 incher102.-
da-wa-201-12Flour roller 12inches Daikyowa165.-
da-wa-201-09Flour Roller 9 inches Daikyowa150.-
cp141258Roler 12 inches SmartCook170.-
CP-N9Roler 9 inches SmartCook150.-
CP-N6Roler 9 inches SmartCook130.-
cp-mg-221Rolling pin 10.5"50.-
rc-wd1-19914Rolling pin 11.54.-
cp-mg-222Rolling pin 15.5"75.-
cp-mhg-45Rolling pin saving 10"80.-
cp-mgh-17Rolling pin saving 6"70.-
cp-mgh-37Rolling pin saving 8"90.-
ac501-87-05bThe Blue dough roller Anchor75.-
ac501-87-05gThe green dough roller Anchor75.-
ac501-87-05rThe Orange dough roller Anchor75.-

Plastic - Plastic - Laundy tools - Foggy

Model Product Price
pnb9066Foggy Pioneer45.-

Aluminum cookware - Foil

Model Product Price
ffs457.5a2slFoil food wrap 45cmx7.5m68.-
ffs307.5a2slFood wrapping foil 30 cm x7.5 mm.Star45.-

Furniture in HORECA - Foldable cart

Model Product Price
cm-uk5209Foldable shopping cart Camel520.-
ck5555Folding utility cart.565.-

Plastic - Plastic - Tools, Misc. - Folding Table Folding Table

Model Product Price
Key-rc-839Foldable chair -Large259.-
Key-rc-Or839Foldable chair -Large orange pad259.-
Key-RC-822Foldable chair -small175.-
Key-RC-Or822Foldable chair -small orange pad175.-
key-T0191-grFolding table is gray, 55x51.5x40 cm. Keyway430.-
key-T0501-orFolding table is orange, 55x51.5x40 cm. Keyway430.-
key-T0192-puFolding table is purple, 55x51.5x40 cm. Keyway430.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - Fondue pot

Model Product Price
ch-fd-4.5Fondue pot 4.5" CHR1,075.-
ch-fd-5-0Fondue pot 5" CHR1,200.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Food preparing - FOOD PROCESSOR

Model Product Price
mr1268Food processor mini baccarat4,300.- 3,895.-
TFL-DO222Food, that's - Electric4,450.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - food bowl.

Model Product Price
pn507/7nefood bowl 3000 ml. Pioneer250.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Food box

Model Product Price
key-g0222400cc round box set 2 PS-0222/2-Way Key35.-
key-LF01box with a rack 13 L keyway.180.-
key-LF04Box with key grid 4.2L Wayne.87.-
key-LF07Box with racks 0.8 L key way.55.-
key-LF06Box with racks 1.5 L key way.60.-
key-LF05Box with racks 2.6 L key way.72.-
key-LF03Box with racks 6.5 L key way.112.-
jj-1005Bread boxes 15x28x16 cm, JC, JCJ120.-
jc-6072bChef Box, Blue Box 4 / J-Series CP.60.-
jc-6072gChef Box, Green Box 4 / J CP series.60.-
jc-6072pChef Box, pink Box 4 / J CP series60.-
sa922Food Box Close Save Fresh 15.5 x 7.5 cm high Sahachai25.-
sa925Food Box Close Save Fresh 21.5 x 11 cm high Sahachai35.-
key-T-0914Food box with seive 1.1L Keyway45.-
key-g02273Food container 3 channels Pl-2273 Keyway78.-
jj-1436Food Keeper 1.6 Ե JCJ65.-
jj-1437Food Keeper 2.5 Ե JCJ120.-
jj-1438Food Keeper 2.6 Ե JCJ80.-
jj-1439Food Keeper 4 Ե JCJ85.-
jj-1440Food Keeper 5.4 Ե JCJ95.-
jc-5042Freshy food box 0.4L Micronware25.-
jc-5043Freshy food box 0.54L Micronware28.-
jc-5046Freshy food box 1.6L Micronware52.-
jc-5045Freshy food box 1L Classic shape Micronware47.-
jc-5044Freshy food box 1L Micronware33.-
jc-5047Freshy food box 2.7L Micronware68.-
jc-5048Freshy food box 6L Micronware135.-
jj-1442Lunch box Food Keeper 8.4 liter JCJ.105.-
eq200006pLunch box round cap's 2.3-liter pink pretty big queue.40.-
eq200006gLunch box round cap's 2.3-liter pink pretty big queue.40.-
eq200006oLunch box round cap's 2.3-liter pink pretty big queue.40.-
jc-DW5037Microban 2.5 liter microwave food boxes60.-
jc-dw5035Microban air tight box55.-
jc-dw5034Microban air tight box50.-
jc-dw5031Microban air tight box 0.45 L Micronware38.-
jc-dw5032Microban air tight box 0.66L Micronware40.-
jc-dw5033Microban air tight box 1.2L Micronware41.-
jc-dw5036Microban air tight box 2.68L Micronware56.-
jc-dw5038Microban air tight box 5.0 L Micronware90.-
jc-dw5039Microban air tight box 11.2 L Micronware175.-
jc-5038-s10Microban air tight boxes, 10pcs set Micronware350.-
KEY-PS1097Oval pantry 3 box Keyway45.-
rw0154Rice Pot (The Wild net) Reangwa40.-
key-k-930Round container with round seive 600cc Keyway39.-
KEY-G01223Rounded box break 3 columns.Keyway65.-
key-k13003Set of 3 square box PK-3003 Key Way39.-
key-k13002square box PK-3002 Series 2-Way Key39.-
key-k13004square box PK-3004 Series 4-Way Key39.-
sa971-1Square Food Box Lid Clear blue size 12x12x5.5 cm Union victory15.-
sa971-2Square Food Box Lid Clear blue size 14x14x6.5 cm Union victory17.-
sa971-3Square Food Box Lid Clear blue size 17x17x8 cm Union victory25.-
fg-8500Superseal 1.9 liter box, food Figures.55.-
fg-9500Superseal 4.7 liter box, food Figures.80.-
fg-m3011Superseal 0.8 liter box, food Figures.35.-
fg-m2011Superseal 1 liter box, food Figures.50.-
fg-m1011Superseal 1.4 liter box, food Figures.60.-
fg-9007Superseal 3.2 liter box, food Figures85.-
fg-m0011Superseal 3.7 liter box, food Figures.85.-
fg-9008Superseal 4.3 liter box, food Figures100.-
fg-9009Superseal 5.5 liter box, food Figures110.-
key-g20031Transparent octagonal box 300cc. 2 Set SP-0031 Key Way39.-
jj-1443ͧ Food Keeper 8.7 Ե JCJ105.-
key-LF02ͧ ç 9L 128.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Food carrier

Model Product Price
jc-2007Food carrier single tier Micronware94.-
350802Food carrier 10cm 2 Tier sun145.-
350803Food carrier 10cm 3 Tier sun176.-
cw50412Food carrier 12 cm 4 tiers Crown179.-
cw50512Food carrier 12 cm 5 tiers Crown202.-
350822Food carrier 12cm 2 Tier Sun160.-
350823Food carrier 12cm 3 Tier sun200.-
350824Food carrier 12cm 4 Tier sun250.-
sg350122Food carrier 12x2 Seagull280.-
rb51414Food carrier 14 cm 4 tiers Belly series Rabbit350.-
cl50414-3Food carrier 14 cm 4 tiers fresh vegetable Classicware505.-
cl50414-2Food carrier 14 cm 4 tiers Fruit fancy Classicware505.-
sg350144Food carrier 14 cm 4 tiers Seagull556.-
di-g114Food carrier 14 cm 4 tiers Thai design Diamond480.-
cw50514Food carrier 14 cm 5 tiers Crown270.-
350842Food carrier 14cm 2 Tier sun200.-
350843Food carrier 14cm 3 Tier sun280.-
cw50414Food carrier 14cm 4 Tier225.-
350844Food carrier 14cm 4 Tier sun320.-
cl50414Food carrier 14cm 4 Tiers Fruit basket Classicware505.-
350845Food carrier 14cm 5 tier Sun370.-
jc-2004Food carrier 14cm single tier Micronware110.-
350744Food carrier 14x4 Eagle head219.-
be-50416-1Food carrier 16 cm 4 and a half tiers Thai design-Katin Bee520.-
be-50416-2Food carrier 16 cm 4 and a half tiers Thai design-Pikul Bee475.-
jc-2005Food carrier 16 cm single tier Micronware111.-
350864Food carrier 16cm 4 Tier sun416.-
sl-A116Food carrier 16cm 4 Tier with Pikun design Seal485.-
350865Food carrier 16cm 5 Tier sun500.-
sg350183Food carrier 18cm 3 tier Seagull806.-
sg350184Food carrier 18x4 Seagull900.-
hw-fc-14-4-cFood carrier 4tiers - merit set225.-
eq530001Heat the pinto one 1 liter Aix queue215.-
eq530003Heat the pinto one 1 liter Aix queue275.-
eq530002Heat the pinto two 1.4 liter Aix queue241.-
hw-hp-610/3Pinto 14 cm 3 plastic floor Happyware Plastic.229.-
hw-hp-610/2Pinto 14 cm 3 plastic floor Happyware Plastic.229.-
hw-hp-610/1Pinto 14 cm 3 plastic floor Happyware Plastic.229.-
hw-hp-614/3Pinto 14 cm 3 plastic floor Happyware Plastic.135.-
hw-hp-610/4Pinto 14 cm 4 plastic floor Happyware Plastic.299.-
hw-hp-610/4-Pinto 14 cm 4 plastic floor Happyware Plastic.299.-
hw-hp-610/4-Pinto 14 cm 4 plastic floor Happyware Plastic.299.-
hw-hp-614/4Pinto 14 cm 4 plastic floor Happyware Plastic.170.-
hw-hp-614/5Pinto 14 cm 5 plastic floor Happyware Plastic.215.-
pn51414Pinto 14 cm chopsticks BUSABA550.-
150247Pinto 14x3 Smart Look Zebra655.-
9045-010Pinto 3-pin 14 cm layer zebra head210.-
pn9933bPinto 3-storey food store at Pioneer.800.-
hw-fc-14-3cPinto 3-storey three-color Happyware - plastic.160.-
150102sus304 Food carrier 10cm 2 Tier zebra310.-
150103sus304 Food carrier 10cm 3 Tier zebra399.-
150104sus304 Food carrier 10cm 4 Tier zebra480.-
150126sus304 Food carrier 12cm 2 tier and a half Zebra429.-
150122sus304 Food carrier 12cm 2 Tier zebra355.-
150123sus304 Food carrier 12cm 3 Tier zebra455.-
150124sus304 Food carrier 12cm 4 Tier zebra555.-
150142sus304 Food carrier 14cm 2 Tier zebra455.-
150143sus304 Food carrier 14cm 3 Tier zebra569.-
150144sus304 Food carrier 14cm 4 tier zebra680.-
150145sus304 Food carrier 14cm 5 Tier zebra799.-
150163sus304 Food carrier 16cm 3 Tier zebra689.-
150164sus304 Food carrier 16cm 4 tier zebra850.-
150165sus304 Food carrier 16cm 5 Tier zebra1,009.-
150183sus304 Food carrier 18cm 3 Tier zebra920.-
150184sus304 Food carrier 18cm 4 Tier zebra1,150.-
150185sus304 Food carrier 18cm 5 Tier zebra1,335.-
150248sus304 Smart lock food carrier 14x4cm Zebra815.-
hw-fc-14-4cTiffin 4 4 Happyware Plastic.210.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Noodle shop equipment - Food feeder/Oil filter

Model Product Price
ap109-2Food feeder-Large Apple54.-
ap109-1Food feeder-Small Apple48.-

Furniture in HORECA - Food items that are inserted sta

Model Product Price
twf-OH-20Food items that are inserted stainless steel.Twin Fish775.-
twf-OH-36Food items that are inserted stainless steel.Twin Fish1,425.-
twf-OH-48Food items that are inserted stainless steel.Twin Fish1,780.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - Food pan

Model Product Price
MP530A rectangular tub stainless steel M. Vail.450.-
PN251-1A small white, rectangular tray Pioneer125.-
f4-sai33x23Food bowl 23x32 cm S Four135.-
f4-sai43x28Food bowl 28x43 cm S Four310.-
341252Food Hero large deep sun559.-
cr22105Food pan 12 x 18 cm. Crocodile70.-
pn249Food pan 12x15" 2"deep Pionner75.-
cr22106Food pan 17.5x23.5 cm. Crocodile90.-
cr22107Food pan 20x26.5 cm. Crocodile79.-
cr22101Food pan 20x30cm. crocodile125.-
cr22102Food pan 24x40 cm. Shallow crocodile175.-
cr22151Food pan 24x40x7.5 cm. Deep crocodile180.-
pn248Food pan 9.5x13" 2"deep Pioneer55.-
141051Food pan cover 50 Cm Zebra549.-
sph-k105pFood pan draining 1/1 Deep Sphinx1,420.-
sph-k104pFood pan draining 1/1 standard Sphinx1,290.-
sph-k109pFood pan draining 1/2 Deep Sphinx999.-
sph-k108pFood pan draining 1/2 standard Sphinx845.-
sph-k110pFood pan draining 1/3 deep Sphinx765.-
sph-k111pFood pan draining 1/3 standard Sphinx655.-
sph-k112pFood pan draining 1/4 deep Sphinx588.-
sph-k113pFood pan draining 1/4 standard Sphinx545.-
mn20-03002-1Food Warmer stainless steel + plastic cover. Moonlight.278.-
ms-p-0201cGN pan (1/1) 10 cm. deep Masterware515.-
ms-p-0201EGN pan (1/1) Masterware234.-
ms-p-0202cGN pan (1/2) 10 cm. deep Masterware351.-
ms-p-0202bGN pan (1/2) 15 cm. deep Masterware468.-
ms-p-0202EGN pan (1/2) masterware153.-
ms-p-0203cGN pan (1/3) 10 cm deep Masterware328.-
ms-p-0203bGN pan (1/3) 15 cm deep Masterware422.-
ms-p-0203dGN pan (1/3) 6 cm. Masterware258.-
ms-p-0203eGN pan (1/3) Masterware129.-
ms-p-0204cGN pan (1/4) 10 cm. deep masterware277.-
ms-p-0204bGN pan (1/4) 15 cm. deep masterware355.-
ms-p-0204dGN pan (1/4) 6 cm.deep masterware190.-
ms-p-0204eGN pan (1/4) Masterware117.-
ms-p-0201bGN pan 1/1 - 15cm deep Masterware656.-
ms-p-0205dGN pan for food warmer (1/6) deep, 10 cm Mas ter ware.170.-
ms-p-0205cGN pan for food warmer (1/6) deep, 10 cm Mas ter ware.240.-
ms-p-0205bGN pan for food warmer (1/6) deep, 15 cm Mas ter ware.310.-
ms-p-0206dGN pan for food warmer (1/9) 6 cm deep. Masterware.160.-
ms-p-0206cGN pan for food warmer (1/9) deep, 10 cm Masterware.220.-
ms-p-0206eGN pan for food warmer (1/9) Mastertware.90.-
ms-p-0201dGN pan worth Food Warmer 1/1 cm.deep Masterware.445.-
ms-p-0202dGN pan(1/2) 6cm. deep Masterware328.-
bk22109hotcool box basket135.-
sph-k104bLid for food pan (1/1) 52cm Sphinx620.-
9014010Lid for food pan (1/1) 52cm Zebra1,365.-
sph-k108bLid for food pan (1/2) 32cm Sphinx385.-
9014000Lid for food pan (1/2) 32cm Zebra895.-
sph-k110bLid for food pan (1/3) 32cm Sphinx250.-
sph-k112bLid for food pan (1/4) 26cm Sphinx230.-
sph-k133bLid for food pan (1/6) 17cm Sphinx160.-
hw-dft32Saving Food pan 22x32 cm Happyware stainless115.-
mn222-2843Saving food pan 28x48x7cm Moon205.-
mn22135Saving Food pan 35 cm. Moonlight250.-
hw-dft45Saving Food pan 35x45 cm205.-
pf-t45357Saving food pan 35x45x7 cm pf150.-
mn22140Saving Food pan 40 cm. Moonlight310.-
mn22145Saving Food pan 45x31x8 cm. Moonlight360.-
pn251Serving tray 13x18" 1.5"deep Pionner120.-
sa443Square plastic insert tray United victory.70.-
kp-454Stainless steel food pan 43X38X7cm139.-
gg-e-40*30Stainless steel food stand with glass lid 30x40cm Gogo280.-
mp520SuperSave Food pan 11"x14" with seive M-well499.-
pf-T60407Supersave Food pan 40x60x7cm Perfect155.-
pf-t840307Supersave Rectangular tray 30x40x7 cm Perfect for105.-
141035sus304 classic Food pan 35 cm. zebra515.-
141040sus304 classic Food pan 40 cm. zebra640.-
141045sus304 classic Food pan 45 cm. zebra760.-
bp051sus304 Food curry pan 13" BP375.-
bp052sus304 Food curry pan 15" BP490.-
bp053sus304 Food curry pan 17" BP630.-
sph-k038sus304 Food pan 11" Sphinx340.-
130130sus304 Food pan 12" Zebra375.-
sph-k037sus304 Food pan 13" Sphinx469.-
sph-k036sus304 Food pan 15" Sphinx525.-
sph-k059sus304 Food pan 17" Sphinx659.-
sph-k051sus304 Food pan 19" Sphinx999.-
sph-k104sus304 std Food pan 1/1 standard Sphinx909.-
sph-k104sus304 std Food pan 1/1 standard Sphinx909.-
141150sus304 std Food pan (1/1) 52 cm zebra880.-
141150sus304 std Food pan (1/1) 52 cm zebra880.-
sph-k105sus304 std Food pan (1/1) 52cm (deep) sphinx1,040.-
sph-k105sus304 std Food pan (1/1) 52cm (deep) sphinx1,040.-
141250sus304 std Food pan (1/1) 52cm (deep) zebra1,110.-
141250sus304 std Food pan (1/1) 52cm (deep) zebra1,110.-
sph-k109sus304 std Food pan (1/2) 32 cm (Deep) Sphinx690.-
sph-k109sus304 std Food pan (1/2) 32 cm (Deep) Sphinx690.-
141232sus304 std Food pan (1/2) 32 cm (Deep) zebra660.-
141232sus304 std Food pan (1/2) 32 cm (Deep) zebra660.-
sph-k108sus304 std Food pan (1/2) 32cm Sphinx535.-
sph-k108sus304 std Food pan (1/2) 32cm Sphinx535.-
141132sus304 std Food pan (1/2) 32cm zebra565.-
141132sus304 std Food pan (1/2) 32cm zebra565.-
141134sus304 std Food pan (1/2) streaming 32cm zebra610.-
jg-pan13d-g2sus304 std Food pan (1/3) 32 cm (Deep) GradeB Jaguar330.-
sph-k111sus304 std Food pan (1/3) 32 cm (Deep) Sphinx496.-
sph-k111sus304 std Food pan (1/3) 32 cm (Deep) Sphinx496.-
sph-k110sus304 std Food pan (1/3) 32 cm (Shallow) Sphinx480.-
sph-k110sus304 std Food pan (1/3) 32 cm (Shallow) Sphinx480.-
sph-k113sus304 std Food pan (1/4) 26cm-Deep Sphinx382.-
sph-k113sus304 std Food pan (1/4) 26cm-Deep Sphinx382.-
sph-k112sus304 std Food pan (1/4) 26cm-shallow Sphinx310.-
sph-k112sus304 std Food pan (1/4) 26cm-shallow Sphinx310.-
sph-k134sus304 std Food pan (1/6) 17 cm Sphinx309.-
sph-k134sus304 std Food pan (1/6) 17 cm Sphinx309.-
sph-k133sus304 std Food pan (1/6) 17cm-shallow Sphinx250.-
sph-k133sus304 std Food pan (1/6) 17cm-shallow Sphinx250.-
141152sus304 std Food pan for streaming (1/1) 52 cm zebra990.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - Food pan with holes

Model Product Price
sph-k105pFood pan draining 1/1 Deep Sphinx1,420.-
sph-k104pFood pan draining 1/1 standard Sphinx1,290.-
sph-k109pFood pan draining 1/2 Deep Sphinx999.-
sph-k108pFood pan draining 1/2 standard Sphinx845.-
sph-k110pFood pan draining 1/3 deep Sphinx765.-
sph-k111pFood pan draining 1/3 standard Sphinx655.-
sph-k112pFood pan draining 1/4 deep Sphinx588.-
sph-k113pFood pan draining 1/4 standard Sphinx545.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Food seive

Model Product Price
cp-100873Fried wooden handle 4.25 inches ZH-561 SmartCook149.-
cp-61388Frying sieve 20 cm CP Craig.220.-
nl-s-235lap stainless steel deep shaft is 6.5 "New Line599.-
cp-101139Roughly 15 cm folding colander food handle SmartCook.120.-
cp-101146Roughly 18 cm folding colander food handle SmartCook.140.-
nl-b15Roughly a sieve wooden handle 10.5 cm New Line.389.-
nl-s231/1Sieve boiled ramen shaft size S 9.5 cm New Line.362.-
nl-ss-005Suki sieve 8 cm wide model. New Line.145.-
nl-b45The Noodle small Newline.289.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Food server for to-go bag

Model Product Price
mt-f02Food server for togo bag99.-

Furniture in HORECA - Food standing counter

Model Product Price
ms-05-1600Food shop station 1.6m25,500.-
MS-09-150Noodle shop stand sus304 1.5m34,500.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - Food storage

Model Product Price
ff-sf216Carrying pots of food. Two storey split with the 1.8 liter Aix q370.-
eq140006Carrying pots of food. Two storey split with the 1.9 liter Aix q395.-
eq140007Carrying pots of food. Two storey split with the 1.9 liter Aix q430.-
ff-sf220Carrying pots of food. Two storey split with the 2 liter Aix q415.-
184151Food storage 12-16 cm. Zebra352.-
184106Food storage 12-18 cm. Zebra487.-
eq140011Pot handle . EQ chef145.-
f4-handpan2.Pot handle 15 cm F 4425.-
bf-ET081Thermo Carrier 2L Buffalo1,819.-
bf-ET095Thermo Carrier 5L Buffalo3,790.-
152421Vacuum food storage 1.5 L Zebra578.-
152411Vacuum food storage 1L Zebra450.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Food Storage Bags

Model Product Price
key-t09968bag size L 9 pieces per pack key Way55.-
key-tt9869bag size M 13 pieces per pack key Way55.-
key-tt9970bag size S 16 pieces per pack Wayne key55.-
key-t09871There is a drawstring bag size L 8 pieces per pack key Wayne55.-
key-t09872There is a drawstring bag size M 10 pieces per pack key Way55.-
key-t09873There is a drawstring bag size S 12 pieces per pack key Way55.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Tong - Food Tong

Model Product Price
tw-331Bakery tong 09 inches Twin Ray48.-
tw-332Bakery tong 12 inches Twin Ray60.-
tw-333Bakery tong 15 inches Twin Ray70.-
ac055-21-71Cake tong 7.5" Anchore48.-
tw-311Cake tong 8" Twinrays30.-
ac055-21-69Cake tong 9.5" Anchore48.-
ac055-22-80Cube sugar tong, ginger tong (Dozen price) Anchores75.-
fs50116Food tong 16"49.-
ac055-21-82Japan creep 9 inches long, 3 vertical holes. Anchore.58.-
ac055-21-81Japan tong 12 inches long, three vertical holes. Anchore62.-
ac055-21-77Korean anchor clamp 10-inch hole58.-
ac055-21-76Korean anchor clamp 12-inch hole65.-
ac055-21-79Korean anchor clamp 7-inch hole42.-
ac055-21-78Korean anchor clamp 9-inch hole50.-
eq160060Multipurpose Tong 8.5" set pack of 690.-
191367Pizza Tong "Image" Zebra200.-
191368Salad Tong Image series Zebra225.-
ac055-24-01Spaghetti straps anchor59.-
191365Spaghetti Tong "Image" Zebra245.-
us-dt-27The 10-inch cubed buns USC -SL59.-
kc869The clamp 10-inch silicone green leaves M. Vail115.-
mn-20-06059The clamp 23cm.30.-
kc868The clamp 9-inch silicone green leaves M. Vail99.-
ep-sr2The clamp head leaves to 10.5 inches (Per dozen) elephant222.-
twf-UT-1The clamp-purpose food Twin Fish199.-
us-pt-10The Korea grapples with a hole 10 inches US -SL65.-
us-pt-5The Korea grapples with holes 5 inches US -SL30.-
us-pt-9The Korea grapples with holes 9 inches USC -SL50.-
twf-spt-1The line clamp Spa Getty Twin Fish.200.-
key-tt3665The texture grip, stainless steel K-3665 Key Way175.-
cp-58009TONG a block SmartCook.120.-
kc895TONG HEAD 9 in United Mana - General.180.-

Food equipment - Food warmer

Model Product Price
nt-901-039Food warmer DH-827 Nanotech 66x47x61cm5,469.-

Food equipment - Food warmer - warm light

Model Product Price
901-039-4.1Dual light warmer set4,700.-
nt-901-039-4Light warmer with heater stand8,250.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container-buffet - Food warmer buffet set

Model Product Price
240003"Chef" food warmer dual pan3,615.-
240004"Chef" Food warmer set - large Zebra3,265.-
240020"Chef" Food warmer set-small2,240.-
140002"Extra" Food warmer large set 50 cm. zebra8,110.-
140250"Prima" Food warmer set - Large Zebra4,750.-
240010"Smart Chef 1" Food warmer small set zebra2,420.-
240006"Smart Chef 2" Food warmer set - large Zebra3,480.-
240011"Smart Chef 2" Food warmer set - small Zebra2,605.-
140000"Smart1" Food warmer large set 50 cm. zebra4,625.-
34085050 cm large food bowl set sun2,580.-
mn-foodgl1A small glass lid and heated in a 30 cm moon155.-
908400Alcohol cup for food warmer set430.-
twf-FH-1Alcohol put HALL austenitic stainless.239.-
pg5-06-01-00Alocohol fuel "Lava" 14kgs1,780.-
tp-alhAlocohol fuel cup (pack of 50) Others144.-
240660Double soup station Zebra3,950.-
901-039-4.1Dual light warmer set4,700.-
192159Food warmer "IMAGE" (Sphere shape) zebra3,975.-
ms-gs-0180bFood warmer set4,333.-
ms-gs-0181bFood warmer set4,333.-
ff-sa702Food warmer set1,794.-
192139Food warmer set 36 cm. "Oval shape" zebra3,990.-
131222Food warmer set 14 inches Zebra695.-
140688Food Warmer set 50 cm. Prima Electric Zebra7,690.-
ms-gs-0156aFood warmer set round4,150.-
ms-gs-0156bFood warmer set round3,910.-
ff-sb702Food warmer set round1,625.-
ms-gs-0156bkFood warmer set round Willy silver Masterware4,659.-
ms-gs-0153aFood warmer set Willy5,731.-
ms-gs-0153bFood warmer set Willy5,544.-
140232Food warmer small set 32 cm. zebra3,254.-
140690Heating unit Food set Zebra2,750.-
mn-foodgl2Hornillas y tapa de vidrio de 40 cm. Moonlight.250.-
us-bf-2435Large Single Sink with Hook1,830.-
nt-901-039-4Light warmer with heater stand8,250.-
131102Oval food warmer set 14" Zebra568.-
kf-ioc92Premium Square Sink with Shock Absorber # 322-25,250.-
us-bf-2475Round Basin USS-SL Hook2,020.-
kf-1rc6Round Hot Water Tank with Chokes # 3214,690.-
140662Set Classic 6 liter tub soup. Zebra4,600.-
340802Set food round Sun Z.1,120.-
340801Set food round 28 cm Sun Z.1,665.-
140031Set food basin heated round CLASSIC. Zebra3,213.-
184214The good, heated windshield MS zebra head630.-
jg-warm1Warmer lamp for food warmer set Jaguar150.-
ms-gs-0153bkWilly silver warming basin, large sink, magnifier glass5,670.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Food waste bin.

Model Product Price
KEY-T65007Food Scrap Bucket.Keyway175.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Flateware - Fork & Spoon

Model Product Price
pg455-020-472 mm fork pattern Regency (piece) Penguin stainless105.-
tp-jung15Big Spoon Set 6 pairs of "Guanbao Blue Print" Four F.55.-
3s-FK1Cutlery Set Black-Gold 3S450.-
cook-24-45Cutlery stainless steel trim 24 (per dozen), seal Cook260.-
cook-36-45Cutlery stainless steel trim 36 (per dozen), seal Cook265.-
Eg915Fork and spoon 2 mm Fansy mark thick 6 pairs Egret125.-
jg00102Fork and spoon 0.6 mm 12 pairs Jaguar60.-
300900Fork and spoon 0.8mm set 12 pairs sun110.-
jg706/6Fork and spoon 1.2mm 12 pairs Jaguar160.-
jg707/5Fork and Spoon 1.5 mm "orange club" Zebra125.-
jg707/4Fork and spoon 1.5 mm blooming 6 pairs Lilly medium Jaguar125.-
twf-58-04&05Fork and spoon 2 mm "Chimera" Twinfish55.-
jg707/73Fork and Spoon 2 mm "Cross" 6 pairs Jaguar125.-
f4-sp-2m-1Fork and Spoon 2 mm "Diana" 6 pairs Anchore175.-
jg707/66Fork and Spoon 2 mm "Isabelle" 6 pairs Jaguar125.-
f4-sp-2m-21Fork and Spoon 2 mm "Moonriver" 6 pairs F4175.-
jg707/2Fork and Spoon 2 mm "rays" 6 pairs Jaguar125.-
jg707/7Fork and Spoon 2 mm "roman" 6 pairs Jaguar125.-
jg707/21Fork and Spoon 2 mm "Single rose" 6 pairs Jaguar125.-
jg707/20Fork and Spoon 2 mm "slimmer basic" 6 pairs Jaguar125.-
twf-35-04&05Fork and spoon 2 mm "Spawn" Twinfish60.-
jg-707/22Fork and spoon 2 mm blooming Fish 6 pairs Jaguar125.-
jg707/3Fork and spoon 2 mm blooming roses 6 pairs Jaguar125.-
jg707/27Fork and spoon 2 mm blooming water 6 pairs Jaguar125.-
Eg921Fork and spoon 2 mm set 6 pair Egret125.-
tf-503-0405Fork and spoon 2.5 mm "Chorus" Twinfish380.-
191801Fork and Spoon 2.5 mm "Image" 6 pairs zebra780.-
twf-527-0405Fork and spoon 2.5 mm "The Grand" Twinfish280.-
tf-529-0405Fork and Spoon 2.5 mm (per set) "Hammer" Zebra380.-
198006Fork and Spoon 2mm "Classic" 6 pairs Zebra315.-
jg707/10Fork and spoon basic 2mm 6 pairs Jaguar230.-
kp-p99-0012Fork and spoon set 2mm (Dozen price)210.-
eq160080Spoon - Stainless Steel Forks260.-
jg-k706/12Spoon 0.45 mm 12 pairs Blue-bird Hua Chang65.-
100020Spoon 0.8 mm. This flat 12 pair of Zebra120.-
eq-h02Spoon 1.5mm smooth edge (Pack Spoon + Fork pack) EQ chef110.-
eq-h03Spoon 1.5mm smooth edge (Pack Spoon + Fork pack) EQ chef120.-
pg455-020-47Spoon 2 mm Lai Regency (per pair) Penguin stainless215.-
pg455-020-47Spoon 2 mm Lai Regency (piece) Penguin stainless80.-
f4-s08102&3Spoon 2 mm pattern Guanbao (per pair) Others47.-
pg-scandiaSpoon 2 mm pattern Scandia (per pair) Penguin stainless60.-
pq-prsaSpoon 2 mm Pisa pattern (stripe) per pair Penguin stainless55.-
jg707/77Spoon 2 mm stripes Cora Young Jaguar Sun 6.125.-
f4-f-v032Spoon 2 mm. Special (1) F4400.-
jg707/75Spoon 2 mm. Special design Free Member (1) jaguar.285.-
jg707/24Spoon 2 mm. Special designs Nicole (who nourishment) (1) jaguar.285.-
jg707/19Spoon 2 mm. Special pattern Sofia (1) jaguar.285.-
jg707/57Spoon 2 mm. Special Pearl (1) jaguar..655.-
100009Spoon and fork pattern "Water Drop" Zebra (dozen)145.-
eq160058Spoon eggs box of 6 pairs of 1.8mm this queue ever85.-
eq160063Spoon Stainless Steel Blue queue.120.-
jg707/70Spoon thickness 2.5 mm. This Victoria (per dozen) Jaguar679.-

Plastic - Accessary - Fork and spoon

Model Product Price
PN1011X6-P146 fruit fork stabbing a 6-Pioneer Industrial45.-
rw0021coffee spoon disposable packs of 100. Reangwa35.-
key-sf-0112Cutleryplastic Pack of 12 pairs Keyway32.-
rw 0044Fork stab fruit 80 p. Reangwa35.-
fr-458aFruit Fork dozen boxes for me Fresh ware.17.-
tc-78798Set Fruit Fork birds on branches, DC50.-
SLP-AC444Soup spoon To go (100 pcs pack) Microfreez47.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - French Fried spoon

Model Product Price
twf-sfs-1The dip and potato chips in stainless.1,120.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Beverage equipment - Fresh milk jug

Model Product Price
mp71412 ounce frothing pitcher360.-
mp71212 ounce frothing pitcher290.-
nt-905-004-1Cup milk stainless steel Nanotech Coatings 400 CC.279.-
ac043-32-12Milk jug 2 oz Anchores55.-
us-sp-1000Stainless steel jug 1000 ml / 34 oz USC -SL415.-
us-sp-150Stainless steel jug 150 ml / 5 oz USC -SL160.-
us-sp-1500Stainless steel jug 1500 ml / 50 oz USC -SL515.-
us-sp-250Stainless steel jug 250 ml / 8.5 oz USC -SL200.-
us-sp-600Stainless steel jug 600 ml / 20 oz USC -SL290.-

Food equipment - Frier - gas system

Model Product Price
nt-901-016Frier gas system - double bowl8,590.-
nt-901-015Frier gas system - single head5,390.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Frozen Wine Bin.

Model Product Price
MP5356 QT Stainless Steel Wine Cooler330.-
pn6039Bin Frozen Wine Pioneer70.-
eq200041gLarge ice bucket 24 cm high, 21 cm green pretty big queue.60.-
eq200041OLarge ice bucket 24 cm high, 21 cm orange pretty big queue60.-
eq200041bLarge ice bucket 24 cm high, 21 cm orange pretty big queue60.-
pn677Tank capacity 5.3 liters of wine Pioneer85.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Fruit basket

Model Product Price
sa521Fruit carton 36.5x58x32cm Sahachai295.-
sa515Net carton high shape 37.5 x 56.5 x 31cm Sahachai290.-
sa516Net carton short model 37.5 x 56.5 x 16cm Sahachai215.-

Furniture in HORECA - Fruit display

Model Product Price
LN-N-103-sFruit display showcase 28x92x31cm2,600.-

Cutlery - Fruit knife

Model Product Price
100230"Santoko" Fruit peeling knife 5" Zebra65.-
pf-w-1988Economical fruit knife with sheath Perfect c.30.-
pf-w-1988Economical fruit knife with sheath Perfect c.30.-
jga1604Fruit knife 4" Jaguar22.-
jg-ac4Fruit knife 4" with cover Jaguar55.-
jg-a12Fruit knife 5" plastic handle Jaguar16.-
kw511Fruit knife 5" plastic handle Kiwi30.-
kw501Fruit knife sharp edge Kiwi35.-
vk-351-wFruit Knife, wood handle 4.5 "Viking29.-
cp-100774The peel fruit handle SL Smartcook.29.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container-buffet - Fruit tray

Model Product Price
132322Fruit tray 21 cm Zebra240.-
132331Fruit tray 31 cm Zebra450.-
sph-k031Fruit tray 7.5" Sphinx160.-
sph-k032Fruit tray 8.5" Sphinx180.-
sph-k033Fruit tray 9.5" Sphinx190.-
sl-t136Fruit tray lotus petal (gold) 36 cm. Seal550.-
sl-lt-tr-36Fruit tray lotus petal (silver) 36 cm. Seal485.-

Aluminum cookware - Fry pan

Model Product Price
cr11130Aluminum Pan 30cm with handle Crocodile255.-
eq170010Deep frying pan handle on the Hard Anodized 30 cm Aix queue.480.-
fb11118Fly pan No. 18 Fish brand286.-
cr11125Fry pan 25cm crocodile205.-
cr11133Fry pan 33cm crocodile239.-
cr11135Fry pan 35cm crocodile265.-
su-4233Fry pan No. 14 (13" diameter) Super220.-
fb11114Fry pan No. 14 (13" diameter)Fishbrand163.-
su-4244Fry pan No. 15 (14" diameter) Super210.-
fb11115Fry pan No. 15 (14" diameter)Fishbrand195.-
su-4255Fry pan No. 16 (15" diameter) Super235.-
fb11116Fry pan No. 16 (15" diameter)Fishbrand230.-
fb11113Fry pan no.13 Fishbrand142.-
ar-al-111-10Pan Handle Aluminium No. 10 Arrows130.-
ar-al-111-13Pan Handle Aluminum arrows 13145.-
ar-al-111-14Pan Handle Aluminum No. 14 Arrows169.-
ar-al-111-15Pan Handle Aluminum No. 15 Arrows195.-
ar-al-111-17Pan Handle Aluminum No. 17 Arrows245.-

Food equipment - Fryer

Model Product Price
ws-WFT-4Fried food machine 4 L Wise Promotion.5,400.-
ws-WFT-8Fried food machine 8 L Wise Promotion.6,350.-
nt-ZL-1Fried Machine 5.5L 2200w Nanotech2,870.-
nt-fr-552EFry machine 5.5L dual bowl NT4,290.-
nt-fr-551EFry machine 5.5L Nt2,445.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Funnel

Model Product Price
kct753Conical stainless 9 cm.110.-
kct752Conical stainless steel 7 cm.85.-
KCT711Oil feeder 12 cm with removable filter250.-
mp452Oil feeder 14 cm with removable filter180.-
mp454Oil feeder 18 cm with removable filter222.-
KCT712SL with a removable filter cone 15 cm M. Vail.300.-
mt-GL005-10Stainless steel feeder 10" MT275.-
mt-GL005-12Stainless steel feeder 12" MT350.-
mt-GL005-5Stainless steel feeder 5" MT125.-
mt-GL005-6Stainless steel feeder 6" MT165.-
mt-GL005-7Stainless steel feeder 7" MT185.-
mt-GL005-8Stainless steel feeder 8" MT200.-
mt-GL005-9Stainless steel feeder 9" MT220.-
mp078Stainless steel feeder Diameter 16cm. M-Well190.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Garlic crusher

Model Product Price
kc200Garlic crusher Prochef195.-
kc208Garlic knob United Mana - General.165.-
pst-50690-CGarlic press Prestige356.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Garlic keeping box

Model Product Price
jj-1114Garlic keeping basket JCJ50.-
jc-5138Spice box Micronware32.-

Gas stove - Gas igniter

Model Product Price
kc222Gas igniter Hirano Giken590.-
tp-gas2Gas stove point Standard pipe version.90.-
twf-SIG-22Long gas gun Twinfish.930.-
f4-bomb88point gas model 88 F4.35.-
nt-507-003Restaurants that burn gas, adjust the speed at Nano Tech.370.-
tp-gas1The gas gun. The extra long hose KitchenwareM105.-

Gas stove - Gas regulator

Model Product Price
ha-sa-4High pressure gas regulator for LPG Hanaya340.-
nt-031-196SEHigh pressure gas regulator with safety stop449.-
ha-sa-5tHight pressure gas regulator for LPG Hanaya240.-
ha-sa-1aLow pressure gas regulator "brass nozzle"Hanaya175.-
ha-hb-305tLow pressure gas regulator Hanaya255.-
ha-hb-305sLow pressure gas regulator with safety button Hanaya490.-
ha-505LLow pressure gas regulator with timer+safety Hanaya1,600.-
ha-sa-1-safeLow pressure regulator with safety button340.-

Food equipment - Gas rice cooker

Model Product Price
sh-gr10LAutomatic Gas rice cooker 10L Sunshine6,089.-
di-RR50aAutomatic Gas rice cooker Fujimaru5,830.-
ot-rg-186LPG Automatic rice cooker 10L Otto4,950.-
LF-LR-55aRice Cooker Gas System 10 L.6,220.-
dy-df-10LRice Cooker Gas System 10 L.5,423.-
RN-rr-55aRice Cooker with 10 liters rinnai6,220.-

Gas stove - Gas stove-Double head

Model Product Price
ha-KS-2000Dual head gas stove standard Hanaya2,315.-
nt-2162ITDual-head gas stove turnbo&infrared3,500.-
ha-KS-22TSFDual-head Gas stove with turbo head Hanaya2,320.-
eb-g-229aGas stove dual-head Removable enamel top Elbatop2,220.- 1,890.-
ot-gs-852Gas stove dual-head Supersaving price Otto790.- 690.-
ot-gs-882gas stove in the double header otto1,190.-
ot-gs-858gas stove in the double header otto1,690.-
ot-gs-872Gas stove Stenbeck, head-on double otto870.-
bgm-s2KB5 Double head16,500.-
mc-01-05Kettle KB5 Double head set over counter3,078.-
ha-at4/2Stove top with Phosphate Hanaya4,200.-

Gas stove - Gas stove-single head

Model Product Price
ot-gs-881Infrared gas store otto605.-
hw-igs04qInfrared gas stove bbq 3-in-1 HouseWorth.1,320.-
mc-01-04KB5 Single head set1,368.-
ha-KS-1000TSSingle-head gas stove "Turbo head" Hanaya1,110.-
ha-KS-1000Single-head gas stove Hanaya1,100.-
ot-gs-871Single-head gas stove Stenbeck single otto440.-
LF-at-111Single-Sided Single-Sided Headlamp with Lucky Frame1,250.-

Gas stove - Gas tank

Model Product Price
mc-06-01Compact gas cylinder 1 KG with windscreen Micro(** not delivery)1,625.-
mc-06-01.1Compact gas cylinder 1 KG with windscreen Micro(** not delivery)1,625.-


Model Product Price
LF-gwh-50gGAS WATER HEATER LuckyFlame6,390.-

Others - Others - Books - General dessert recipe

Model Product Price
ma-a-018Custard recipe Maeban27.-
ma-a-015Dep fried banana27.-
ma-a-022Gift Jelly Maeban54.-
ma-a-024Grass Jelly27.-
ma-a30018Japanese&French Crepe Maeban180.-
ma-a-013Patonko for professionals.27.-
ma-c-001Steamed rice-skin dumplings54.-
ma-a-027Stuffed cripsy54.-
ma-a-021Sweet egg&dumplings in coconut cream27.-
ma-a-019Tan Dessert27.-
ma-a-023Thai sweetmeat27.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Chinese ladle - General dipper

Model Product Price
pst-55301(Progrip 2) Ladle Ladle Prestige - Prestige.441.-
ff-si306Chinese chef Dipper wooden handle wooden handle 4.5 inches Fofo105.-
jg-k731-3Chinese ladle 2.25" holdthrough handle (per doz.) Jaguar125.-
tp-CL2.5Chinese ladle 2.5" Butterfly35.-
192060Chinese ladle 3" Image Zebra173.-
192066Chinese ladle 3" Smart Zebra197.-
105207Chinese ladle 3.2" zebra89.-
192061Chinese Ladle 3.5 inches Image series Zebra136.-
192065Chinese Ladle 3.5 inches Prima Zebra88.-
105256Chinese ladle 3.5" Deep Image II Zebra170.-
105209Chinese ladle 3.5" zebra105.-
sg350310Chinese ladle 4" Seagull150.-
105210Chinese ladle 4" zebra144.-
105310Chinese ladle 4" zebra155.-
190132Chinese ladle 5" wooden handle "Magic Hichrome" zebra240.-
105313Chinese ladle 5" wooden handle zebra270.-
105314Chinese ladle 5" Zebra260.-
105323Chinese ladle 5.5" zebra295.-
ac066-51-53Chinese ladle 6" wooden handle Anchore300.-
105315Chinese ladle 6" wooden handle zebra325.-
105215Chinese ladle 6" zebra320.-
ac066-51-54Chinese ladle 7" wooden handle Anchore309.-
192059Chinese Ladle Image series Zebra138.-
kc824Chinese ladle XL 5" M-Well475.-
kc823Chinese ladle XL 5.5" M-Well490.-
bp1072Dipper bakelite handle 3" BP35.-
bp1042Dipper bakelite handle 3.25" BP49.-
bp1041Dipper bakelite handle 3.75" BP65.-
bp1040Dipper bakelite handle 4.5" BP99.-
co-fl-w4Dipper handle 4 inch wooden cow55.-
ot-002Dipper handle Black 4.5 "lotus leaf60.-
f4-s213-10Dipper Harbour 10 F. Four 5.25-inch.135.-
ff-si308Dipper wooden 5-inch chef China Fofo115.-
bp1051Dipper wooden handle 4 "blade Bodhi75.-
ff-si310Dipper wooden handle 5.5-inch chef China Fofo125.-
ff-si312Dipper wooden handle 6-inch chef China Forex.135.-
kc838Giant Dipper stainless length 76 cm M. Vail.650.-
ac066-48-40Korea Dipper handle 4 inch anchor.60.-
105233Krabwi 3.5 "Focus on zebra95.-
105254Ladle 3 "Image III Zebra119.-
192063Milk Server "Image" Zebra158.-
jg-k7311-6x4Turner 6 inch length 40 cm.282.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Ladle - General ladle

Model Product Price
pst-55300-c(Progrip 2) Regular turner Turner Prestige - Prestige.425.-
pst-55329-c(Progrip2) Pieces kitchen gadget Prestige.2,022.-
kc821Chinese Chef turner 4.75" M-well425.-
kc820Chinese Chef turner 5" M-well438.-
pst-55328-cKitchen Tool Set 6 pieces.2,022.-
184085Ladle zebra suit guests Turner IMAGE lll.164.-
104011Ladle-medium "Image" II Zebra138.-
192040Ladle-medium "Image" Zebra138.-
ff-si301No.01 Turner cooks Chinese wooden handle 5.5 inches Fofo.129.-
ff-si302No.02 Turner Chinese chef shaft 5 inches Fofo.109.-
ff-si303No.03 Turner cooks Chinese wooden handle 4.5 inches Fofo.99.-
104108Turner "Focus" Zebra82.-
bp1060Turner - large (4.5") bakelite handle BP69.-
104211Turner - Large size - bakelite handle zebra175.-
sg304310Turner - medium - wooden handle Seagull114.-
104210Turner - medium size - bakelite handle zebra140.-
104008Turner - small bakelite handle zebra56.-
sg304210Turner -Medium ҧ104.-
104007Turner -small "Advance" Zebra54.-
104008Turner -small "Focus" Zebra56.-
sg304009Turner -small Seagull41.-
jg-k7111-6x3Turner 6 inch length of 45 cm.225.-
jg-k7111-6x4Turner 6 inches long, 50 cm252.-
bek-ks5-sp-5Turner central core "Lux" Bekco80.-
ot-001Turner central shaft black lotus leaf.60.-
ac065-48-10Turner Korea 4 inch shaft anchor55.-
104004Turner medium "Advance" Zebra83.-
f4-f-i201-2Turner No. 1 to EF 5 inch wide groove Four135.-
f4-f-i201-1Turner No. 1 to EF 5.5 inch wide groove Four145.-
f4-f-i201-3Turner No. 3 to EF 4.5 inch wide groove Four125.-
kc839Turner Stainless Steel giant long 80 cm M. Vail.650.-
ac065-50-14Turner, wood handle - extra large anchor250.-
ac065-50-12Wooden handle turner - Large Anchores140.-
ac065-50-13Wooden handle turner - medium Anchores82.-
bp1000Wooden handle turner - medium BP55.-
104310Wooden handle turner - medium zebra147.-
104311Wooden turner-Large Zebra185.-

Plastic - Storage, box - General usage box

Model Product Price
da-hh-461/1s1 box drawer, one small door to the first floor pink Kyowa195.-
da-hh-461/1s1 box drawer, one small door to the first floor white Kyowa195.-
da-hh-706A3, the versatile camera - chewing - that.490.-
da-hh-706-GrA3, the versatile camera - chewing - that.490.-
da-hh-706-whA3, the versatile camera - chewing - that.490.-
da-hh-706-yeA3, the versatile camera - chewing - that.490.-
da-hh-706-blA3, the versatile camera - chewing - that.490.-
da-hh-704-yeA3, the versatile camera - chewing - that.325.-
da-hh-704-piA4, the versatile camera - chewing - that.325.-
da-hh-704-blA4, the versatile camera - chewing - that.325.-
da-hh-704-grA4, the versatile camera - chewing - that.325.-
da-hh-704-whA4, the versatile camera - chewing - that.325.-
jj-5121Box 5 liter white.105.-
key-g10021BOX Key West Valley UT-21.100.-
key-g10031BOX Key West Valley UT-31.130.-
key-g100138BOX Key West Valley UT-38.206.-
jc-6651Box Micron Container 10 L Micronware135.-
jc-6658Box Micron Container 10.5 L Micronware130.-
jc-6655Box Micron Container 110 L Micronware490.-
jc-6656Box Micron Container 16 L Micronware155.-
jc-6652Box Micron Container 24 L Micronware155.-
jc-6653Box Micron Container 40 L Micronware275.-
jc-6657Box Micron Container 6 L Micronware95.-
jc-6654Box Micron Container 62 L Micronware395.-
jj-5123Box size 27x39x24 cm, JC, J..180.-
jj-5122Box size 28.3x38.3x14.2 cm, JC, J..160.-
jc-K77Cartons, magazines Micronware105.-
pn339/1cEar lock box 12.5 liters Pioneer.245.-
jj-5115Flat caps lock boxes under the bed with wheels 100L JC J.420.-
jj-5111Flat caps lock boxes under the bed with wheels 15L JC J.195.-
jj-5118Flat caps lock boxes under the bed with wheels 30L JC J.350.-
jj-5112Flat caps lock boxes under the bed with wheels 30L JC J.285.-
jj-5113Flat caps lock boxes under the bed with wheels 50L JC J.330.-
jj-5114Flat caps lock boxes under the bed with wheels 80L JC J.385.-
key-G90001Handle Box TL-001 Handle85.-
key-G90002Handle Box TL-002 Keyway67.-
un-49101-3Mini Box Pok big Uniware35.-
un-49100Mini Box Pok big Uniware.35.-
jc-2547Multi-purpose box 100L Micronware490.-
un-k300Multi-purpose box 15L "K-300" Uniware147.-
jc-2513Multi-purpose box 28L Micronware220.-
un-k400Multi-purpose box 30L "K-400" Uniware189.-
un-k600Multi-purpose box 50L "K-600" Uniware274.-
jc-2514Multi-purpose box 50L Micronware289.-
pn3020Multi-purpose box 60L Pioneer580.-
un-k1000Multi-purpose box 90L "K-1000" Uniware440.-
un-k1200Multi-purpose box-110L "K-1200" Uniware503.-
un-k1500Multi-purpose box-135L "K-1500" Uniware708.-
sn-732Patty box with lid SN drgonware.94.-
jj-2552Picnic box size 22x31x19 cm, JC, J130.-
jj-2551Picnic box size 25x25x16 cm, JC, J100.-
jj-2553Picnic box size 27x39x24 cm, JC, J180.-
fl-N101Plastic box -Large Flowerware751.-
jc-2511pThe versatile seven liters of JCp. (No PO)220.-
key-G00410Toolbox TL-0401 Keyway104.-
sa1304-1Transparent ear lock box 30 * 44 * 14 cm SAHACHAI185.-
sa1304cTransparent ear lock box 30 * 44 * 14 cm SAHACHAI185.-
sa1303-1Transparent ear lock box 36 * 50 * 14 cm SAHACHAI (No PO)215.-
sa1303cTransparent ear lock box 36 * 50 * 14 cm SAHACHAI (No PO)215.-
sa1302Transparent ear lock box 41 * 55 * 14 cm SAHACHAI250.-
SA1302cTransparent ear lock box 41 * 55 * 14 cm SAHACHAI230.-
un-k4636Underbed container 35L Uniware346.-
un-k4777Underbed container 45L Uniware440.-

Glassware - Glass bowl

Model Product Price
lg221(The Apple) 3.5inch cup Lucky (no mailed).78.-
lg220(The Apple) 4.5inch cup Lucky (no mailed).18.-
lg222006(The Apple) 5.8inch cup Lucky (no mailed).34.-
lg222(The Apple), Lucky Cups, 2.4 inches. (no mailed).72.-
lg20001(The Apple), Lucky Cups, 7 inch (no mailed).61.-
py-60010171.0 liter bowl, mix flour, prime regulator's (no postage).420.-
py-60010181.5 liter bowl, mix flour, prime regulator's (no postage).530.-
py-60010332.5 liter bowl, mix flour, prime regulator's (no postage).550.-
us-sb-013-channel 10-inch glass bowl USC -SL (no PO sent.)270.-
us-sb-025 a glass bowl with a 10-inch USS -SL (no PO sent.)270.-
us-ngr-6.75b6.75 Inch Glass Bowl Grape (per dozen) Usa27.-
pg-gl-1063Abu construcciones burak Tazón 315 cc 6 tarjetas por paqu233.-
lg20588Bowl has hidden 5 inches (per dozen) Lucky suspension mailed.180.-
us-ngr-3.75bCup of wine sauce 3.75 Inch Usa.15.-
oc-ip01123Dessert bowl "Petal" (per dozen) Ocean280.-
ug317Dessert bowl 4" (per doz.) Unionglass199.-
ug360Dessert bowl 4.5" (dozen price) Union190.-
ug135Glass bowl 4.5"ҡҹ ྪ (Ҥҵ) Union126.-
ug349Glass bowl 7" (per doz.) Unionglass566.-
ug318Glass bowl diamond 7" (per doz.) Unionglass601.-
lg205pGlass bowls stacked 4 inch us569 (price per dozen) Lucky suspens150.-
oc-ip00725Large glass bowl 7" Assurance" (Price per dozen) Ocean540.-
oc-ip00724Medium glass bowl 5.75 "Assurance " (price per dozen) Ocean.368.-
gw060Roasted glass bowl with lid 1L Pry-O-Rey829.-
gw062Roasted glass bowl with lid 2L Pry-O-Rey1,035.-
us-stb-225Serving glass bowl 22cm Royalex170.-
us-stb-200Serving glass bowl 8 inches US140.-
oc-ip00723Small glass bowl 4.5 "Assurance " (price per dozen) Ocean.360.-
lg20788Stacked glass bowl 7 inches (per dozen) Lucky suspension mailed372.-
GW084Tea Oval Lid for 1.5 liter Pry-O-Rey775.-

Glassware - Glass cake cover

Model Product Price
hh-202Glass cake cover 8" with wooden tray490.-
hh-205Glass cover 10" with wooden tray590.-
hh-200Glass cover 8" with wooden tray490.-
hh-203Glass cover 9" with wooden tray585.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Beverage equipment - Glass cover

Model Product Price
tw-00234Glass cover 7.2 cm. Price per dozen260.-
tw-412Glass cover Twinray30.-
120953Glass cover zebra (Sell in a pack of 2)110.-
tw-00214Glass cover/Seasoning cover 6.6cm(Dozen price) Twinray260.-

Glassware - Glass dishes

Model Product Price
GW20312-inch glass dish with grape design KIG125.-
key-p699Plate Glass 6 inch Elisabeth Quay Railway (per dozen) Off mailed106.-
us-mo-12series 12-inch plate glass fruit USC -SL (no PO sent.)120.-
oc-ip00302Shallow glass dish 7 1/2"Assurance" (Price per dozen) Ocean400.-
oc-ip00304Transparent plate has deep 9 "Assurance" (Price per dozen) Ocean480.-
oc-ip00471ҹ 6 "Assurance" (Ҥҵ) Ocean310.-

Glassware - Glass food pan

Model Product Price
GW06610-inch pie pan Pry-O-rey340.-
gw076Medium-square baking pan with lid Pry-O-rey470.-
GW074Small square baking pan with lid Pry-O-rey.360.-
gw078Square baking pan with lid large PYR-O-REY535.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Glass keeping box

Model Product Price
twf-pt-316 channels are inverted glass base Twin Fish.795.-
twf-pt-416 channels are inverted glass reinforced edges Twin Fish.450.-
uc-RBC1616 channels are inverted glass unit Sega.1,265.-
jw-16216-slot extended wall Jiwin395.-
jw-1616-slot glass rack Jiwin670.-
twf-pt-520 channels are inverted glass base Twin Fish.965.-
twf-pt-620 channels are inverted glass reinforced edges Twin Fish.520.-
uc-RBC2020 channels are inverted glass unit Sega.1,265.-
jw-2020-slot glass rack Jiwin646.-
twf-pt-1625 are closed around four core areas used to store dishes Twin F779.-
twf-pt-725 channels are inverted glass base Twin Fish.830.-
twf-pt-825 channels are inverted glass reinforced edges Twin Fish.500.-
uc-RBC2525 channels are inverted glass unit Sega.1,170.-
twf-pt-1525 is the opening of the first store dishes Twin Fish.779.-
jw-25225-slot extended wall Jiwin440.-
jw-2525-slot glass rack Jiwin646.-
jw-25s25-slot glass rack with extended wall Jiwin850.-
twf-pt-936 channels are inverted glass base Twin Fish.900.-
twf-pt-1036 channels are inverted glass reinforced edges Twin Fish.500.-
uc-RBC3636 channels are inverted glass unit Sega.1,170.-
jw-36336-slot extended wall Jiwin383.-
jw-3636-slot glass rack base only Jiwin646.-
jw-36136-slot glass rack with extended wall Jiwin850.-
twf-pt-1149 channels are inverted glass base Twin Fish.1,030.-
twf-pt-1249 channels are inverted glass reinforced edges Twin Fish.562.-
uc-RBC4949 channels are inverted glass unit Sega.1,265.-
twf-pt-1864 are closed around four core areas used to store dishes Twin F799.-
jw-64b64 cores being dishwasher Jiwin.730.-
uc-RBPT64 trays are dishwasher and core unit Sega.1,600.-
jw-99-slot base glass rack Jiwin646.-
jw-929-slot extended wall Jiwin383.-
sa503Beer mug 12 slots box Sahachai235.-
uc-RBTBeing open floor spaces are dishwasher tray unit and Sega.1,600.-
twf-pt-1Channel 9 is inverted glass base Twin Fish.770.-
twf-pt-2Channel 9 is inverted glass reinforced edges Twin Fish.500.-
uc-RBC9Channel 9 is inverted glass unit Sega.1,170.-
jw-cClear Channel without being spoon Jiwin646.-
uc-RBPTOCrate washing dishes and trays open side 64 core unit Sega.1,600.-
uc-RBCFSCutlery unit is Sega.1,170.-
SB-901-bGlass keeping blue 24 slots Sb150.-
fl-T12Glass keeping box 12 slots Flowerware144.-
Jc-114Glass keeping box 12 slots Micronware65.-
sa505Glass keeping box 12 slots Sahachai140.-
sa502AGlass keeping box 12 slots Sahachai90.-
cy-904-GGlass keeping box 24 Gray Cycle150.-
cy-904-BGlass keeping box 24 Blue Cycle150.-
SB-901-rGlass keeping box 24 red Sb150.-
fl-T18Glass keeping box 24 slots Flowerware329.-
Jc-112Glass keeping box 24 slots Micronware96.-
gr-j442-blGlass rack 12slots Blue, Green85.-
gr-J442-orGlass rack 12slots Orange, Green85.-
gr-J442-rdGlass rack 12slots Red, Green85.-
gr-J442-whGlass rack 12slots White, Green85.-
gr-j441-blGlass rack 24 slots Navy blue, Green120.-
gr-J441-whGlass rack 24 slots White, Green120.-
gr-J441-rdGlass rack 24slot red Green120.-
gr-J441-skGlass rack 24slots blueSky, Green120.-
gr-J441-gnGlass rack 24slots bright green, Green120.-
gr-J441-orGlass rack 24slots Orange Green120.-
gr-J441-pkGlass rack 24slots Pink, Green120.-
spw-pl-rdollGlass Rack trolley Unica3,450.-
ng122Glass top 24 slots175.-
jc-5502Glass tray Jcp45.-
sa500-bInverted glass container 36 channels Sahachai240.-
sa504Inverted glass container box has 24 high Sahachai.185.-
twf-pt-13Is basically a wide open Twin Fish dishes are stored.622.-
twf-pt-14Open the channels are frequently used to wash utensils Twin Fish648.-
ng123Standard 24 Channel Glass145.-
sa179The inverted glass box 6 portable Sahachai35.-
uc-REC16The reinforced glass is inverted channel 16 Eugene Zuniga.600.-
uc-REC20The reinforced glass is inverted channel 20 Eugene Zuniga.600.-
uc-REC25The reinforced glass is inverted channel 25 Eugene Zuniga.600.-
uc-REC36The reinforced glass is inverted channel 36 Eugene Zuniga.600.-
uc-REC49The reinforced glass is inverted channel 49 Eugene Zuniga.600.-
uc-REC9The reinforced glass is inverted channel 9 unit Sega.600.-

Glassware - Glass of water

Model Product Price
us-hs-480Dozen Bamboo Wares, Basket Wares + Stand + USA Badge (No Shippin889.-
us-hs-580Dozens of Family Woven Fruit Juice + Stand + USS (No Shipping)889.-
us-hs-100Glass of water 10 liters of fruit USA (no PO delivery.).1,120.-
us-hs-042Glass of water, fruit two USA (no PO delivery.).1,090.-
us-hn-060glass water glass pattern pineapple cap capacity 6L. USC -SL (no710.-
us-hn-080glass water wall honeycomb pattern SL capacity 8L. US-SL710.-
us-hs-084Pay juice glass stand base 8.4-liter with the USA990.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Glass serving tray

Model Product Price
sn-p523Glass serving tray 12-slot SN58.-
sn-p523-1Glass serving tray 6 slots SN39.-

Glassware - Glass tea strainer

Model Product Price
jc-5274bottles of water, tea color 330ml JCP169.-
jc-5278glass jar with cover, heat - cool colors 300ml. JCP189.-
jc-5274-Ptea filter bottle pink 330ml. JCp169.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Glassy box

Model Product Price
KEY-T001393 Multipurpose box Keyway75.-
KEY-T001696 Multipurpose tray SY69 Keyway111.-
ng224-14Amulet box 14slots Ng65.-
ng6127Amulet box 27slots Ng132.-
ng6027Glassy box 16.7x32.5x2.5cm Ng110.-
KEY-G10973Oval box with lid Keyway.39.-

Frabric - Glove

Model Product Price
tp-jung4-6Bag glove heat Apple28.-
tp-jung4-3Bag glove heat Flower28.-
tp-jung4-5Bag glove heat Flower28.-
tp-jung4-4Bag glove heat Flower green28.-
tp-jung4-1Bag glove heat blue28.-
tp-jung4-2Bag glove heat pink28.-
tp-gv1Bag glove catch heat.63.-
tp-gv5Bag glove catch heat.50.-
tp-gv7Bag glove catch heat.50.-
km-gv5Bag glove catch heat.63.-
bs-10304Black gloves heat insulation heat.80.-
km-gv3Glove catch heat63.-
km-gv4Glove catch heat63.-
cp-026111Glove catch heat container 30 cm (gray) Smartcook.150.-
cp-026128Glove catch heat container 45 cm (gray) Smartcook.215.-
bs-10305Gloves brown floor heating insulation.80.-
bs-10302Gray gloves heat insulation heat.90.-
bs-10301Ground red gloves heat insulation.80.-
bs-10303Heat insulation gloves green ground heat.80.-
tp-gv6Kitchen glove - black150.-
km-gv2Kitchen glove -red163.-
mm-gp009L6Glong green gloves silicone MM220.-
sn7991Oven gloves Thick heat-resistant 15-inch dual-packs machine330.-
mm-gp009L6Osilicone gloves long orange MM220.-
mm-gp009L6Bsilicone long blue gloves MM220.-
mm-gp009L6Rsilicone long red gloves MM220.-
bs-107rThe heated gloves for a red gummy Others165.-
sn-pom15Thermal gloves extra long 15 cm USA 400F pack.656.-

Melamineware - Golden brown

Model Product Price
spw-gb-p441-"Golden Brown" 11-inch oval platter infant Superware100.-
spw-gb-p442-"Golden Brown" 13-inch oval platter infant Superware150.-
spw-gb-b462-"Golden Brown" 2.75 inches Super Bowl Subdivision program.15.-
spw-gb-b293-"Golden Brown" 3.75 inches Super Bowl Subdivision program.25.-
spw-gb-b294-"Golden Brown" 4 inches Super Bowl Subdivision program.30.-
spw-gb-b295-"Golden Brown" 4.25 inches Super Bowl Subdivision program.40.-
spw-gb-p440-"Golden Brown" 9-inch oval platter infant Superware80.-
spw-gb-p471-"Golden Brown" plate 4 inch super computer20.-
spw-gb-b6106"Golden Brown" soup bowl, 6 inches superware60.-
spw-gb-sp461"Golden Brown" spoon Superware.15.-
spw-gb-p528."Golden Brown" was a plate 10.5 inch super shallow Software125.-
spw-gb-p529-"Golden Brown" was a plate 10.5 inch super shallow Software100.-
spw-gb-p530-"Golden Brown" was a plate 10.5 inch super shallow Software75.-
gb-b608-7Golden brown115.-
spw-gb-b611-Golden brown 6.25 inch75.-
spw-gb-p439-Golden Brown" 8-inch oval platter infant Superware65.-

Iron - grating.

Model Product Price
ep206grating 10 " x 11.5" Elephant65.-
ep205Jumbo Seafood grilling seive with handle 11 "x 12.5" Elephant.99.-
nl-ps1Seafood grill 26cm. Newline165.-
tw-777Seafood grill cover Twinray540.-
hk021Seafood grilling seive 9.5x10" with handle HK85.-
hk007steel grill26.-
tc-76597The grilled fish sticks Sea79.-
ep201Vice large grill tray 14 "x 20 " Elephant.85.-
ep202Vice medium grill tray 11.5 "x 16" Elephant.60.-
ep203Vice medium grill tray 9.5 "x 12" Elephant.55.-

Furniture in HORECA - Grease traps

Model Product Price
ms-02-02Grease Trap Massterware6,600.-

Ceramic - Grevy boat

Model Product Price
rp-0249Grevy boat 0.2L Royal Porcelain180.-

Food equipment - Griddle-flat

Model Product Price
nt-901-018-8electrical system Grilled steak steak Small Nanotech6,122.-
nt-901-018-1Griddle Gas 50x52cm FRY KING8,350.-
ws-gh-818Griddle-Electric (Flat) 45x55cm Wise8,300.-
ws-gh-820Griddle-Electric (Flat) 50x73cm Wise12,400.-
nt-901-018-3Grilled steak Gas Griddle mix sc-722 Nanotech11,592.-
mc-sk1730Grilled steak gas system size 17x30"6,405.-
nt-901-018-1Steak grill Gas system Nanotaech7,739.-
nt-901-018-4Steak grill Mixing tray Nanotech7,640.-
ch-sk1422the stove Gas system 14x22 CHR4,472.-
ch-sk1524the stove Gas system 15x24 CHR5,220.-
nt-901-018-2the stove steak. Nanotaech10,590.-

Food equipment - Grill - Kebab - Grill

Model Product Price
nt-013-033-3Three-burner grill (NANOTECH)15,400.-
nt-013-033-2Two-burner grill (NANOTECH)6,392.-

Food equipment - Grill machine

Model Product Price
nt-013-0314-Head Infrared Grill (NT-03)6,560.-
hw-503Barbecue sausage with oven HouseWorth785.-
im-IF-853Electric Grill Imarflex1,670.-
ot-gr-141Electric bbq grill 2000w Otto650.-
ot-gr-145Electric grill 1400w Otto865.-
nt-013-236Electric Grill Griddle JHD992,500.-
nt-013-235Electric Grill Stainless JHD93,189.-
nt-013-016Grill gas stove infrared NT2,890.-
sh-bg762Grill machine 4 heads Sunshine7,085.-
HA-ET-KF-05Grill machine gas-infrared Eton5,184.-
sh-bg708Grill machine gas-infrared Sunshine5,200.-
ot-gr-148Grill without smoke 2000w Otto.865.-
sh-bg708Infrared Grill 2 heads Sunshine6,645.-
ha-kf4Infrared head grill HANAYA legs6,500.-
im-eg641Multi-Purpose Barbecue 2000 W Airport's North Face Black1,375.-
HW-1000oaster grill without smoke. Ibis software 1000 w HouseWorth830.-
HW-1100oaster grill without smoke. Ibis software 2000 w HouseWorth790.-
im-IF-854Toaster grill without smoke. Ibis software interface flags Allia1,190.-

Nonstick cookware - Grill pan

Model Product Price
my-20231-T"Classic" 24cm / 9.5" Square Grill Pan600.-
my-13524-T"New Excellence" 28cm grill pan Meyer625.-
my-13525-T"New excellence" Square griddle 28cm. Meyer715.-
my-13298-T"Pro Platinum" 24cm /9.5" Square Grill Pan695.-
cm-grill24Grill pan 24 cm camels.395.-
TFL-D0704045Hand non-stick 26 cm. "Specific" Tefal1,649.-
mx286Non-Stick Grill pan 24 cm M-well.456.-
174442Nonstick Grill pan 24 cm "IH" zebra609.-
174438Nonstick Grill pan 24cm "IH" zebra579.-
174441Nonstick Grill pan 24cm zebra550.-
174441Nonstick Grill pan 24cm zebra518.-
174440Nonstick Grill pan 28 cm "IH" zebra680.-
174444Nonstick Grill pan 28 cm zebra682.-
174443Nonstick Grill pan 28cm zebra670.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - Grill stove

Model Product Price
ap20316Grilled sausage size 16 "735.-
ap20116Tao Kai No. 16 Apple295.-
ap20118Tao Kai No. 18 Apple320.-
ap20120Tao Kai No. 20 Apple340.-

Food equipment - Grinder

Model Product Price
nt-901-041-14 liter professional chopper, stainless steel13,250.-
nt-901-041-26 liter professional chopper, stainless steel16,350.-

Wooden product - Grinding pepper

Model Product Price
da-GR10Grinding pepper Tiger wood 10-inch Billi590.-
da-GR06Grinding pepper Tiger Oak wood 6-inch Billi450.-
da-GR08Grinding pepper Tiger Oak wood 8-inch Billi500.-
twf-PM-10Grinding pepper Tiger Oak wood color 10-inch Twin Fish.795.-
twf-PM-12Grinding pepper Tiger Oak wood color 12-inch Twin Fish.850.-
twf-PM-8Grinding pepper Tiger Oak wood color 8-inch Twin Fish.550.-
kct514The pepper mill wood 10 "M Vail.360.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Tools - Hairdryer.

Model Product Price
ck7900Car 1200 w hairdryer Mexico250.-
ck3210Car 2000 w hairdryer Mexico.525.-
hw-609Traveling hair dryer315.-

Plastic - Plastic - Laundy tools - Hairpin

Model Product Price
sa-gif-XL-1xGiant Gift Pack 10 items (mixed colors) Sahachai.58.-
sa-gif-XL-1xGiant Gift Pack 5 items (mixed colors) Sahachai.30.-
sa-gif-L-1x2Small Gift packs 24 pieces (mixed colors) Sahachai27.-
tp-sj-3Squidy hanger89.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - Handle wok

Model Product Price
my-73290-t"Bella Classico" Fry pan 20cm Meyer716.-
my-73921-T"Bella Classico" Fry pan 24cm Meyer910.-
my-73922-T"Bella Classico" Fry pan 26cm Meyer865.-
my-73289-T"Bella Classico" Fry pan with Lid 26cm Meyer1,544.-
my-77298-T"Bella Classico" Fry pan wok 30cm Meyer1,208.-
275024"Chef" Pan 24cm Zebra740.-
375034Chinese wok 34 cm. sun370.-
176230Chinese wok with glass lid 32cm. "Idio" Zebra2,078.-
375824Fry pan 24cm Sun235.-
176205Frying chinese wok 5 ply with lid, streaming plate 38 cm. zebra2,445.-
ch-ja111s-15Japanese stainless handle wok no.15 CHR1,386.-
ch11513Stainless steel chinese wok with handle no13 (12inches) CHR535.-
ch11514Stainless steel chinese wok with handle no14 (13inches) CHR636.-
ch11515Stainless steel chinese wok with handle no15 (14inches) CHR720.-
ch11516Stainless steel chinese wok with handle no16 (15inches) CHR780.-
ch11517Stainless steel chinese wok with handle no17 (16inches) CHR835.-
ch11518Stainless steel chinese wok with handle no18 (17inches) CHR920.-
my-76566-2[Commercialware] Stainless steel pan 18cm Meyer890.-
my-71738-8[Commercialware] Stainless steel pan 20cm Meyer984.-
my-71739-5[Commercialware] Stainless steel pan 26cm Meyer1,480.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Flateware - Handmade #502

Model Product Price
twf-502-08Coffee spoon "Commemorate hand made" Twin Fish120.-
twf-502-23Dessert fork "Commemorate hand made" Twin Fish130.-
twf-502-22Dessert spoon "Commemorate hand made" Twin Fish130.-
twf-502-05Dinner fork "Commemorate hand made" Twin Fish135.-
twf-502-06Dinner knife "Commemorate hand made" Twin Fish155.-
twf-502-04Dinner spoon "Commemorate hand made" TwinFish135.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Hanger

Model Product Price
ac108-15-82Hanger rack119.-
195103Ladle Hanger Zebra144.-

Others - Hardware

Model Product Price
hw-TSD0141 piece screwdriver set home House Worth.314.-
hw-29025 screwdriver sets HouseWorth145.-
hw-sd01Cordless screwdriver Houseworth730.-
ck-0070High pressure washer Casiko3,150.-
hw-TL01Household Kits House Woth.557.-
hw-2903Screwdriver with head set House of Commons125.-
hw-ezpaintThe painting portable. Wortley House1,220.-
hw-FL02Wearing a head torch, battery charger House Worth.164.-

Melamineware - Heart shape

Model Product Price
spw-h1-c3730Heart shape cup 4" Superware69.-
spw-h1-p3738Heart shape plate 10.25" Superware88.-
spw-h1-b3734Heart shpae bowl 5" Superware48.-
spw-h2-b3734Heart shpae bowl 5" Superware48.-

Wooden product - Heat stand wood

Model Product Price
da-wa-011ctRound wood mat 20cm Billi125.-
da-wa-007Square wood mat 19x19cm Billi125.-
da-wa-84-HWooden mat Rabbit Billi105.-

Food equipment - Heated carafe coffee machine

Model Product Price
nt-901-033-5Coffee Maker wm-1 nanotech1,125.-
nt901-033Coffee pot warmer Nano1,950.-
ws-WM2Heated carafe coffee machine Wise Promotion3,150.-

Glassware - Hemetico jar

Model Product Price
key-k63731ear jar lid lock pattern Family 1500cc. Wayne key. (No PO delive139.-
key-k63732ear jar lid lock pattern Family 2000cc. Wayne key. (No PO delive159.-
key-k63733ear jar lid lock pattern Family 3000cc. Wayne key. (No PO delive179.-
us-jar-2.0Hemetico jar -square 2 L KIG150.-
us-jar-0.50Hemetico jar -square 0.5 L85.-
us-jar-0.75Hemetico jar -square 0.75 L KIG90.-
us-jar-1.0Hemetico jar -square 1.0 L KIG105.-
us-jar-1.5Hemetico jar -square 1.5L KIG115.-
gw915Hermetico Jar 0.75L KIG115.-
us-sr-750Jar and screw cap 750 ml stainless Usa.80.-
us-sr-1000Jar cap in 1000 ml Stainless Usa90.-
gw916Roud hermetico jar 1.0L KIG105.-
gw917/1Roud hermetico jar 1.5L KIG120.-
us-at-1100tilt the jar lid springs 1100cc. USA (no PO sent.)140.-
us-at-1600tilt the jar lid springs 1600cc. USA (no PO sent.)165.-

Others - Others - Stone - Hone

Model Product Price
sila-stone1Sharpening stone 3" x 8" x 1"70.-
sila-stone2Sharpening stone 3.5" x 8.5" x 1.5"115.-
kct400Stone knives ss-1165.-

Wooden product - Honey stick

Model Product Price
brm-HN-LHoney stick - large 14cm75.-
brm-HN-SHoney stick - small 8cm45.-
brm-HN-MHoneystick medium size 10cm55.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Chinese ladle - hook chef ladle

Model Product Price
192062Chinese ladle handle Hanger Zebra220.-
MP603Dipper handle hook 10 cm 150CC Others162.-
mp600Dipper handle hook 7 cm 70CC Others100.-
MP601Dipper handle hook 8 cm 90CC Others120.-
MP602Dipper handle hook 9 cm 120CC Others130.-
twf-SL-10Ladle soup dip 10 oz or 300 ml size version of a special thick T480.-
twf-SL-2Ladle soup dip 2 oz or 60 ml size version of a special thick T230.-
twf-SL-3Ladle soup dip 3 oz or 90 ml size version of a special thick T230.-
twf-SL-35Ladle soup dip 3.5 oz or 105 ml size version of a special thick255.-
twf-SL-4Ladle soup dip 4 oz or 120 ml size version of a special thick T275.-
twf-SL-5Ladle soup dip 5 oz or 150 ml size version of a special thick T310.-
twf-SL-6Ladle soup dip 6 oz or 180 ml size version of a special thick T370.-
3s-101-1stainless dipper 3"52.-
3s-001-1Stainless steel scoop 3 "thick soup lug49.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Chinese ladle - Hook ladle

Model Product Price
tw-003/1Chinese ladle 2" hook handle Twinray16.-
jg-k731-5Chinese ladle 2.25" classic hook handle Jaguar18.-
jg-k731/4Chinese ladle 2.25" hook handle Jaguar19.-
tw-004Chinese ladle 3" hook handle Twinray35.-
tw-004/2Chinese ladle 4" hook handle Twinray58.-
jg-k731/6Dipper 2.75" hook end Jagaur59.-
us-ss-01Ladle Measure 1 oz (30cc) US45.-
us-ss-03Ladle Measure 3 oz (90cc) USC.60.-
us-ss-05Ladle Measure 5 oz (150cc) US85.-
co-fl-s4Ladle NO.4 (Dia2 ")cow (per dozen).241.-
ac066-51-39Stainless measuring spoon no.498.-

Ceramic - Hot bowl

Model Product Price
chw-c-064-1"Cream" A big stove pot with lid ear Chat200.-
chw-b-063-1Hot bowl (Large) Chat250.-
chw-b-063-2Hot bowl (Medium) Chat150.-
123306Hot bowl ceramic 14cm. Zebra470.-
123304Hot bowl stainless steel 16cm. Zebra520.-
342816hot pot 16cm. sun225.-
142417Hot pot 17 cm zebra450.-
ch-sl061-07Hot pot 18 cm. CHR875.-
342818hot pot 18cm. sun240.-
342831hot pot 20cm. sun260.-
AC-303-07-61Hot pot 8 inches Anchore340.-
AC-303-07-60Hot pot ceraminc bowl 6 inches Anchore180.-
pf-su022Plate pot dip 22cm Perfect230.-
f4-m211-16Pot Suki Four F-16 cm255.-
ac303-07-62Set 7-inch dish be heated stone brand Anchore330.-
chw-b-064-1Set oven pan large ear cap "brown" Chat.200.-
ac01-Faz-020Spicy Dip Set oven 20 cm anchor.170.-
mn06120Stainless pot 20 cm.290.-
mn01518Stainless Pot Suki250.-
kct803Suki stainless pot and glass lid 16 cm Happyware Stainless665.-
eq120024The 18 cm thick, spicy Korean hot pot EQ chef255.-
f4-m211-17The pot 17 cm s Four235.-
342831Tom yum pot 20cm Sun250.-

Iron - Hot coffee handle

Model Product Price
ac093-14-634 slot carrier for traditional Thai coffee glass73.-

Brass - Hot dish

Model Product Price
ch-bs061-7Brass hot dish no.7 CHR2,212.-
sm-113-10Pot brass number seven Smiths3,065.-
sm-061-12Pot No. 12 brass smiths6,685.-

Iron - Hot plate

Model Product Price
kc1162Chef Egg shape hot plate with stand590.-
kc1166Chef Egg shape hot plate with stand and handle425.-
kc1169Chef oval iron hot plate M-well295.-
kc1164Chef plate with round wooden base550.-
twf-hp-5Elegant Hot plate with grill lines under wooden support Twinfish699.-
twf-hp-6Elegant Hot plate with wooden support 22cm Twinfish600.-
kc1153Hot iron plate with circular wooden vice Others.295.-
ms-bbq-2Hot plate 9 inches Shabu Delivery Masterware390.-
su-217late with round wooden vice and catch. Superaluminum285.-
su-218late with round wooden vice and catch. Superaluminum250.-
ar-002-ir-1plate with round wooden vice and catch.238.-
su-219Round steak plate steel with wood aluminum Superaluminum240.-
twf-hp-8STEAK PLATE WITH WOODEN 20 cm Twin Fish.490.-
KC1168Steel Plate oval groove M. Vail.335.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Tong - Hot plate tong

Model Product Price
kct408A pinch of heat. Compressed springs Others.77.-
kct419HOT DISH wrench United Mana - General.120.-
nl-b11Hot plate tong Newline150.-
KEY-T01812Plate Clamp Keyway90.-
pg-yd2Stainless hot plate tong43.-
eq2181The clamp plate heat EQ chef.45.-

Aluminum cookware - Hot pot

Model Product Price
cr06120Hot pot 20 cm crocodile239.-
cr06122Hot pot 22 cm crocodile280.-
cr06124Hot pot 24 cm crocodile350.-
cr06126Hot pot 26 cm crocodile455.-
cr06128Hot pot 28 cm crocodile555.-

Food equipment - Hot stream showcase NT

Model Product Price
nt901-039-3Hot Stools Gas system Nanotech14,630.-
nt-901-039-3Hot stream showcase14,900.-

Aluminum cookware - Hotplate

Model Product Price
ar-002-al-2A round steak plate aluminum Arrows.174.-
su-214A round steak plate aluminum super aluminum.235.-
co-0412Hotplate with wooden stand216.-
su-216Round steak dish superaluminum.215.-
co001-2Square hot plate with wooden stand Cow215.-
su-215Square hot plate with wooden stand Superaluminum215.-
su-213Square hot plate with wooden stand Superaluminum239.-
co-0403Square plates: wood (aluminum) cows210.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - Hotplate Fish

Model Product Price
ac303-07-63Fish cooker set , 14-inch Anchore415.-
jg-k831sHot Fishpan with stand Jaguar780.-
131102Oval food warmer set 14" Zebra568.-
184214The good, heated windshield MS zebra head630.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Cooking - Hotpot

Model Product Price
hw-8212r1000-watt electric frying pan versatile HouseWorth620.-
ot-sp-303Electric chafing dish 1500w Otto819.-
im-ip-19Electric cooker -stainless pot with glass lid Imarflex1,375.-
im-LP-846Electric sukiyaki pot 1200 w Imarflex745.-
ot-sp-353sElectric sukiyaki pot 1400w with stainless pot Otto960.-
im-if-860Hotplate and steamboat Imarflex2,180.-
hw-pb-620Hotpot stainless 20cm 2L174.-
hw-pb-621Hotpot stainless 24cm 4L245.-
hw-pb-622Hotpot stainless 28cm 7L315.-
im-LP-859Multi-function cooker 1300 w Imarflex785.-
ot-sp-318Multi-function cooker 1300w Otto675.-
im-MP-12QPan electric models MP 12Q.652.-
im-mp-14Pan electric steam version impressed with MP-14 Imarflex.850.-
im-MP-16QPan electric steam version impressed with MP-16Q Imarflex.730.-
im-mp-18Pan electric steam version impressed with MP-18 Imarflex.1,030.-
ot-sp-323Sookie 2 liter pot 1300w Otto700.-
194421Suki & BBQ zebra1,210.-

Iron - I stick pan coated steel handle

Model Product Price
cm-ir-tef-paI stick coated steel wok, 20 cm shaft camel.250.-
cm-ir-tef-paI stick coated steel wok, 30 cm shaft camel.350.-
cm-ir-enm-paI stick coated steel wok, 30 cm shaft camel.415.-
cm-ir-tef-paI stick coated steel wok, 36 cm shaft camel.425.-
cm-ir-enm-paI stick coated steel wok, 40 cm shaft camel.495.-
cm-ir-tef-paIron wok with butter knife sieve 33 cm.360.-

Glassware - Ice

Model Product Price
us-ib-5If a glass of ice 12 cm of ice with a fork KIG.160.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Ice box

Model Product Price
key-ch5914214 ice box 2 box set of stackable key Way35.-
jj-1113Ice box 2 JCJ40.-
jc-5115Ice box 2 Micrnware26.-
KEY-CH52071Ice box 21 Ices with lid Keyway74.-
jc-5113Ice box Microware27.-
KEY-CH52076Ice Tray Box (21 ices) with lid Keyway.120.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - Ice bucket

Model Product Price
rw92151.6 liters of ice Reangwa25.-
hw-sip1414 cm pot handle Happyware90.-
mp57316 cm of ice handle stainless United therapy.199.-
twf-IB-5Bin Kim Group, the ice edge with diamond crystal bail cost379.-
twf-IB-5Bin Kim Group, the ice edge with diamond crystal bail cost379.-
f4-i0016-1Ice 16 cm handle large F4220.-
twf-IB-2Ice bottle cap with a 16 cm Stainless Twin Fish1,180.-
151212Ice bucket 12 cm. zebra214.-
151204Ice bucket 14 cm. with plastic container zebra342.-
151214Ice bucket 14 cm. zebra293.-
ca33914Ice bucket 14cm Car69.-
rw9213Ice bucket 14cm Reangwa25.-
ng310clIce bucket 15cm silver loop Numngai23.-
ng310c-multiIce bucket 15cm silver loop, multi-color Numngai23.-
151216Ice bucket 16 cm. zebra346.-
ca33916Ice bucket 16cm Car69.-
ca33918Ice bucket 18cm Car94.-
ca33920Ice bucket 20cm Car110.-
ca33922Ice bucket 22cm Car155.-
twf-IB-1Ice bucket Double-layer 1.4L Twinfish1,220.-
MP327Ice bucket, stainless steel 1.5-liter M well.165.-
pf-ts-34Ice buckets Ice pad 15 cm Perfect142.-
twf-IB-3Ice Pot 16 cm with plastic lid TwinFish1,255.-
twf-IB-6Ice water bottle is 14 cm bail315.-
cp-022793Stainless steel ice bucket 1.5 L. smartcook.140.-
cp-022762Stainless Steel Ice Bucket 2.5Liter smartcook.180.-
ac-ic03Strong 14 cm ice bar clamp anchor.120.-
ac-ic04Strong 16 cm ice bar clamp anchor.145.-

Aluminum cookware - Ice cream scoop

Model Product Price
ar-003-2scoop ice cream spoon arrow.60.-
ar-003-1scoop ice cream spoon arrow.74.-
ar-003-3scoop ice cream spoon arrow.42.-
kc145scoop ice cream spoon M-well162.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Flateware - Ice cream spoon

Model Product Price
tw-588Ice cream spoon 0.6mm (12pcs) Twinrays120.-
ac-sf17Ice cream spoon 1.5mm (12pcs) Anchore80.-
ac080-77-49Ice cream spoon 1.5mm (12pcs) Anchore120.-
pg311-02-009Spoon ice cream, 1.5 mm (per dozen) Penguin stainless.180.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Ice ladle

Model Product Price
su01-00Aluminum Ice ladle # 00 Super Aluminium205.-
su01-0Aluminum Ice ladle #0 Super Aluminium150.-
su01-1Aluminum Ice ladle #1 Super Aluminium99.-
su01-2Aluminum Ice ladle #2 Super Aluminium75.-
su01-3Aluminum Ice ladle #3 Super Aluminium60.-
ff-si401Cheap Stainless Ice ladle -large FF85.-
ff-si402Cheap Stainless Ice ladle -medium FF70.-
CP-53302Flour Scoop 12 Oz SmartCook120.-
jg-k710Ice ladle Jaguar89.-
ac081-11-30Ice server (pack of dozen) Anchore165.-
KCT927Scooping ice a stainless No265.-
KCT928Scooping ice a stainless No240.-
KCT923Scooping ice a stainless No. 1 Others619.-
KCT924Scooping ice a stainless No. 2 Others520.-
KCT925Scooping ice a stainless No. 3 Others460.-
KCT926Scooping ice a stainless No. 4 Others300.-
KCT922Scooping ice, a large stainless Others685.-
CP-53301Spoon flour 6 oz SmartCook.89.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Breakfast - bakery - Ice machine

Model Product Price
nt-901-005-2ice machine model FR-IS01 Nanotech670.-

Plastic - Accessary - Ice spoon

Model Product Price
CP-511044 piece set of plastic powder scoop SmartCook.90.-
su01-00Aluminum Ice ladle # 00 Super Aluminium205.-
su01-0Aluminum Ice ladle #0 Super Aluminium150.-
su01-1Aluminum Ice ladle #1 Super Aluminium99.-
su01-2Aluminum Ice ladle #2 Super Aluminium75.-
su01-3Aluminum Ice ladle #3 Super Aluminium60.-
MS-ccd-1Aluminum ice scoop #1 MS150.-
MS-ccd-2Aluminum ice scoop #2 MS80.-
pn2081Ccream scoop versatile small Pioneer10.-
ms-ccd-0Ice bucket.165.-
ms-ccd-3Icecream scoop 360.-
pn2082CMid-cream scoop versatile Pioneer13.-
rc-gvPlastic gloves 100 pieces29.-
pn2082Gscoop versatile medium gray Pioneer13.-
pn2081Gscoop versatile small gray Pioneer10.-
rw0016Spoon scoop large Reangwa36.-
rw0015Spoon scoop large Reangwa30.-
rw0014Spoon scoop versatile medium-sized fluorescent Reangwa20.-
rw0013Spoon scoopsmall Reangwa15.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Tong - Ice tong

Model Product Price
ac055-20-68Clamp handle 10 inches of ice to the anchor.180.-
ep-sr1Fold the edges of ice tongs 8 inches (per dozen) Elephant.126.-
191366Ice tong "Image" Zebra190.-
ac055-20-70Ice tong -crod teeth (12pcs) Anchore52.-
ep101Ice tong -crod teeth (12pcs) Elephant42.-
tw-303Ice tong -crod teeth (12pcs) Twin ray105.-
ep102Ice tong -crod teeth (12pcs) Twin ray84.-
tw-304Ice tong -leaf (12 pcs) Twin ray105.-
us-SLT-70Ice Tong 7 "USC -SL35.-
us-SLT-50Ice Tong 7 "USC -SL30.-
ac055-20-63Ice tong-large -chicken feet (12 pcs) Anchore145.-
tw-301Ice tong-large -chicken feet (12 pcs) Twin ray215.-
ac055-20-67Ice tongs to handle 8-inch (per dozen) anchor.117.-
us-SLT-100The 10 cubed ice, "USC -SL40.-
kc812The cubed ice six inches a bouquet of relief M. Vail30.-
twf-IT-1To clamp a square ice Twin Fish90.-
b2-01-2Tong medium thickness of 18 cm reinforced plastic B2.150.-
b2-01-3Tong small thickness of 16 cm reinforced plastic B2.130.-
b2-01-1Tong thick, 22 cm reinforced plastic B2.165.-

Glassware - Icecream cup

Model Product Price
oc-ip00116Banana ice cream dish "Alaska" (Dozen price) Ocean1,045.-
gw024Banana split ice cream pan98.-
oc-ip00115Ice cream cup "Alaska" (Dozen price) Ocean900.-
pg-gl-1319Ice cream cup 250 CC. Orient orion packs of 6 cards Penguin370.-
fh001Icecream cup Fruity69.-
us-tp-370Milk shakes, ice cream cups, 13 oz (Price per 3 leaves) KIG290.-
oc-ip00315Sundae Ice cream cup "Alaska" (Dozen price) Ocean990.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Icecream scoop

Model Product Price
pst-55310-c"Progrip2" Ice cream spade Prestige405.-
cp-1003923.5cm SmartCook Ice Cream Scoop179.-
cp-1513013cm SmartCook Ice Cream Scoop179.-
kct840A scoop of ice cream, No. 40 (4.3) Extra thick M. Vail.650.-
vn-ccd-LIce cream scoop L85.-
vn-ccd-MIce cream scoop M80.-
191350Icecream scoop "Image" Zebra125.-
no191351Icecream scoop "pushable"269.-
kc140Icecream scoop 4cm. pushable300.-
twf-ICD-M1Icecream scoop 5 cm. pushable TwinFish270.-
kc141Icecream scoop 5.5cm. pushable235.-
twf-ICD-L1Icecream scoop 6 cm. pushable TwinFish285.-
kc142Icecream scoop 6cm. pushable295.-
kc1142Icecream scoop Japan no.12 (5.8 cm.) Lucky Melody780.-
kc1140Icecream scoop Japan no.12 (6.2cm.) Lucky Melody780.-
kc1146Icecream scoop Japan no.18 (4.5cm.) Lucky Melody780.-
kc1150Icecream scoop Japan no.22 (4cm.) Lucky Melody780.-
kc1144Icecream scoop Jap 16 (5 .) ѹan no.16 (5cm780.-
ar-003-2scoop ice cream spoon arrow.60.-
ar-003-1scoop ice cream spoon arrow.74.-
ar-003-3scoop ice cream spoon arrow.42.-
kc145scoop ice cream spoon M-well162.-
cp-100767Scoop Ice Cream # 201 Smartcook.150.-
kc1003Scoop ice cream Economical 3 cm. M. Vail420.-
kc1001Scoop ice cream Economical 4.5 cm. M. Vail420.-
us-ics-18Scoop ice cream ics-18 USS.95.-
twf-ICD-L1Stainless steel scoop270.-
twf-ICD-M1Stainless steel scoop250.-
eq150008The ice cream scoop 5 cm Aix queue.115.-
kct824The ice cream scoop No. 24 (4.8) Extra thick M. Vail.650.-
102060The ice cream scoop, stainless steel handle heavy Zebra89.-
CP-50891Trigger Scoop 4 CM SmartCook170.-
CP-50892Trigger Scoop 6 CM SmartCook190.-

Aluminum cookware - Implementation.

Model Product Price
ca-k117Water bowl 17 cm aluminum lion50.-
ca-k20Water bowl 20 cm aluminum lion65.-

Others - Enamel - Indian pan

Model Product Price
cl02123Indian pan 23 cm. classicware230.-
mn102-130Indian pan 30 cm. Moonlight455.-
cr02136Indian pan 36 cm. crocodile754.-
cr02140Indian pan 40 cm. crocodile1,080.-
cr02145Indian pan 45 cm. crocodile1,200.-
cr02150Indian pan 50 cm. crocodile1,450.-
cr02155Indian pan 55 cm. crocodile1,850.-
cr02160Indian pan 60 cm. crocodile3,445.-
cr02614Indian pan set 14-24 cm. crocodile960.-
cr02914Indian pan set 14-30 cm. crocodile1,900.-
cr02326Indian pan set 26-30 cm. crocodile960.-
mn02118Savingprice Indian pan 18 cm. Moonlight170.-
370814SL430 Indian pan 14 cm. sun180.-
370818SL430 Indian pan 18 cm. sun235.-
370822SL430 Indian pan 22 cm. sun295.-
370826SL430 Indian pan 26 cm. sun385.-
370830SL430 Indian pan 30 cm. sun490.-
383802SL430 Indian pan set 14-30 cm. sun1,150.-
170014sus304 Indian pan 14 cm. zebra342.-
170016sus304 Indian pan 16 cm. zebra395.-
170018sus304 Indian pan 18 cm. zebra480.-
170020sus304 Indian pan 20 cm. zebra566.-
170022sus304 Indian pan 22 cm. zebra660.-
170024sus304 Indian pan 24 cm. zebra765.-
170026sus304 Indian pan 26 cm. zebra980.-
170028sus304 Indian pan 28 cm. zebra980.-
170030sus304 Indian pan 30 cm. zebra1,100.-
170032sus304 Indian pan 32 cm. zebra1,230.-
170034sus304 Indian pan 34 cm. zebra1,610.-
170036sus304 Indian pan 36 cm. zebra1,950.-
183002sus304 Indian pan set 14-30 cm. zebra3,320.-
183003sus304 Indian pan set 16-32 cm. sun3,820.-

Low price kitchenware - Indian pot

Model Product Price
mn102-24Indian pan 24 cm. Moonlight195.-
pf02514Indian pan set 14-30 cm. Perfect840.-
pf-i55126Pot handle. Seasoning set Talai bowl145.-
mn102-130Savingprice Indian pan 30 cm. moon412.-
eq120025Strong-saving indian pot set 14-30cm EQ885.-
ff-sd3502Supersave indian pot with handle 15-29cm FF950.-
ff-sd3304Supersave indian pot with handle 16-19-23cm FF550.-

Aluminum cookware - Indian tray

Model Product Price
ca26130Indian tray 30cm Car60.-
ca26135Indian tray 35 cm Car67.-
ca26140Indian tray 40 cm Car73.-
ca26145Indian tray 45 cm Car110.-
ca26150Indian tray 50 cm Car130.-
cr26155Indian tray 55cm. crocodile369.-

Home appliance - Induction cooker

Model Product Price
im-if-4022000 w electric stove plate heat, it was flex.1,550.-
ck58882200w induction cooker.1,239.-
im-if-408Electric 2000 watt gold stripes on the Perfect Black.1,725.-
im-if-403Induction cooker 'saving price' 1500w1,215.-
im-if-407Induction cooker 1500w with cooking pot Imarflex1,130.-
ot-gi-820Induction cooker 1600 w Otto1,155.-
im-if-862Induction cooker 1800W "PowerHigh" Imarflex3,480.-
194001Induction cooker 1800W Zebra3,085.-
186801Induction cooker 1900w Simple Zebra1,627.-
ot-gi-821Induction cooker 2000 w Otto1,880.-
im-if830Induction cooker 2000w "Butterfly" Imarflex2,070.-
186803Induction cooker 2000w "Prima" Zebra2,400.-
186805Induction cooker 2000w Advance Zebra3,967.-
186816Induction cooker 2000w Zebra2,550.-
TFL-IH2018Induction cooker 2100w Tefal3,050.-
LF-ts-t203Induction cooker For Lucky Frame Restaurant2,835.-
185232Induction Cooker IC ICV3-232 V three piece 1900 watt zebra2,515.-
185230Induction Cooker IC ICV3-232 V three piece 2000 watt zebra2,935.-
186807Induction Cooker Smart Zebra2,230.-
im-if-865Induction Cooker with Pot Suki 1500 w. Imarflex1,165.-
im-if-866Induction Cooker with Pot Suki 1800 watt Imarflex1,310.-
im-if-406Induction Cooker with Pot Suki 2000 w. Imarflex1,010.-
im-IF-863Induction Cooker with Pot Suki 2000 watt Imarflex1,490.-
185220Induction kit includes a set of 4 ICT 2000W Zebra2,750.-
185225Induction stove 1800w with shabu pot Zebra1,999.-
185206Induction stove 2000w 5pcs set3,395.-
im-IF-863AMagnetic stove 2000 w "Basic" Imarflex1,490.-
ck-5777Smooth electromagnetic induction cooker with shabu shabu.1,020.-

Home appliance - Infrared electric stove

Model Product Price
ot-ge-813Ceramic cooker 1800w Otto1,380.-
im-if-401Infrared cooker 2000w Imarflex1,745.-
ot-gh-815Infrared electric stove 2000w Otto1,250.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Infusion cocktail handle spring

Model Product Price
KEY-T01329Infusion cocktail handle spring Keyway70.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Tools - Insect Killer

Model Product Price
hw-k02Insect killer1,190.- 949.-
hw-ht-k502Insect killer - mini630.-

Iron - Iron wok 2 handles

Model Product Price
ch11213Chinese wok no.13 C.H.R.184.-
ch11214Chinese wok no.14 C.H.R.195.-
ch11215Chinese wok no.15 CHR215.-
ch11216Chinese wok no.16 C.H.R.266.-
ch11217Chinese wok no.17285.-
ch11218Chinese wok no.18 C.H.R.316.-
ch11219Chinese wok no.19 C.H.R.365.-
ch11220Chinese wok no.20 C.H.R.380.-
ch11222Chinese wok no.22 C.H.R.905.-
ch11224Chinese wok no.24 C.H.R.985.-
us-bw-40pan coated steel "cap" 40 cm USS -SL470.-
us-bw-43pan coated steel "cap" 43 cm USS -SL510.-
us-bw-46pan coated steel "cap" 46 cm USS -SL580.-

Iron - Iron wok with handle

Model Product Price
ch11113Iron frying pan with handle no.13 C.H.R.195.-
ch11114Iron frying pan with handle no.14 C.H.R.199.-
ch11115Iron frying pan with handle no.15 C.H.R.215.-
ch11116Iron frying pan with handle no.16 C.H.R.262.-
ch11117Iron frying pan with handle no.17 C.H.R.278.-
ch11118Iron frying pan with handle no.18 C.H.R.330.-
ar-ir-111-11Steel pump shaft roll pan rim number 11 Arrows145.-
ar-ir-111-13Steel pump shaft roll pan rim number 13 Arrows.185.-
ar-ir-111-14Steel pump shaft roll pan rim number 14 Arrows.200.-
ar-ir-111-15Steel pump shaft roll pan rim number 15 Arrows.220.-
ar-ir-111-16Steel pump shaft roll pan rim number 16 Arrows.240.-
ar-ir-111-17Steel pump shaft roll pan rim number 17 Arrows.260.-

Others - Others - Books - Italian cookbook

Model Product Price
ma-c-002Bar B Q27.-
ma-f006Italian Cuisine Mae Ban Publishing225.-

Others - Others - Books - Japanese cookbook

Model Product Price
ma-f005⫺ ش 27.-
ma-d-004Japanese Food225.-
ma-d-002Japanese rice.180.-
ma-d-001Popular Janpanese Dishes153.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - World of Ladle - Ladle - Japanese ladle

Model Product Price
us-lc-90Cake / Pizza scoop shaft USC.80.-
kc755Japan Turner Uniflex Others.180.-
KC727Japanese ladle handle small wooden handle130.-
kc728Japanese ladle-large Prochef130.-
kc756Japanese ladle-large Thick model Prochef230.-
kc727Japanese ladle-small Prochef115.-
ch-krs-01-04Short Ladle 4" CHR260.-
twf-SCR-STech spade of frying pan a half-circle distribute drugs Circuit165.-
twf-scr-2Tepanyaki ladle 10x40cm black handle Twinfish545.-
twf-scr-1Tepanyaki ladle 11x31.5cm black handle Twinfish489.-
us-ld-94Teppan shaft USS Turner95.-
twf-SCR-LTepunyaki wooden handle-Large Twinfish255.-
twf-SCR-MTepunyaki wooden handle-medium Twinfish240.-
us-ld-30Turner dessert crepes shaft USC.75.-
kct950Turner Japan Black Handle150.-
us-ld-97Turner lap pizza / teppanyaki shaft USC.115.-
us-ld-92USS Turner semicircle shaft95.-
KC728Wooden handle turner - Large size150.-

Iron - Japanese pan

Model Product Price
ch-ja111s-15Japanese stainless handle wok no.15 CHR1,386.-
ch-ja111-14Wok with handle Japanese Style no.14 CHR798.-
ch-ja111-15Wok with handle Japanese Style no.15 CHR890.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - cooking - Japanese pot

Model Product Price
kc227A set of Japanese wooden pot 17 cm M. Vail.490.-
kc228Japan set a pot lid stainless M. Vail.595.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Food container - Jar

Model Product Price
eq530006A dozen vacuum 3 sets of 3 cards (red, white, green) queue.380.-
sph-m036Stainless steel jar 4"x3" sphinx260.-
sph-m029Stainless steel jar 4"x5" sphinx340.-
sph-m027Stainless steel jar 5"x5" sphinx390.-
sph-m026Stainless steel jar 5"x6.5" Sphinx485.-

Glassware - Jars with fire

Model Product Price
key-k72714jar shaped lamp 380 cc. Key Way (no PO delivery.)35.-

Cutlery - Jelly curve cutter

Model Product Price
mt-TTE001Jelly curving cutter MT35.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Measuring tools - Jigger

Model Product Price
kc287Jigger 25/14cc205.-
kc289Jigger 25/33cc300.-
twf-ajg-1020Jigger clear body 10/20cc Twinfish150.-
twf-ajg-2040Jigger clear body 20/40cc Twinfish275.-
twf-JG-2030liquor 20/30cc Twin Fish130.-
twf-JG-2040liquor 20/40cc Twin Fish140.-
kc290liquor 25/50cc360.-
twf-JG-2550liquor 25/50cc Twin Fish150.-
cp151431Measuring cup Jigsaw puzzle 10-20ounces CPK48.-
cp151448Measuring cup Jigsaw puzzle 20-40ounces CPK59.-
pn165Shot glass scale with 2oz. IndustrPioneer ial25.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Beverage equipment - Jug

Model Product Price
ac-12MW-L11Jug with lid 1.9L Anchore405.-
ac-sk10Saving water jug 1.9 L V-One395.-
eq110071Stainless steel jug 1.6 liters Aix queue.185.-
bk213Water Jub 2L Basket150.-
115012Water jug with lid 11 cm. zebra600.-
sph-k123Water jug 1.3L Sphinx470.-
115014Water jug 1.5L zebra450.-
115011Water jug 11 cm. zebra500.-
sph-k100Water jug with lid 2L sphinx649.-

Home appliance - Home appliance - Water container - Juice extractor

Model Product Price
TFL-ZE585Extract the juice of two Tifa's Law.4,490.- 3,510.-
ot-je-345Juice extractor 350w Otto1,189.-
mnx-BKD1Separator juice 200w Moulinex2,709.-
mnx-JU2000Separator juice 200w Moulinex1,780.-
mnx-JU320Separator juice 250 w Moulinex1,780.-
TFL-zn25013eSeparator juice 300 w Moulinex1,980.-
TFL-zn25013eSeparator juice 300w Tefal1,990.-

Aluminum cookware - juice squeezer

Model Product Price
su-803Juice squeezer Superaluminum270.-
su-802Juice squeezer Superaluminum440.-
c0-0003Juice squeezer Cow275.-
su-801Juice squeezer-Large Superaluminum400.-
tw-tr01Orange squeezer Twinray365.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Beverage equipment - Kettle

Model Product Price
eq20124slB 5-liter kettle has a whistle EQ chef385.-
113226Classic Kettle 7.5 Litres zebra1,280.-
113518Classic Whistling kettle 2.5L zebra700.-
113522Classic Whistling kettle 4.5L zebra954.-
cr19114Kettle - bakelite handle 14 cm.(1.2 L) crocodile159.-
cr19116Kettle - bakelite handle 16 cm.(1.8 L) crocodile185.-
cr19118Kettle - bakelite handle 18 cm.(2.6 L) crocodilie217.-
cr19120Kettle - bakelite handle 20 cm.(3.5 L) crocodile257.-
cr19116Kettle - metal handle 16 cm.(1.8L) crocodile189.-
cr18118Kettle - metal handle 18 cm.(2.5L) crocodile210.-
cr18120Kettle - metal handle 20 cm.(3.4L) crocodile225.-
eq-rs-0002Kettle 2.2L modern EQ230.-
113501Kettle 2.5 litre "major" Zebra545.-
cr20122Kettle 22cm(5.0 L) crocodile350.-
cr20124Kettle 24cm.(6.4 L) crocodile420.-
cr20126Kettle 26cm(8.0 L) crocodile468.-
cr20226Kettle 26cm(8.0 L) new handle crocodile422.-
192130Kettle 3.0 litre - Whitney zebra506.-
cr61018kettle belly 18cm 2 litre crocodile436.-
cr61020kettle belly 20cm 3 litre crocodile509.-
cr61024kettle belly 24cm 4.5 litre crocodile639.-
f4-f-c206-1.Kettle classic 1.5 liter F4.160.-
di-a213Kettle thai design 13cm (1.9 L)269.-
192131Kettle Whitney 5 Litre zebra830.-
di-a712Kettle with loop handle- Thai design 12 cm.150.-
cr21118Loop handle kettle 18 cm. (2.6L) crocodilie237.-
eq-rs-0001Modern-Kettle red skin 2.2L Eq289.-
113524Smart Kettle 3.5 Litres zebra600.-
113525Smart Kettle 6 Litres zebra862.-
bk02601Tea kettle 1.9L basket319.-
cr16114Thai tea in 14/18 cm crocodile280.-
di-A114Thai Tea Kettle 14 cm (2.1 L) diamond157.-
eq20122slThe B 4 liter kettle whistle EQ chef345.-
eq20126slThe B 6-liter kettle whistle EQ chef.420.-
cr17120-2Whistling kettle "foldable handle" 2.9L Crocodile264.-
kt-01aWhistling kettle 2.5 L Wangthai325.-
cr17120Whistling kettle 2.9L crocodile264.-
kt-01bWhistling kettle 3.5 L Wangthai390.-
ac-sk5Whistling kettle 3L Anchore137.-

Thai design Alum - Khan sakorn bowls

Model Product Price
sl-k420Khan sakorn bowls (gold) 20 cm. seal540.-
sl-k422Khan sakorn bowls (gold) 22 cm. seal570.-
sl-k424Khan sakorn bowls (gold) 24 cm. seal645.-
sl-k430Khan sakorn bowls (gold) 30 cm. seal1,200.-
sl-k320Khan sakorn bowls (silver) 20 cm. seal510.-
sl-k322Khan sakorn bowls (silver) 22 cm. seal535.-
sl-k324Khan sakorn bowls (silver) 24 cm. seal610.-
sl-k330Khan sakorn bowls (silver) 30 cm. seal980.-

Thai design Alum - Khan Tok Tray

Model Product Price
sl-t02222 cm. Khan Tok tray Seal185.-
sl-t02626 cm. Khan Tok tray Seal225.-
sl-t03232 cm. Khan Tok tray Seal400.-
sl-t04242 cm. Khan Tok tray Seal635.-
sl-t04646 cm. Khan Tok tray Seal860.-
jg-k343Khan tok tray 30cm. Jaguar446.-
jg-k344Khan tok tray 40 cm. Jaguar596.-

Others - Others - Books - Kid food cookbook

Model Product Price
ma-f002Children's menu Maeban Publishing225.-
ma-f-015Food for Children Maeban Publishing180.-
ma-f014Food for pregnancy Mae Ban Publishing126.-

Plastic - Plastic - Water container - kids flask

Model Product Price
hw-hp-487Happy student canteen safari style military software115.-
hw-hp-487-blHappy student canteen safari style military software115.-
hw-hp-486Happy thermos flask students handle the software.99.-
hw-hp-457School canteens POP-up Happy Wear69.-
hw-hp-457-blSchool canteens POP-up Happy Wear69.-
hw-hp-493School canteens POP-up blue Happy Wear79.-
hw-hp-493School canteens POP-up blue Happy Wear79.-

Stainless kitchenware - Stainless kitchenware - Kitchen tools - Kitchen hook

Model Product Price
chr-KPS-01Hanging hanger, stainless steel hanger250.-
ch-kds-02Hooks Double loop hoist295.-
kwh-h0012S hook a large pack two pieces SL 304 cattle that grade99.-
kwh-h0010S hook a small pack of six pieces of genuine SL 304 cattle that80.-
kwh-h0011S hook in the middle pack of 3 304 cattle that grade SL99.-
chr-kas-01-1S-hook 10" CHR70.-
chr-kas-01-1S-hook 12" CHR85.-
chr-kas-01-3S-hook 3" CHR40.-
chr-kas-01-4S-hook 4" CHR45.-
chr-kas-01-5S-hook 5" CHR52.-
chr-kas-01-8S-hook 8" CHR58.-

Cutlery - Kitchen Knife

Model Product Price
TFL-k0250214"Chef Classic" Chef knife 6" Tefal510.-
TFL-k0250114"Chef Classic" Kitchen knife 8"590.- 531.-
TFL-k0250514"Chef Classic" Steak knife 5" Tefal300.-
TFL-k0250414"Chef Classic" Utility knife 5" Tefal290.- 261.-
kc749"Premium" kitchen knife 08 inches Prochef350.-
kc750"Premium" Prochef kitchen knife 09 inches Prochef350.-
kc751"Premium" Prochef kitchen knife 10 inches Prochef390.-
100220"Santoko" Kitchen knife 6" Zebra95.-
100221"Santoku" Kitchen knife 7" Zebra120.-
twf-5751-88inches kitchen knife wooden handle Twin Fish.270.-
TFL-k2213114Chef Knife, Chef Knife 15cm Tefal385.-
jgc207Chopping knife 7" Yellow handle Jaguar49.-
key-bg9858Cuchillos Toku Sun Eje grueso volumen llave de acero inoxidable172.-
kw479Java knife handle black plastic 9 "kiwi.65.-
kw474Kitchen knife 4" Kiwi35.-
kw476Kitchen knife 6" Kiwi45.-
kw475Kitchen knife 6" Kiwi40.-
jgc106Kitchen knife 6" Yellow handle Jaguar30.-
191253Kitchen knife 7 inches zebra87.-
kw477Kitchen knife 7" Kiwi50.-
jg1607Kitchen knife 7" Yellow handle Jaguar40.-
191254Kitchen knife 8 inches zebra97.-
kw478Kitchen knife 8" Kiwi55.-
kw173Kitchen knife wood handle 7" Kiwi89.-
kw21Kitchen knife wood handle 8" Kiwi120.-
kw22Kitchen knife wood handle 8" Kiwi120.-
kw172Knife cut straight split shaft end 7-inch Kiwi89.-
kw-w5pKnives set 5 pcs Plastic Kiwi160.-
kw-w5wKnives set 5 pcs Wooden Kiwi225.-
kw2412Long knife wooden handle 12" Kiwi150.-
TFL-k2213714Multi-purpose slicing knife 20cm. Tefal385.-
TFL-k2213514paring knife 9 cm. Tefal240.-
pg-ramboRambo knife (4-inch blade casing) Pain.85.-
jg-kn01Sharp knife (per dozen) Jaguar135.-
yl-510Soft Giraffe 10-inch knife.110.-
TFL-k2213914Utility knife 12 cm. Tefal190.-
TFL-k2213214Utility knife 20 cm. Tefal528.-

Others - Kitchen scale

Model Product Price
tp-guage15Kitchen scale - 15kgs stainless steel tray829.-
TO-01-15Scale "Save" 15kgs. Tony750.-
TO-01-20Scale "Save" 20kgs. Tony810.-
TO-01-35Scale "Save" 35kgs. Tony1,250.-
TO-01-60Scale "Save" 60kgs. Tony1,250.-
TO-01-07Scale "Save" 7 kgs. Tony750.-
TO-14-03Scale "Stainless" 3kgs. Vigo1,380.-
TO-14-15Scale "Stainless" 15kgs. Vigo1,380.-
TO-14-20Scale "Stainless" 20kgs. Tony1,450.-
TO-14-07Scale "Stainless" 7kgs. Vigo1,380.-
tp-guage35aScales 35 kg stant1,355.-
to-01-01Sing Sing Singers Scale 1 kg.659.-
nt-901-042-9Weighing foods stainless steel version KCH-A Nanotech590.-

Cutlery - Kitchen scissors

Model Product Price
pst-50719-C8" kitchen scissors Prestige140.-
oth01-02Kitchen scissor63.-
kc723Kitchen scissor M-Well74.-
cp-91018Multipurpose kitchen shears110.-
TFL-k2214114Multipurpose scissors 21cm. Tefal336.-
KEY-K0023AMultipurpose Scissors Keyway60.-
cp-934003RRed Multipurpose Scissors SmartCook65.-
kct961Red-handled scissors versatile modular MLB level.99.-
twf-sc42Scissors cut version of NEC Classic Twin Fish325.-
nt-901-042-9Scissors Egg Nano Tech55.-
pst-56141-cScissors tongs 12 inches.144.-
cp-934003YSmartCook yellow scissors65.-
kc791Tendor cutting scissor324.-
kct205Tendor cutting scissor (saving model)180.-

Melamineware - Kitty

Model Product Price
spw-kt1-b604"Kitty Pinky" Children bowl 3.5" Superware50.-
spw-kt1-c352"Kitty Pinky" Cups 3.5" Superware.102.-
spw-kt1-c634"Kitty Pinky" Ear cups are 3" Superware.102.-
spw-kt1-spf3"Kitty Pinky" Set fork Superware48.-
spw-kt1-cl36"Kitty pinky" set the ear cups water + Cap 4 "Han thought - agai174.-
spw-kt1-b429"Kitty Pinky" Soup bowl 7.5" Superware109.-
spw-kt1-t604"Kitty Pinky" Tray Box 3 holes 10" Superware145.-
spw-kt383-10"Kitty strawberry" 10 inch round tray Superware170.-
spw-kt6044-1"Kitty strawberry" 10.5 inches square tray Superware145.-
spw-kcl1080"Kitty strawberry" a large ear cups and lids Superware170.-
spw-kc634-3"Kitty strawberry" ear cups are 3 inches Superware.70.-
spw-kc352-3"Kitty strawberry" ear cups are 3.5 inches Superware.95.-
spw-kc635-2."Kitty strawberry" glass 2.5-inch Superware45.-
spw-kb6044-3"Kitty strawberry" Kids Bowl 3.5 inches Superware40.-
spw-kb633-5."Kitty strawberry" Kids Bowl 5.5 inch Superware68.-
spw-ksp459"Kitty strawberry" short spoon Superware.25.-
spw-kp429-7."Kitty strawberry" soup bowl 7.5 inches Superware109.-
spw-kcl745-3"Kitty strawberry" the ear cups and lids Kitty strawberry 3 inch125.-
spw-cl639-4"Kitty strawberry" The ear cups with lid 4 inches Superware.174.-
spw-kt1-b2256 inch bowl, "Kittty pinky" Superware85.-
spw-kt1-bl-4Bowl with lid 5.5 "Kitty pinky" Superware.141.-
spw-kt1-c635Cup water 2.5 "strawberry fairy" Flowerware42.-
spw-kt1-p304Deep dish melamine 9 "" Kitty pinky "Superware136.-
spw-kt1-p182Deep plate 8 "" Kitty pinky "Superware109.-
spw-kspf358Set fork "" Superware55.-
spw-kt1-sp45Spoon "Kitty Pinky" Superware23.-
spw-kp182-8The deep dish 8 "" Kitty strawberry "Superware130.-
spw-kbl450-5The deep dish 8 "" Kitty strawberry "Superware141.-
spw-kp304-9The deep dish 9 "" Kitty strawberry "Superware165.-
spw-kc-c6216[Kitty Chocolate] a tall glass of water 3 inches Superware70.-
spw-kc-b6044[Kitty Chocolate] bowl 3.5 inches Superware45.-
spw-kc-b633-[Kitty Chocolate] bowl 5.5 inches Superware68.-
spw-kc-bl450[Kitty Chocolate] bowl with lid, 5.5 inch superware140.-
spw-kc-bl104[Kitty Chocolate] bowl with lid, 6.5 inch superware220.-
spw-kc-p182-[Kitty Chocolate] deep dish 8 inch super computer130.-
spw-kc-p304-[Kitty Chocolate] deep dish 9-inch superwar130.-
spw-kc-cl108[Kitty Chocolate] ear cup lid large 5.25 inch superware180.-
spw-kc-c639-[Kitty Chocolate] ear cups with lid 4 inches Superware170.-
spw-kc-sp613[Kitty Chocolate] short spoon Superware30.-
spw-kc-b6106[Kitty Chocolate] soup bowl 6 inches Superware120.-
spw-kc-b429-[Kitty Chocolate] soup bowl 7.5 inches superware110.-
spw-kc-c352-[Kitty Chocolate] tall mug with handle 3-inch super computer125.-
spw-kc-t383-[Kitty Chocolate] tray 10 inches Superware180.-
spw-kc-c635-[Kitty Chocolate] Tumbler 2.5 inch superware55.-
spw-kitty-d6[Kitty face] bowl 5.5 inch super computer68.-
spw-kitty-b6[Kitty face] bowl 7 inch super computer102.-
spw-kitty-s6[Kitty face] Coaster super computer45.-
spw-kt1-p608[Kitty face] plate 7.5 inch "Kitty pinky" super computer120.-
spw-kitty-t6[Kitty face] Tray 12 inch super computer213.-

Cutlery - Knife keeper

Model Product Price
pg3-enzoA knife inserted wooden ENZO Penguin stainless345.-
pg-pacoKnives holder (wooden box) Penguin SL440.-
pg3-carreraPlugged with wood Darren Maya CARRERA Penguin stainless1,160.-
ar-teak-knStation and knives set stand Arrow570.-
pg3-steelaThat it does not have to leave STEELA Penguin stainess.790.-

Cutlery - Knife shapener

Model Product Price
pg3-000-104Knife sharpener "Classic" Penguin SL150.-
tp-yh-27-02Knife Sharpener Steel Wheel PL handle large30.-
pg3-163-50Knife sharpener wooden handle "Classic" Penguin SL210.-
twf-sp42The secret is the long version of a shaft Classic Twin Fish235.-

Plastic - Plastic - Food container - Knitted bakery basket

Model Product Price
hw-hp357big rattan squa. Happyware44.-
hw-hp324curved wicker basket 324 Happyware30.-
hw-pj-010Happy miniature basket software30.-
ns-ls1Hi tech (big jaw) No. 1230.-
ns-ls3High tech (big jar) No. 3125.-
ns-ls5High tech (big jar) No. 566.-
ns-ls2High tech (big jaw) No. 2170.-
rw0495Lai Wai-sided grille cloth 46x29x6 cm. Reangwa75.-
bg-03-331/1Multi Purpose Wicker Basket25.-
bg03-330Painted wicker basket Big Plast.29.-
hw-hp122rattan grille no.122 Happyware22.-
hw-pj-009Round basket L Happyware Plastic25.-
hw-pj-008Round basket M Happyware Plastic15.-
hw-pj-007Round basket S Happyware Plastic12.-
hw-hp123Round rattan no.123 Happyware25.-
rw0489Tray with knitted wooden lines 11x30x7 cm. Reangwa35.-
rw0491Tray with knitted wooden lines 21.5x21.5x6.8 cm. Reangwa45.-
rw0488Tray with knitted wooden lines 25x37x5.5cm. Reangwa65.-
jj-3119bk[black] lined wicker basket with a lid 14 L. JCJ150.-
jj-3120bk[black] lined wicker basket with a lid 23 L. JC J180.-
jj-3117bk[black] lined wicker basket with lid 4.4 L. JC J80.-
jj-3118bk[black] lined wicker basket with lid 6.5 L. JCJ100.-
jj-3118[white] striped wicker basket with lid 6.5 L. JC J100.-
jj-3119[white] striped wicker basket with lid 14 L. JC J150.-
jj-3120[white] striped wicker basket with lid 23 L. JC J180.-
jj-3117[white] striped wicker basket with lid 4.4 L. JC J80.-

Plastic - Storage, box - Knives keeper

Model Product Price
key-t03608Insert a knife keyway.320.-
jc-1193Knife and flatware keeper Micronware40.-
rw9003Knives keeper 13x20x28 Reangwa125.-
rw9002Round Knife box Reangwa100.-

Cutlery - Knives set

Model Product Price
pst-56024-C14 piece Knife Block Set Prestige1,155.-
pst-50417-C5pcs knives set with stainless steel block Prestige2,669.-
pst-56110-C5pcs knives set with wooden block Prestige1,600.-
pst-56235-C6-piece Knife Block Set(w/ 6"Chopper) Prestige1,100.-
pst-56234-C6-piece Knife Block Set(w/ 7"Chopper) Prestige1,150.-
tp-jp16-piece knife set wood handle fork in the ATP.396.-
hw-w358Knife Set 3 Vol Handy Happyware.50.-
jg-kn8Knife set 8 pcs Jaguar350.-
hw-m-024/8Knife set and wood block with the Happyware590.-
f4-knifes1Knife set F4145.-
twf-orion-68Knives box set 4 pcs "Orion" Twinfish3,099.-
eq170001GScissors and butcher knife set (6 pcs set) It's a queue.255.-
eq170001bScissors and butcher knife set (6 pcs set) It's a queue.255.-
eq170001-ooScissors and butcher knife set (6 pcs set) It's a queue.255.-

Others - Others - Books - Korean cookbook

Model Product Price
ma-f003Korean food book Maeban Publishing153.-

Brass - Korean hot pan